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My new Algo
free  31 Jul 2020
Hi Everyone, You can contact me @ "" I have recently built a couple of bots in cAlgo which are showing promising results in back testing using tick data and i have been testing them in live environment with very similar results. Please find the back-testing results of them below. All of them have high risk reward ratio so that you can leverage accordingly. I always seek at least 2 or 3:1 annualized return to max DD  .  This allows one to leverage if needed without blowing their accounts within limited risk appetite. Please check them at [ TWITTER Signal Service Experimentation ] ->   [ ] [ CFD Bot ]  -> /forum/calgo-support/7584   MyFxbook attached for CFD Bot -> ( it is removed now since i am live ) [ use  for Feb month and onward as i accidentally ran my 'work in progress' strategies on the CFD (main) bot account ]  ( it is removed now since i am live ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ BinaryOptions Indicator ] ->  /forum/calgo-support/7602 ( link to backtest file -> )  [ I gave up eventually as broker didn't let me withdraw so not going to spend time on developing it further ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ DAX Scalper ] -> /forum/calgo-support/8208 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Free DAX (basic) strategy ->   ( read this as well -> /forum/calgo-support/8622 ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ DAX HFT- Martingale ] -> /forum/calgo-support/10110 -------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ FX Martingale ] -> /forum/calgo-support/11265 Risky 'Martingale' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DAX Portfolio Mix of DAX strategies + CurrencyStrength Bot ( latest addition to my suite of algos ) 2 Versions of CFD Bot 3 min Scalper 2 min Scalper HFT CurrencyStrength Bot ( it is not-active on demo as I am live ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CurrencyStrength(Filtered Version) Bot  ( stand-alone ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: algo attached is dummy
free  04 Feb 2016
This MACD Crossover with Colors indicator allows you to set colors for both positive and negative values of the Histogram. Based on the original MACD Crossover indicator from cTrade. v2 + Adaptive (auto-color): Allows the option to display adaptive auto-colors changing according the trend. + Verbose: Allows the option to display the current Long or Short cycle and it's value. v1 Public release    
Bulls and Bears (v2)
free  04 Feb 2016
This Bulls and Bears indicator consolidates the Bulls and Bears Power sample indicators in one indicator. Based on the original Bulls and Bears Power sample indicators from cTrade. v2 + Verbose: Allows the option to display the current values of Bulls and Bears. v1 Public release  
cTrader Read Excel Data
free  26 Feb 2021
Execute trades example using LinqToExcel and LINQ to easily read an Excel or CSV file into your Automated Trading Robot. Download Source Code Here Please note that this is an example and not a working robot. I found this very useful tool for working with Microsoft Excel data that I would like to share with you. If you need to get data out of Excel, which can be done using ADO.NET. However using LINQ to Excel makes this very easy for people who are not experienced programmers. DATA - ANALYSIS - TRADE This robot is an example to demonstrate the power you can have at your fingertips using cTrader, cAlgo and C#, this robot reads trades from an excel file and executes them in real time with the robot, you can dynamically modify the trade results with user defined parameters from the robots user interface or from within the code. Watch uTube video about LinqToExcel to find out more... THE SIMPLEST WAY OF READING DATA FROM EXCEL The example shows a list of trades for the day that have been entered onto a spreadsheet with separate sheets for different instruments, it does not matter if this would not be useful in real life, it is just to show what can be accomplished and possibilities. The image below shows information for opening new positions when the price reaches the entry price, the expiry date and time allows you to filter these out using LINQ from within your robot. You will notice in the source code that there is a class called DailyTrade, this class is the data container which will automatically be populated with data from the spreadsheet.  As you can see the class name is the same as the spreadsheet name dailyTrades.xls and each property has an attribute [ExcelColumn], this maps to the name of columns in the spreadsheet, so the property name does not have to be the same as the property name and you can have spaces in the column name. The code that injects all the data into the class is a collection of DataTrade objects, so you will end up with a list of daily trades which you can iterate through to open the trades. You will be able to access the data in a clean and readable manner like; trade.EntryPrice or trade.ExpiryDate. Download Source Code Here   Contact: instant chat group Website: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn  
by viktan
free  25 Nov 2015
