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How to install
free  25 May 2012
The PRC indicator applies a polynomial function to the linear regression function to adapt itself to the flow of market prices. Since they are regression bands that self adjust for volatility.
free  17 Feb 2012
Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is a hugely popular indicator among traders. Although novice traders tend to pay little attention to CCI in the beginning of their lerning curve, later they return to discover amazing potential and beautiful simplicity of the CCI indicator.
Elliot Wave Oscillator
by adaled
free  17 Sep 2012
The basic idea of the Elliot Wave is that there is a wave pattern that repeats itself. Once the current wave is identified a trader can assume the direction of the trend.  The key is to learn how to identify waves correctly a task that is also highly subjective. Using the Elliot Wave Oscillator requires a little knowledge and there are different analysis theories and techniques.  It can be a powerful tool but one needs to spend some time studying and deciding which theory to use.   
free  16 Mar 2012
The Artificial Intelligence robot creates trades based on the result of the previous ones. It uses the MACD Indicator to calculate the direction of the trade the first time and then continues based on this as well as the outcome of the closed positions.
Breakout Candle
free  18 Jun 2019
It spots a breakout trading pattern and shows an up/down signal dot whenever a setup formed. Free Download: If you have any question or issue with our product please contact us via our site live chat or if we were offline leave a message, if you post a comment here we will not get any notification and we will not be able to help you.
Pivot Points Intra Day
by moza11
free  10 Aug 2012
Pivot Points is a method for calculating support and resistance levels. Resistance and support levels indicate where a major price movement is expected. As a trend indicator, it indicates an upward movement, for instance, if the pivot point price is broken in, then the market is bullish, and vice versa. Pivot points are short-term trend indicators, however and therefore useful for only one day. The second method is to use pivot point price levels to enter and exit the markets.
Candlestick Patterns
free  15 Mar 2017
This indicator shows the candlestick patterns (Doji, Hammer, Bullish Harami, Bearish Harami, Dark Cloud Cover, Piercing Pattern, Bullish Engulfing, Bearish Engulfing, Shooting Star, Evening Star, Morning Star), fully customizable, in addition to the patterns shows additional information MACD and Moving average. Options :     Show names - show patterns names instead of ASCII characters.     Show more info - show additional information: MACD, MA, last pattern.     Sound Alert - beep during the formation of a new pattern. The following options allow to show selectively patterns, all by default are shown :     Show Doji     Show Hammer     Show Bullish Harami     Show Bearish Harami     Show Dark Cloud Cover     Show Piercing Pattern     Show Bullish Engulfing     Show Bearish Engulfing     Show Shooting Star     Show Evening Star     Show Morning Star MACD parameters :     MACD Long Cycle     MACD Short Cycle     MACD Signal Periods Moving average parameters :     MA Periods     MA MAType Screenshots : Price: $ 45 If you have a suggestion for improving the warning indicator write to: If you want to buy this indicator post mail or personal message. Sorry for my English.
by cTKit
free  16 Sep 2016
Inspired by an indicator sold by Quantum Trading for platforms other than cTrader this indicator draws support and resistance lines at specific prices in a way that allows you to see the strength of SR Zones.  It works for any time frame and for a specific number of periods.  It provides the following parameters to support optimisation. Parameters: Periods The number of periods to be analysed for support and resistance Show Extreme H/L Whether to render lines at the highest high and lowest low for the specified periods Defaults to true and rendering in Red Show Day H/L Whether to render lines at the highest high and lowest low for the date of the current period Defaults to true and rendering in Blue Only applies if the time frame is lower than Daily Required Hits Specifies the number of times price must turn at a value to be considered support or resistance Defaults to 5 Zone Size Specified the number of pips to use as a Zone for limiting the number of lines drawn Defaults to 10 Max Lines Per Zone Specifies the maximum number of lines that will be drawn within a Zone specified by Zone Size Defaults to 3 This allows you to avoid having too many lines too close together, whilst providing some indication of how strong the support and resistance is within a Zone Extreme H/L Style The line style and colour to be used for drawing the extreme high and low lines Day H/L Style The line style and colour to be used for drawing the high and low lines for the day S/R Style The line style and colour to be used for drawing support and resistance lines Known Issue I haven't been able to find a way to change line styles dynamically, colours aren't supported as parameters yet so I use an Output Attribute and get the settings from this, not ideal but it is the best option we have for now.  The issue is that I can't detect when the style changes after the indicator is initialised.  If you want to change the line styles after installing the indicator you need to remove it and add it again changing the lines styles before clicking OK  
Fibonacci Bands
by adaled
free  09 Jan 2014
  A True Range value is computed and multiples of the Fibonacci Expansion ratios of this range are added to the moving average to create the Fibonacci Bands. References Average True Range: /algos/show/10 or /algos/show/139 (You need this first) Place on two different charts with different time frames and take trades from either short or long term chart when both charts show same trigger. Trades are short term reversals in direction of major trend on longer term chart unless you expect a trend reversal. Determine which band is the limiting band for the volatility of the instrument. When the market closes outside of the limiting band then returns inside, take a long/short one tick above/below the high/low of the previous bar.  Place stop below/above the low/high of the recent swing low/high. Set targets at opposite band of chart with trailing stop after crossing middle band.    
