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free  02 Jun 2021
Try the engine behind one of our best-selling algos.  The Swiss Army Knife Forex Robot is a beast. We’ve been able to pack an impressive number of indicators, functionalities and modes of operation into this bot, making it an incredibly sophisticated and inspiring algorithm to use. You can do simple trend trading with multiple moving averages, work with up to four timeframes for confirmation, it gives your volatility and candle filters, an RSI indicator, you can adjust trade volume dynamically, and you can enable Martingale if that’s your thing. You can even set the individual trailing stop in a Martingale sequence – something never seen before. We set out to build a complete, innovative and all-inspiring Forex trading robot, and I believe we have managed to do so. Visit us at ForexCove. DOWNLOAD SAMPLE CONFIG FILE HERE DOWNLOAD TRADE HISTORY HERE.                                       Visit us at ForexCove.  
Fibonacci Drawing
free  10 Jun 2021
This sample indicator allows you to draw most popular Fibonacci drawing tools on your chart. It's designed to work like a built-in feature of cTrader platform, you can draw any of the Fibonacci drawing tools by clicking on the indicator buttons menu for that specific tool and then click on your chart to plot it. The Fibonacci Drawing is open source and if you are a cTrader automate API developer you can use this as a sample for developing highly sophisticated add-ons for cTrader by using the full power of cTrader automate API. Features Have almost all popular Fibonacci drawing tools like retracement, expansion, speed resistance fan, time zone, trend based time, and channel Works like a built-in feature of cTrader Doesn't occupy too much space on your chart, you can expand/collapse it anytime Save/load drawings, you can share your drawings with other cTrader users and they can just load it on their charts Full customizable, you can change each drawing specific settings based on your needs Show or hide all drawn objects by clicking on indicator show/hide buttons Remove all drawn objects with one click Multi time frame filter This indicator is open source, if you are interested you can contribute on Github:  spotware/fibonacci-drawing Changelog Version Release Date: June 10, 2021 Added: New option for showing/hiding the price and time levels of Fibonacci Resistance fan Fixed: A major bug on Fan patterns Version Release Date: June 8, 2021 Added: Fibonacci Expansion drawing tool Changed: Improved logger  
free  30 May 2021
Hello, this code is for the outher author. His name: Panagiotis Charalampous. This indicator was published on this site, on this page: cTDN Forum - Moving average cloud ( I decided to publish because I had lost the address of the post, so if someone uses the indcador, can download it from here directly, without having to create it on the platform through the code provided in the request of the page I reported. I'm informing the author and the page where the code is, I believe they don't break any rules that way. Indicators from this images: Keltner channels, Rounded numbers, Tail renko (Poshtrader site), and moving average cloud for this post.    
Cbot super profit
paid  30 May 2021
Cbot super profit, I send you the backtesting version. This Cbot I have run real account on icmarket, with ctrade platform, and EA with MT4 platform. relatively low profit and DD
free  25 May 2021
// this trailing stop allows you to set your steps in 0.1 pips and follows the current market price using System; using System.Linq; using cAlgo.API; using cAlgo.API.Indicators; using cAlgo.API.Internals; using cAlgo.Indicators; namespace cAlgo.Robots {     [Robot(TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC, AccessRights = AccessRights.None)]     public class my_tsl : Robot     {         [Parameter("Instance Name", DefaultValue = "")]         public string InstanceName { get; set; }         [Parameter("Include Trailing Stop", DefaultValue = true)]         public bool IncludeTrailingStop { get; set; }         [Parameter("Trailing Stop Trigger (pips)", DefaultValue = 2)]         public double TrailingStopTrigger { get; set; }         [Parameter("Trailing Stop Step (pips)", DefaultValue = 1)]         public double TrailingStopStep { get; set; }         protected override void OnStart()         {             // Put your initialization logic here         }         protected override void OnTick()         {             if (IncludeTrailingStop)             {                 SetTrailingStop();             }             // Put your core logic here         }         private void SetTrailingStop()         {             var sellPositions = Positions.FindAll(InstanceName, Symbol, TradeType.Sell);             foreach (Position position in sellPositions)             {                 double distance = position.EntryPrice - Symbol.Ask;                 if (distance < TrailingStopTrigger * Symbol.PipSize)                     continue;                 double newStopLossPrice = Symbol.Ask + TrailingStopStep * Symbol.PipSize;                 if (position.StopLoss == null || newStopLossPrice < position.StopLoss)                 {                     ModifyPosition(position, newStopLossPrice, position.TakeProfit);                 }             }             var buyPositions = Positions.FindAll(InstanceName, Symbol, TradeType.Buy);             foreach (Position position in buyPositions)             {                 double distance = Symbol.Bid - position.EntryPrice;                 if (distance < TrailingStopTrigger * Symbol.PipSize)                     continue;                 double newStopLossPrice = Symbol.Bid - TrailingStopStep * Symbol.PipSize;                 if (position.StopLoss == null || newStopLossPrice > position.StopLoss)                 {                     ModifyPosition(position, newStopLossPrice, position.TakeProfit);                 }             }         }         protected override void OnStop()         {             // Put your deinitialization logic here         }     } }
free  23 May 2021
Just Kijun-Sen from Ichimoku system. Plain and simple Shift option is added and 2 different modes for calculation
free  15 Jun 2021
The Damiani Volameter is another trend and range filter.When the green line is above the yellow line, the market is trending. The indicator does not display which direction the market is trending, thus, you might need to add another directional indicator like momentum, to make it a complete trading system. Note: v1.1 small bug fix  
paid  25 May 2021
    SMART GRID IS A EPIC SYSTEM IN CTRADER WITH MORE THAN 10K DOWNLOADS   Smart Grid Robot | Algorithmic Forex Trading | cTrader Community       This algorithm has been developed by a team that focused purely on making an efficient grid system that can be controlled with countless variables in money management. INTRADING CAPITAL WORK FOR DEVELOP THE BEST VERSION  OUR TEAM HAS DEVELOPED THE GRID FROM ITS BASES AND IMPLEMENTED RISK AND PROFIT MANAGER FOR OPTIMIZE THE ALGO   THE SYSTEM PRESENTS AN INFINITY OF VARIABLES. THE PROFITS OF A GOOD CONFIGURATION CAN BE SUPRISINGLY EFFICIENT   The algorithm has the following management functions:  Stop loss in USD and% Take profit in USD and Points Function wait x number of candles to restart the operation after the stop loss        THE GRID NOT GENERATE MARGIN CALL  MAXIMUM DRAWDOWN IN USD OR % CONTROL THE RISK AND RETURN THE GRID   WE DELIVER THE EXECUTABLE VERSION OF THE ALGORITHM FOR: US$ 29.00 TO BUY: IN GUMROAD UNDER THE PUBLICATION   TO PAY WITH CRYPTO CONTACT US: VIDEO: 20210523_173114 20210523_174721     BUY WITH BANK CARD IN GUMROAD UNDER THE PUBLICATION OR CONTACT US TO PAY WITH CRYPTO INTRADINGCAPITAL@GMAIL.COM                                                                                                                                    BUY AND DOWNLOAD HERE Smart Grid whit Risk and Profit Manager  
by d.deel
free  09 Jun 2021
New update Not necessarily a trend based indicator.  Using the RSI indicator as reference, levels are being implimented on the Chart, higher, lower and center. With three types of parameters, the higher the more precise they might be, but the fewer levels will be shown. Notice: aside frome the center levels, for better use of the support and resistence levels, the higher the type the better, levels are only been shown, as prices  reach a certain axis.   Chartshot: EURUSD, h1 04:23:13 (UTC+0) on Jun 9th, 2021  
by VitoFX
free  25 May 2021
Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) Indicator Enhanced version based on the earlier work of cysecsbin.01 - VWAP with Daily, Weekly and Monthly WAPS Indicator and - VWAP with Bands Indicator   Version history: v1.0 - initial release v1.1 - candle coloring added v1.2 - coloring issue fixed
paid  19 May 2021
Pure Price Action cBot based on Supports and Resistances will automatically choose the strategy that best suits Forex Crosses, Indices, Metal, Oil, Crypto Currencies .. STRATEGIES DO NOT USE ANY GRID SYSTEM OR MARTINGALE Breakout Reverse direction auto selected: At the beginning they must be selected with the optimization from the parameters then cBot will automatically choose the direction - Buy or Sell -. Allow 1 or 2 Trades per Session OnBar/OnTick selection Money Manager: Buy/Sell Position Sizing Wide selection for entries and exits strategies StopLoss and TakeProfit automatically settled based on volatility. The optimization will automatically identify the best entry and exit strategy by choosing from the following: (already set with Optimization Criteria - GetFitness) On Main Strategy Reverse: - 8 entries