using System; using cAlgo.API; using cAlgo.API.Internals; using cAlgo.API.Indicators; namespace cAlgo.Indicators {     [Indicator(IsOverlay = false, TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC)]     public class AdxR : Indicator     {         [Parameter("%K periods 1", DefaultValue = 20)]         public int inpKPeriods1 { get; set; }         [Parameter("%K Slowing 1", DefaultValue = 7)]         public int inpKSlowing1 { get; set; }         [Parameter("%D periods 1", DefaultValue = 20)]         public int inpDPeriods1 { get; set; }         [Parameter("MA type 1", DefaultValue = MovingAverageType.Simple)]         public MovingAverageType inpMAType1 { get; set; }         [Parameter("%K periods 2", DefaultValue = 9)]         public int inpKPeriods2 { get; set; }         [Parameter("%K Slowing 2", DefaultValue = 3)]         public int inpKSlowing2 { get; set; }         [Parameter("%D periods 2", DefaultValue = 9)]         public int inpDPeriods2 { get; set; }         [Parameter("MA type 2", DefaultValue = MovingAverageType.Simple)]         public MovingAverageType inpMAType2 { get; set; }         [Output("SlowPercenD", Color = Colors.Orange, LineStyle = LineStyle.Lines)]         public IndicatorDataSeries SlowD { get; set; }         [Output("SlowPercentK", Color = Colors.Orange, LineStyle = LineStyle.LinesDots)]         public IndicatorDataSeries SlowK { get; set; }         [Output("FastPercentD", Color = Colors.Blue, LineStyle = LineStyle.Lines)]         public IndicatorDataSeries FastD { get; set; }         [Output("FastPercentK", Color = Colors.Blue, LineStyle = LineStyle.LinesDots)]         public IndicatorDataSeries FastK { get; set; }         private StochasticOscillator _stochasticslow;         private StochasticOscillator _stochasticfast;         protected override void Initialize()         {             _stochasticslow = Indicators.StochasticOscillator(inpKPeriods1, inpKSlowing1, inpDPeriods1, inpMAType1);             _stochasticfast = Indicators.StochasticOscillator(inpKPeriods2, inpKSlowing2, inpDPeriods2, inpMAType2);         }         public override void Calculate(int index)         {             SlowD[index] = _stochasticslow.PercentD[index];             SlowK[index] = _stochasticslow.PercentK[index];             FastD[index] = _stochasticfast.PercentD[index];             FastK[index] = _stochasticfast.PercentK[index];         }     } }
Daily Candle Breakout
free  22 Nov 2015
Find uploaded an updated version of the cbot. It has slightly modified logic, RSI filtering property and some more parameters to modify. Also a bidirectional trailing stop has been added (both positive and negative triggers allowed). Backtesting ability has been improved as well. Tested on USDCAD, 2 out of 3 winning trades on average. Some less self-explanatory parameters explained: Equity Risk Value - percentage of available equity as a parameter of trade volume (in %), use values of consecutive tens 10, 20, 30 ... and so on. Breakout Trigger In Pips - number of pips a new bar has to break the previous range for a position to be opened. Below equity curve based on trades spanning over 3 years of data. Currency pair - USDCAD. Starting balance - 1k EUR.   .......................................................................................................................................................................................... This robot trades a very simple strategy of daily bar breakouts. You can read more about it HERE . I am new to programming so expect nothing more than you would do from an experiment. Structural nuances of the code are based on work of
free  08 Nov 2015
In indicator display position size for specified currency pair and balance's % risk (stop loss). It does not take into account spread or fees, so simply adjust % to accommodate those. I like to have this displayed o the chart, it helps me with risk management through different currency pairs.   Please let me know by comment if it is useful for you or how would you improve.  
by ozan
free  13 Nov 2015
custom MovingAverageV02 Moving Average with shift for different price types; (0) = Typical Price (1) = Weighted Close Price (2) = Median Price Typical Price = (O+H+L+C) /4 Weighted Close Price = (O+H+L+C+C) /5 Median Price =  (H+L) /2  
free  14 Sep 2015
Volatility quality ZIRO LINE indicator  ( converted from mq4 file using ) I find it helpful to find reversals for binary options and then martingale for the same. I am working on creating a bot for normal fx trading based on trends though. Hopefully , you will find it useful as well.    
by badtzo
free  03 Sep 2015
This is not my whole work, I just made a mod from the source of "Real Market Time" by  lec0456 In this file I added some custom parameters as menu options:  Broker's name, Broker UTC/GMT Time Zone, Swap Hour, Format 24hr or AM/PM, Label Color, Open and Close hour colors. *Swap hour based on Broker server.   Now you can choose custom colors and write the label of your broker. The Market Hours used are New York, London, Broker, Sydney and Tokyo  If you prefer, you can also write another Time Zone instead of Broker's name and choose one of this UTC/GMT: North America      Pacific(-8), Central (-6) and East (-4) Europe     GMT (0), West (1) and East (2) Asia     Tokyo (9), East Australia (10) and New Zeland (12)   The indicator use your Local Time to show you the Market Hours. If you want to include another time zone in the code there are some comment sections to make it easier.  
Memory Manager Bot
free  27 Aug 2015
The memory manager when attached as robot periodically (configurable) frees the memory used by cAlgo thus keeping it down pressured. Don't set the "Reclaim Period" to very low values which may effect the performance of cAlgo. On each tick received it displays the current working set (memory used by cAlgo) and the last memory reclaimed. Since it's checking to free or not on tick received event on slow trading hours the text will be updated less frequent. The bot needs "FullAccess" permission to work, so you need to allow them when asked.  
Volume Zone Oscilator
by Voids
free  27 Aug 2015
This oscilator is a work by Walid Khalil and David Steckler, converted from mt4. The original article about Volume Zone Oscilator can be found here:   A (highly) simplified interpretation of Volume Zone Oscilator is: - Buy when it's going up and crossed -60, -40, or 0 level - Sell when it's going down and crossed 60, 40, or 0 level