Median Renko Ultimate
free  17 Feb 2020
The indicator should be attached to 1-minute charts for the best historical candle accuracy. It is displayed as an overlay on the main chart so, you may want to change the chart properties to "line chart" and the "Bear Outline" color to black for better clarity of displayed bars. The indicator is a very powerful tool, capable of creating many charting types, which are very popular among traders. With the proper settings, you can display the following charting types (to name but a few): Median Renko (Settings: Retracement factor = 0.5 , Symmetrical reversals = Yes) Standard Renko with wicks (Settings: Retracement factor = 1.00 , Symmetrical reversals = Yes) Turbo Renko (Settings: Retracement factor = 0.25 , Symmetrical reversals = Yes) Hybrid Renko (Settings: Retracement factor = 0.25 , Symmetrical reversals = No) PointO (Settings: Retracement factor = 1.00 , Symmetrical reversals = No) All charting types display wicks and contain reference points (MedianRenko Open, Low, High, Close) for use by other indicators as well as cAlgo robots.   This is a 14-day trial version. Lifetime license can be purchased >> here << Latest version always available on OneDrive Available Inputs Bar Size (number of pips) Retracement factor (0.01 to 1.00) Symmetrical reversals (Yes / No) Reset Open on each new trading day (Yes /No) Apply offset to first renko bar (Yes / No) Tick offset value (0 to ...) Maximum Bars Bullish Bar Color Bearish Bar Color Referencing the indicator from a cAlgo robot // // Declare and create an instance of MedianRenko indicator // private MedianRenko mr_indi; protected override void OnStart() { object[] parameterValues = { 10, // Bar size 0.5, // Retracement factor 100, // Show number of bars true, // Symmetrical reversals true, // Reset Open on new trading day false, // Apply offset to first renko bar 0, // Tick offset value "Green", // Bullish bar color "Red" // Bearish bar color }; mr_indi =Indicators.GetIndicator<MedianRenko>(parameterValues); // // Start processing... // protected override void OnTick() { // // Example: check if last 2 completed bars are bullish // bool lastTwoBarsBullish = (mr_indi.Open.Last(1) < mr_indi.Close.Last(1)) && (mr_indi.Open.Last(2) < mr_indi.Close.Last(2)); // // Trading logic goes here... // } Attaching other indicators to the Median Renko Ultimate chart
free  07 Oct 2019
This bot is based on ADX, Moving Average and Fractals indicator. It uses Fractal indicator to set TP and SL. It works on all timeframes and assets. Standard parameter working good for 1H EURUSD. Bot maybe be started simultaneously on several Assets.   ------------------ HOW TO INSTALL Download and install “Fractals” indicator: Download and install this very cBot: Refer “Fractals” indicator to “ADX Fractals” bot, see howto here:   ------------------ PARAMETERS SMA Slow Slow Simple Moving Average Period          SMA Fast Fast Simple Moving Average Period   MA Cross Max periods moving average crossed          ADX Min Value Direction Movement System Min. Value          ADX Max Value Direction Movement System Max. Value        Fractal Period Max Period to Calculate Fractals for the TP and SL          Fractal diff Pips to add to SL and subtract from TP          Min SL Minimum SL in pips          Max SL Maximum SL in pips          Min TP Minimum TP in pips          Max TP Maximum TP in pips           Volume Units Volume to trade in units      
Auto Pivot Points
free  21 Mar 2016
This indicator plots daily, weekly and monthly pivot points with their associated supports and resistances until level 3. It can be chossen the supports and resistances to be displayed Screenshot: