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How to install
free  07 Sep 2021
This is the Balance of Power (BOP) oscillator indicator for cTrader. Github: spotware/Balance-of-Power: This Balance of Power (BOP) indicator for cTrader (
Hotkeys Tool
free  23 Sep 2021
This is a sample cBot that shows how you can use cTrader Automate API hotkeys feature to add hotkeys on your cBots/indicators. With this cBot you can execute all kinds of trading operations and draw chart objects by using hotkeys. Features You can set the hotkey for each action You can use modifier keys with each hotkey like Alt, Ctrl, and Shift It shows all your defined hotkeys on a table in your chart This cBot code is open source and you can contribute on Github: spotware/hotkeys-tool: A sample cBot that shows how to handle keyboard/mouse events on cTrader Automate API (  
free  05 Sep 2021
Adaptive moving average converted from Tradingview by LuxAlgo. Can be use like every other moving average. See link below for more information.  
TX Color
free  04 Sep 2021
This is a generalized version of the T3 indciator by Tim Tillson. It is based on an indicator published by user jani: In this version it is possible to set any order since the coefficients are caluculated based on the binomial formula. Setting the order to 6 will produce the same result as the orginal indicator by Tim Tillson.
Alpha Trend Trader
paid  31 Aug 2021
This trading bot uses cTrader as platform to trade on. It is a fully automated trading robot that employs a trend following strategy using pullbacks for entry. Stop losses and take profits are set automatically. Trades are opened and closed automatically. It employs advanced money management to enhance profits and the trading strategy employed has a definite edge on the markets. It trades the stock market (specifically stock indices) and has been optimized on the US500 and NASDAQ100 using tick data. Do not use this bot on other markets. You are welcome to explore other stock index markets and can optimize the parameters to get a good fit. This strategy should be traded on the daily timeframe. The strategy does not take a lot of trades but is very accurate when it does, meaning and increased risk per trade can be considered. Some simulated results: US500 - Starting capital 10 000 - 2% risked per trade - Results: +54% growth since June 2016 ( used all available data on my broker) with an max equity drawdown of 6.00%. Commissions included. When using 5% risk per trade the profits increase to 185% over this period, while the max equity drawdown increase to 14.93% showing profits increased more in relation to drawdown. NASDAQ100 - Starting capital 10 000 - 5% risked per trade - Results: 96% growth since Nov 2015 ( used all available data on my broker) with an max equity drawdown of 12.84%. Commissions included. When using 10% risk per trade the profits increase to 255% over this period, while the max equity drawdown increase to 25.74% showing profits increased more in relation to drawdown. The above is indicative of proper risk management being applied in this trading bot. The conservative trader can reduce capital risked per trade to still achieve awesome profits at reduced exposure / drawdown. Suggested set files included in purchase. See screen shots of simulated results below. US500_1 US500_2 US500_3 NASDAQ100_1 NASDAQ100_2 NASDAQ100_3   Demo version available upon request.   Use this bot at own risk and always do demo trading first before employing this bot on your live account!!!   The first 10 purchases of this robot will get a discount of 10% using the discount code profits100 !!!   Buy this bot at
free  29 Aug 2021
This is Jurik's "noise free" version of RSI, with no added lag. See for more information. Use this indicator just like the normal RSI. The code was converted from tradingview (author: LazyBear).
Cross Hair
free  09 Sep 2021
This is an indicator that always displays cross hair for cTrader. ・ Line color, type, and transparency can be changed ・ Horizontal lines and vertical lines can be displayed / hidden respectively. ・ Price and time can be displayed / hidden respectively こちらはクロスヘアー(十字線)を常に表示させるcTrader用のインジケーターとなります。 ・線の色・種類・透明度を変更可能 ・水平線・垂直線はそれぞれ表示/非表示可能 ・値段・時間はそれぞれ表示/非表示可能 Free or donation download here YouTube Another indicators: --free-- Auto Calculate Lots Size Custom R numbers Another Symbol Draw Pips Time Frame Period Separators Daily Volatility Average Static Label and Horizon Line Static Area Static Color Text Profit Pips Today Upper TF Heikin-ashi Bull Bear TF Candle TF OHLC Market High Low Fibonacci Channel Entry Check List Custom Bid Ask Line Display Symbol TF Scale Bar Countdown Alarm Market High Low Display Date Entry Plan Mirror Candle --paid-- ADR Auto Calculate Lots Size V2 MTF Bollinger Bands MTF MACD MTF MA MTF Candlesticks Auto Calculate RR MWD Line MTF OHLCFP Lines Candles Before cBot: Auto Calculate Lots V3.7 自動ロット計算 Close Panel cBot
ZigZag Percentage
free  12 Sep 2021
This indicator shows us the percentage of  retrace or expand of waves And it determines the Fibonacci ratios for you zigzag is a awesome tool but we know it needs a little more to be extremely useful I have created this indicator to give us a better and more accurate view of market relations You can select the color of the retracement ratios and the expansion ratios separately You can recognize harmonic patterns very quickly and easily Using Fibonacci ratios will also be much easier for you you can download source code here but if you want to support us for more tools : As you can see, it is much easier to understand the market movements with this indicator and with percentage you can Diagnosis patterns very easy  There are many customization options        
free  23 Aug 2021
"The Ultimate Bar Color Indicator". This indicator uses VMA, VWAP, Supertrend and a VARIATION (not original) of a secret indicator ( Rafi, an ADX-based indicator) created by a famous brazillian trader. This indicator is one of the best tools for identify trends or trading ranges.  Knowledge should not be sold. My mission is provide free and professional tools for all. You dont need to thank me, just get rich. Dont forget to install a dependency indicator to make this indicator work. Link below:: Enjoy :3   :3  
Supporting VWAP
free  23 Aug 2021
This indicator is a dependency for TrendTrader6
free  23 Aug 2021
This Pivot Points Indicator has Different Calculations i.e (Camarilla and Central Pivot Point) Aqua and Magenta -> Camarilla Pivot Points  Orange and White (Central Pivot Points. If central pivots are white, a trading range is expected. If is orange, a trend is expected) These colors are based on PivotPoint Range Histogram calculation, (google it for more information) Original code here:,high%2C%20low%20and%20closing%20prices. Enjoy :3.     
AW Stochastic MTF
free  20 Aug 2021
Stochastic MTF (Multi Time Frame) This indicator is a complete version of this topic cTDN Forum - stochastic multitime (