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How to install
Smart Grid
by SaifBD
free  01 Jul 2015
Smart Grid cBot will open first position based on trend. Next positions will be added using 'PipStep' parameter. Dynamic Volume Exponent & 1 trade per 1 bar to minimize draw-down risk. Follow trend direction manually & open Buy Sell your choice. 
free  21 Sep 2012
Fibonacci Pivot Points represent the mean value of the high, low and closing price of the period for which we wish to calculate the pivot point. This is based on Fibonacci retracement and extension levels to calculate the various resistance and support levels for the price movement.  
cTrader Scalpers Buddy
free  03 May 2020
The cTrader Scalpers Buddy will inform the trader with a message and sound when high volatility occurs, it will also display the current spread and total depth of market volume for the buyers and sellers.  Download the indicator   Depth of Market The Depth of the Market is the total of all volume as shown below: Volatility Alert with Warning Sound Volatility Message With No Alert   You can show both the volatility and spread or just spread or just volatility, this can be selected from the parameters below. INDICATOR PARAMETER   CURRENT FEATURES Configure the volatility depending on your scalping requirements. Sound alert, configurable on/off. Position warning message anywhere on the screen. Configure the colour of warning text to suit your background colour. Option to display actual volatility amount in pips to be shown with the message to show price movement Show or hide volatility message Show or hide the current bid/ask spread size. Show or Hide Depth of Market (total) Configure the colour of the current spread size text. * Use this Indicator with the Market Trading Clock /algos/indicators/show/687 to manage volatility when an exchange opens. Some brokers do not provide real DoM and have their volumes fixed.   Paul Hayes Sales & Marketing Email: Phone: (44) 203 289 6573 Website: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn PS: Why not join our instant chat group on Telegram.  
Trend Lines Indicator
free  15 Oct 2013
Draws trend lines based on the most recent peaks and valleys for the given period. The two points that define the lines are highlighted in red. /forum/whats-new/913#2
Stochastic RSI
free  17 Feb 2012
From 'Cybernetic Analysis for Stocks and Futures' by John Ehlers.
Scalper Signal
free  19 Jun 2016
A visual way to help determine whether to buy or sell against a pivot level (indicator does not repaint). Gold painted bars mark a “pivot high” or “pivot low.” Signal is confirmed after 3 higher closes or 3 lower closes. The faster the time frame, the faster the confirmation. Red dots indicate a continuing downtrend confirmation while Green dots mark a continuing uptrend confirmation. The indicator measures price action when you trade. It is mainly used for trading stocks and futures, but it can also be used for currency crosses. Available Inputs Sensitivity (High <-[1...3]-> Low) - sets the sensitivity of the generated signals. Higher sensitivity generates more signals. Signal Bar Color Referencing the indicator from an cAlgo robot is as simple as referencing other standard cTrader indicators. The reference points are as follows: Buy Sell SignalBarHigh SignalBarLow Please give me feedback, if you find it useful and/or have any suggestions for further development. Also check out my MedianRenko Ultimate indicator for cTrader & cAlgo:
Heikin-Ashi Smoothed
free  02 Jul 2013
Heikin-Ashi with smoothing filter choices. If you don't need smoothing, set Periods = 1 and MA Type = Simple.     
free  14 Oct 2013
This is a well know trend line breakout strategy using fractals.Identify Trend Lines Automatically TrendLine Visualizer identifies Trend Lines automatically and easily.  
