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How to install
Colored TickVolume
free  15 Jan 2014
A simple indicator that shows historical tick Volume. Created by FxPro due to a client request If the current volume is less than the previous then the color is red. If the current volume is greater than the previous it is green.  
free  13 Mar 2013
Please find attached the nonlagdot indicator with the requested modifications. It uses a file notify.wav for a notification sound which is normally found in this directory: C:\Windows\Media To change the path for this file you can modify this code:           private string _soundFile = @"C:\Windows\Media\notify.wav";   It also prints the message on the chart and updates it when the trend changes anew.   Other than the above it's the standard Non Lag Dot Indicator
by Graft
free  08 Mar 2013
by imWald
free  27 Feb 2013
I've tested this Robot with EURUSD and GBPUSD in H1 timeframe with good results.But the problem is, that in one account I can run only one currency pair (e.g. EURUSD), not together with GBPUSD. Can someone have a look at it please? many thanksRobert
free  27 Feb 2013
The objective for this robot is not to develop a real trading robot but to point out the technical architecture and the communication process between cAlgo and an external dll.In order to bring the principle in the foreground, the chosen example is very simple and basic. It consist of a frame with 2 buttons representing the current Bid and Ask prices like the cTrader order button with exact the same prices. By pushing on of the buttons an entry in the cAlgo log frame will be printed (see attached video for more details).The frame application itself will be started from within cAlgo same as a robot, but is acting in a different thread and is therefore managed independent. In addition there is a bidirectional event handling taking care of cAlgo events and events from the external dll to communicate between both threads. You can imagine to adopt this approach to your own needs. I. e. for communication to third party products or intercommunication between different currency pairs respectively time frames.The external dll has been developed using Visual Basic .Net based on Visual Studio 2010 Express edition (free edition). If you intend to follow this example one by one you need to install at least this version of Visual Studio.Create a new project of type class library and copy & paste the following code. Align the code to your needs Imports System.Windows.Forms 'the communication layer between cAlgo and the frame application Public Class ThreadHandler Private sMesText As String Private iDigs As Integer 'declaring the frame application with event handling Private WithEvents myForm As externalForm Public Event ButtonBuyClicked() Public Event ButtonSellClicked() 'constructor for frame application with overloading parameters Public Sub New(ByVal sMsgTxt As String, iDigits As Integer) sMesText = sMsgTxt iDigs = iDigits End Sub 'start the frame application Public Sub Work() 'use the windows visual style Application.EnableVisualStyles() Application.DoEvents() myForm = New externalForm myForm.Text = sMesText myForm.ShowDialog() End Sub Public Sub setButtonText(ByVal cTxt As String, dPrice As Double) 'passing the price from cAlgo to the form application myForm.SetButtonText(cTxt, dPrice) End Sub Private Sub myForm_ButtonBuyClicked() Handles myForm.ButtonBuyClicked 'passing the button click event from frame application to cAlgo RaiseEvent ButtonBuyClicked() End Sub Private Sub myForm_ButtonSellClicked() Handles myForm.ButtonSellClicked 'passing the button click event from frame application to cAlgo RaiseEvent ButtonSellClicked() End Sub End Class Then create a new frame, paste 2 buttons and copy & paste the following code. Align the code to your needs. Imports System.Windows.Forms Public Class externalForm Public Event ButtonSellClicked() Public Event ButtonBuyClicked() Public Delegate Sub dlSetButtonText(ByVal cTxt As String, ByVal dPrice As Double) Private Sub ButtonSell_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles ButtonSell.Click RaiseEvent ButtonSellClicked() End Sub Private Sub ButtonBuy_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles ButtonBuy.Click RaiseEvent ButtonBuyClicked() End Sub Public Sub SetButtonText(ByVal cTxt As String, ByVal dPrice As Double) Dim myCont As Control() 'external application (cAlgo) tries to call the frame application. invocation is required myCont = Me.Controls.Find(cTxt, True) If myCont.Count = 0 Then Exit Sub If myCont(0).InvokeRequired Then myCont(0).Invoke(New dlSetButtonText(AddressOf SetButtonText), cTxt, dPrice) Else 'after invocation and 'recall' of the sub the button text can be set myCont(0).Text = dPrice.ToString End If End Sub End Class
free  26 Feb 2013
This Average True Range is based on the True Range Indicator provided by cTrader / cAlgo and has been overlayed with a simple Moving average. It is valid for all time frames and the period can be triggered by a parameter (default value is 14 units with respect to the chosen time frame) Have fun and good trades
Price Action / BreakOut
free  10 Oct 2014
This is a Price Action Indicator, that helps you to identify the difference between trend / sideway market. Unlike Highest High Lowest Low indicator, here you don't need to set period. It adapts to the market, based on the logic of inside bars.   Buy, when price is above EMA and breaks up from the consolidation channel. Sell, when price is below EMA and breaks down from the consolidation channel.
free  25 Jan 2013
Display of countdown to the next bar on the chart. W1 and M1 Timeframes are not supported.
Traders Dynamic Index
free  22 Jan 2013
A combination of Relative Strength Index, Bollinger Bands and Moving Averages. Strategy: Buy: The Price line is above the Signal line and above the middle Bollinger Band line. Sell: The Signal line is above the Price line and  middle Bollinger Band line. The Bollinger Bands show the strength and direction of the trend.  
free  22 May 2013
by hichem
free  02 Jan 2013
The most common method in calculating pivot points is the 5 point pivot system.  This indicator calculates and display pivot levels for daily, weekly and monthly timeframes.  FEATURES: -Works on all timeframes -Paramterable display of daily, weekly and monthly pivots  
Sample SAR Trailing Stop
free  19 Dec 2012
This robot is intended to be used as a sample and does not guarantee any particular outcome or profit of any kind. Use it at your own risk.