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How to install
Smart Grid
by SaifBD
free  01 Jul 2015
Smart Grid cBot will open first position based on trend. Next positions will be added using 'PipStep' parameter. Dynamic Volume Exponent & 1 trade per 1 bar to minimize draw-down risk. Follow trend direction manually & open Buy Sell your choice. 
free  10 Jul 2015
This robot is a fork of Robot_Forex. It is hosted on Github and gives good results. If you want to have the last evolutions of the bot, take it here It manages a stop loss, a money management , a tralling stop and dynamic grid to her positions. For the parameters to use go to Github A video a.bout this bot is on youtube  
free  03 Jun 2015
(v 1.01) This is the Accumulative Bid/Ask Volume (ZigZag Edition). To operate it successfully please download and install the ZigZag indicator from here: /algos/indicators/show/157 If you are using my other Bid/Ask Volume indicator you must turn off the "Write to file" option on one of them otherwise two indicators will write to the same data file leading to corruption and/or twice the volume.   02.06.2015 - Version 1.01 Corrected a flaw where once the repaint is triggered it would do so for the whole duration of that bar   Note that the actual ZigZag indicator line in the example image is not part of the volume indicator's plot. It is applied to the chart only for demonstrational purposes. The ZigZag is still needed for the indicator's inner workings. It can also be applied for guidance in finding reasonable settings.    
Draw Min/Max Spread
free  01 Jun 2015
FX brokers make a lot of claims about minimum and maxim spread of an instrument. But is it really reliable? Use this indicator to display real minimum and maxim spread from moment the indicator is initialized. I used Draw Spread by
by Waxy
free  11 Dec 2017
This bot is useful in breakouts, handling fake breakouts and reducing risk exposure.   Instead of risking 100 pips to make 100 pips, its better to risk 10 pips 10 times if you know the price is going to move significantly away from your entry, for example the break change of a trading session or a technical breakout. Characteristics It can handle both long and short and it displays the number of tries and total profit from all trades. Can work on a single side (only buy/sell on breakout) Can work as an OCO, this means whichever side triggers first will remain until there's profit or the numbers or meets the number of attemps, example: Buy Stop Executed, so the sell stop will be closed and the bot will work with buy orders only. Without an OCO, the sell stop order would remain, and the bot will stop until there's a profit or meets the number of attemps. Can work with multiple instances simultaneously. Can work as a martingale with parameter ("Increment Volume each # of times") example: Parameter is 3, so bot will double position size each time it has 3 losses in a row. Parameter is 1, bot will double position size after each loss. This feature can be disabled. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips on how to use it This is not a standalone system, it's only a bot to increase your opportunities and potential profit in definite market conditions. Use a small stop loss. Know the breakout range according to your technical perspective. This is a bot for when market changes from choppy to trending. Set a realistic TP and number of attemps. Be careful since this is a martingale Breakouts or volatile scenarios may cause slippage, wide spreads, nothing can be done about it, include it in yorur trading plan. Safe stops in case settings are not correct Stop losses must not be greater than the width of the breakout band, if there's only one direction (long or short) on your settings, this won't matter. Ask price must be smaller than your long entry price. Bid price must be bigger than your short entry price. If there's an error while placing an order, the bot will stop and display such error on the log. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've decided to rebuild the bot from the ground up. Removed limit orders since this is mainly a breakout bot, last version was flawed in that aspect and confusing for users, will create another bot apart for limit orders. In case there's a bug, error or suggestion, please write to: If you want a custom bot made from this or any other type of strategy/indicator, my services are available on freelancer. (Bot may have bugs - please report if some bug is found) USE THIS BOT AT YOUR OWN RISK AND USE ONLY WITH REAL MONEY IF YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND IT
by daneko
free  23 May 2015
  if you want to use from cBot, try it.   public class Sample : Robot { RankCorrelationIndex rci; protected override void OnStart() { rci = RankCorrelationIndex.create(Indicators, MarketSeries); // ... } //... }  
Save Tick or Bar Data
by bosma
free  06 May 2015
Modified /algos/cbots/show/588 to work with OHLC data and only saving bid/ask for tick data. When saving tick data make sure you change data in backtesting options to tick data from server.
Bid/Ask Volume
free  29 May 2015
(Version 1.1) Accumulates and displays the true bid and ask volume in monetary terms (currency units) for each bar/period and their difference in a convenient histogram plot. It features filters below and above which all volume is filtered out to calculate with only the high volume offers (the smart money in theory, as opposed to the "suckers"). Due to its nature having to collect the data first it does not provide a full backfill. However, it provides a backfill for self collected data with its new data saving feature. For this an automatically named text file in the current user's documents folder is created. The file can be manually named if necessary. It is best to leave the respective option empty in the settings. Switching to another timeframe, reloading the chart or changing the volume settings occurs now with only minimal loss of collected data depending on the save setting. No more emotional meltdowns because the chart application disconnects from the server and restarts the indicator plot with the loss of all collected historical data. To compare filter settings that are right for the broker, chosen currency pair and the time of day multiple instances of the indicator that access the same data file can be attached to the chart. In this case only one instance of the indicator should actually write to the file and collect data. Data writing must therefore be turned off in the other indicator's instances. The interpretation of the plot is up to the user. Some people use it to identify high volume turns and impending directional change. Other people use the difference plot as direct signal. Or it may not yield anything at all and may only be used for educational purposes. This seems to be highly dependent on the type and quality of volume delivered from the broker. Do not copy and paste the code into the editor and try to compile it yourself! The forum software introduces garbage symbols that lead to compiler errors. I don't post the code myself. The forum software automatically extracts the source code from the compiled file for online display. So it is safe to download as it is impossible to manipulate the source code. This indicator does not work fully with ICMarkets due to their guaranteed volume policy that causes excessive flooding of the indicator's internal volume lists. Even though it is possible to filter this volume this still corrupts and excessively inflates the data file. It will work when the save is turned off and the hi-filter is set to a relatively low setting of 20 (million). In this case there is no backfill. There is no limit to the amount of data that is collected in the file. That means that the file may one day have the size of hundreds of megabytes. If it gets too big for the user it may just be deleted so the algorithm will then start a new file. The current location of the data file is: C:\users\yourusername\documents   Version 1.1 (28.5.2015) Save feature added Minor mistakes corrected Volume low-filter added Number of digits extended to two for CFDs  
DashBoard SMA
by Iwori
free  02 May 2015
DashBoard MultiTimeFrame SimpleMovingAverage Price > SMA  ->  Trend Up (Color Green) Price < SMA  ->  Trend Down (Color Red) Price = SMA  ->  Not Trend (Color Gray)   Note: The Moving averages are not included in the indicator  
Volume Log
free  02 May 2015
A volume log (v 1.01) that displays filtered bid and ask volumes. Price is expressed as distance from current bid/ask price in the Bid/Ask columns. Each entry is timestamped and expressed as relative to current time. Each change in volume is collected internally in realtime and then displayed in the specified interval according to its settings. For performance reasons the minimum display update frequency is 1 second. After a certain number of bars the oldest items are dropped off the list. This behaviour can be controlled with the "List Length: Bars" parameter. You can change the color of the text by typing the name of the color into the parameter box. Here is a list of valid colors: . Do not copy and paste the code into the editor and try to compile it yourself! The forum software introduces garbage symbols that lead to compiler errors. I don't post the code myself. The forum software automatically extracts the source code from the compiled file for online display. So it is safe to download. This indicator does not work with ICMarkets.   This is version 1.01 V1.01: Change the color of the text with the new "Text Color" parameter.    
free  25 Apr 2015
Determines the daily increase or decrease in the value of the Euro and Dollar.The actual and projected value of the pair is also plotted. This version of the EURUSD index allows for both daily and weekly yield indexes.  It gives you the option to weight the index based on volume and the option to use 4 or 8 pairs for calculation. Finally, it corrects a problem with pairs that don't start trading at the same time.
SMA Slope Indicator
free  17 Apr 2015
My slope indicator calculates the slope of a smoothed SMA.  You can enter the backstep, meaning the length of time you want to go back to measure the slope.  A slope limit allows you to judge when a threshold is reached for trading.  MA tolerance sets a value for the amount of change in the moving average needed to register a peak. Slope peak tolerance sets a minimum value to register a peak in the slope. The slope indicator registers peaks in the ma and slope.  It also gives a signal if the slope is flat for 12 periods.