Zelphin Scalper II
free  27 Jun 2015
programme original de Mark Jensen Zelphin Scalper Author : Abdallah HACID Solution Visual studio   Uses simple moving average and stochastic oscillator to find a good trade opportunity tested using GBPUSD symbol and 5m chart.     Symbole            =    GBPUSD     Timeframe        =    m5     Source            =    Open     Period            =    35     Volume            =    100k     TakeProfit        =    300     StopLoss        =    53     TrailStart        =    29     Trail            =    3     MaType            =    Exponential     K Period        =    5     D Period        =    3     K Slowing        =    3     Results :           Resultats            =    entre le 01/04/2011 et 17/7/2014 a 19:00 gain de 5303 euros(+11%).             Net profit            =    5303,01 euros             Ending Equity        =    5303,01 euros             Ratio de Sharpe        =    0.13             Ratio de Storino    =    0.17 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////                                               Use at own risk /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Ne pas oublier de changer       la Source en Open,       le timeframe en m5,       le MaType en Exponentiel.
free  06 Apr 2014
[Update V7] This indicator displays a list of upcoming economic news as published on DailyFx website. Parameters ShowLow - show low priority events ShowMedium - show medium priority events ShowHigh - show high priority events EventsToDisplay - number of events to display SymbolFilter - filter events by current symbol - eg for EURUSD show news for either EUR or USD currency [NEW V2]Position - static position of upcoming news (0 = top left, 1 = top right, 2 = top center) [NEW V2] ShowPastNews - display past news [NEW V3] PastNewsLookback - look back in weeks - how many weeks worth of data should be loaded, eg set to 4 will load calendar for the past month [NEW V4] Datetime filtering bugfix + added more logging [NEW V5] Set Access Rights to AccessRights.Internet [NEW V6] Recompiled for cAlgo 1.19. This should fix issues with loading System.Data dll. [NEW V7] Performance improvement - csv files for past news are cached in temp folder Important Some of the data released by Markit is available two minutes earlier on Reuters. For instance, this is a bid/ask chart for GBPUSD, UK Construction PMI released on 3th Feb 2014 9:28 (this chart is not part of the indi)   Build instructions: This indi requires following references: System.Data.dll, located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\.NETFramework\v4.0 C:\Program Files (x86)\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\.NETFramework\v4.5 C:\Program Files (x86)\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\v3.5 LumenWorks.Framework.IO.dll - can be downloaded from   
free  15 Jul 2017
15/07/2017 To meet the demand of many. I added the function interchangeable label, on the dashboard. You can work on several symbols at the same time, opening multiple instances. For example: first instance Robot Label ... "buy eurusd" .... second instances ........ buy usdjpy .... Or buy1 .... buy2 ... sell1 ... sell2 ... etc ... at your convenience ...   22/08/2016 volume change (lots) Adding volume Max. in automat mode if the max volume is winning or losing, the volume returns to the original volume. automate = false, the robot works up to gain ... or maxvolume (winning or losing). I added an option to StopOrder and LimitOrder. ("Martingale NONSTOP") ex: if Martingale NONSTOP  = true; if lost, the martingale works as previously ... ( change the direction Martingale + maxvolume) if Martingale NONSTOP= false; if losing = 2 pendigorders oco  (multiplied by martingale) .. and c is the direction of the market that decides  of the sell and buy order. (with maxvolume option) .Net profit (return Commissions) buy, sell, StopOrder, LimitOrder separately visible on the screen.   good trades.     14/08/2015 Adding Limit Order / martingale / oco... 12/08/2015:Adding stop order choose the direction:Start buy/Start Sell, multiplier,volume and TP/SL change the direction =true : ↗/↘:When SL is hit trade  in the other meaning. Start Automate =true : begins the cycle after each TP. ability to sell and buy together(separate adjustment) bottom right = net profit - return Commissions create two trades: buying and selling when a trade is negative, you win on the other. the martingale (non-random) reimburse the losing trades. that the market goes up or down you generate profits. Attention to the margin adjust the stop loss and take profit depending on the size of your wallet and your leverage good luck        
by Yasen
free  02 Apr 2014
Renko chart not related to timeframe. The indicator draw a range chart for a symbol - each new bar generated on price change not according to time or timeframe Please change the color of the original chart to black. Sorry it's my 1st indicator in cAlgo... please comment and tell me if something wrong