strategies selection - 3 exits strategies selection Breakout: - 6 entries strategies selection - 16 exits strategies selection In addition to the Main Exit Strategies, alternatively 5 further classic exits strategies for buy / sell: - Cut DrawDown (to be used in conjunction with all exit strategies including the Main one) - Solo SL/TP exit - SL/TP Breakeven exit - Trend Follow exit (Trailing)   - Already set for Optimization Criteria (GetFitness), (you can set it to "Custom") with the following Criteria: NetProfit SharpeRatio ProfitFactor/ minimize MaxEquityDrawDownPercentage TotalTrades AverageTrade Download DEMO VERSION: Click Here The Trading System has been designed to work at the best on all types of Forex cross currencies, Metals, Oil, Indices, futures and Crypto Currencies. Pay attention to the Trade volume for each instrument as it changes from Forex to Indices, Metals, Oil, Futures and Crypto Currencies. Some Brokers for CFD give you the opportunity to trade all of them with micro lots. Others use different Lotsize (example for Indices minimum 1 contract, Gold 0.1 / 1 Oz). In the Trading System, if you enter a wrong value, the Bot will automatically use the minimum tradable volume. Warning: when trading CFDs (Indices, Futures, Crypto Currencies) the results can vary widely between one broker and another. The suggestion is to operate on CFDs using the same broker on which the optimization was made.   Backtest and optimization must be done considering the following parameters at best (lined up in sequence of importance and priority): - SharpRatio: (which is a "reward to risk" ratio) minimum value 0.13 - Max Balance Drawdown & Max Equity Drawdown: Max 15% better under 10%. Discard higher values. Rather than earning, you should consider what you can lose. If you don't pay attention to Drawdown, working with a high leverage is very easy to lose the whole capital. With high leverage you can earn a lot compared to the capital but you can also easily drain the whole account. Using Position Sizing (on gain) you can double or triple the earnings and in this case the Drawdown can go up to 15/20%. Do it only if it is worth on increasing the gain. To reduce the Drawdown use Position Sizing (on lose) the gain in this case will be slightly reduced. - Profit Factor: minimum value 1.40 - better if it is higher than 1.50 - Net Profit - Trades number: all optimizations must be done over a minimum of 9/10 years period to have reliable results. Discard total trades below 100 over a 9/10 years optimization period. - Average Trade: The average earnings for each individual trade. Considering an initial capital of $ 10,000, 200 leverage, ordersize (bet) 0.10 lots (10,000 volume). The Average Trade must be more then 20.00 $ per Trade P.S .: When you optimize or backtest put Commission to 50 (x million) and Spread to 2 for major crosses and more for minor crosses. This is to compensate slippage. - Save Parameters in the Backtest folder - Ready to trade on live with parameters file - Parameters have been optimized using IC Markets Broker from 08/02/2011 to 15/05/2021 (In some parameters the Drawdown is higher then10% because it was worth pushing on the Money Management). To avoid "Over-Fitting": - Optimizations and Backtests must be performed for at least 8/9 or more years for reliable results. The optimization done on short periods is not absolutely reliable. Professional traders optimize and backtest their automatic systems using very long periods (10/15/20 years) of data feeds with paid Data Feeds providers. All Brokers who use cTrader platform for Forex give a free set of Data Feeds of about 9/10 years and for CFDs 5/6 years (in this case you would need a paid data feeds provider to optimize at least 8/9 years). - To test if the parameters obtained are robust, do backtests by varying them slightly. If you get positive results, even if qualitatively lower than the optimized ones, this means that the parameter set is robust and not "Overfitted". ---------------------------------------------------------------------- DEMO VERSION: Click Here  Active.cTrader.Bot HomePage   Brokers using cTrader platform can be found at the following link: Contacts and information:  //====================================================   
free  18 May 2021
Based on Ichimoku Timeframe H4 & D1   Indicator: Ichimoku Timeframe Analysis: D1 & H4 T Platform: ctrader Broker: ICMarkets Strategy Details... 1. Baseline and conversion line cross on D1 2. Baseline and conversion line cross on H4 3. Price cross conversion line on H4 4. Price Kumo Breakout H4 5. Kumo Status: Rising of Falling H4 You can enter trades using stop orders when indicators displays a 80% . Note: This indicator does not give entry signals, It only displays trend bias.   For more details: Telergram: @orglobalng Take trades at your risk.