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How to install
free  05 Oct 2012
The ADXVMA is a Moving Average Indicator based on Volatility where the Volatility is measured by the value of the ADX.  The ADXVMA provides levels of support during uptrends and resistance during downtrends.  
free  09 Jan 2014
ADX VMA with upper and lower Bands based on typical price. References ADX VMA Indicator see: /algos/indicators/show/188  
free  07 Oct 2019
This bot is based on ADX, Moving Average and Fractals indicator. It uses Fractal indicator to set TP and SL. It works on all timeframes and assets. Standard parameter working good for 1H EURUSD. Bot maybe be started simultaneously on several Assets.   ------------------ HOW TO INSTALL Download and install “Fractals” indicator: Download and install this very cBot: Refer “Fractals” indicator to “ADX Fractals” bot, see howto here:   ------------------ PARAMETERS SMA Slow Slow Simple Moving Average Period          SMA Fast Fast Simple Moving Average Period   MA Cross Max periods moving average crossed          ADX Min Value Direction Movement System Min. Value          ADX Max Value Direction Movement System Max. Value        Fractal Period Max Period to Calculate Fractals for the TP and SL          Fractal diff Pips to add to SL and subtract from TP          Min SL Minimum SL in pips          Max SL Maximum SL in pips          Min TP Minimum TP in pips          Max TP Maximum TP in pips           Volume Units Volume to trade in units      
free  16 May 2012
     ADXR stands for Average Directional Movement Index Rating. ADXR is a component of the Directional Movement System developed by Welles Wilder. This system attempts to measure the strength of a price movement in positive and negative directions, as well as the overall strength of the trend. The Average Directional Movement Rating quantifies the change of momentum in the ADX (Average Directional Index). It is calculated by adding two values of ADX (the current value and a value n periods back) and then dividing by two: ADXR = (ADX + ADX N periods ago) / 2    
free  19 Mar 2021
ADX Wilder, an ADX Variation, created by Welles Wilder.      Pepperstone Group Limited USDJPY m5 f9Q2n | cTrader  
by salr22
free  06 Sep 2014
Modify all positions to one TP and SL by average price   //    Modify all TakeProfit and StopLoss by Average Price. "Aggressive Trading" //,
AI Premium Signals
paid  02 Dec 2019
Using a custom developed Neural Network, this indicator provides razor-sharp reversal signals by detecting market conditions that are either overbought or oversold and analyses each of these situations based on learned material to determine viable market entries. Parameters are self-adapting. Works extremely well on indices like the #US30 and #USSPX500 etc. License expires on 30 June 2019. Timeframe : H1(recommended),  H4 and higher also yield good results.  Symbols : All symbols but strong preference given for USD pairs and indices (eg. #US30, #USSPX500). Trade Rules : Buy on blue dot, Sell on red. For Indicator visit : View all my indicators at :   GBPUSD H1 : #US30 H1: USDCAD H4 : USDCHF H1 :
Alarm Trend Line Hit
free  23 Sep 2017
This indicator , I adopt from ( This alram Horizontal line) I change a llite bit to alarm Trendline hit  Input data 1. input Point1 - datetime and price 2. input Point2 - datetime and price 3. setting in chart  Indicator will draw line as Point 1 to point 2 and extend line to current bar. It will show distance pips between line and bid(or ask) when it hit . Notification will alarm. Goldclay PS: this link for Alarm Trendline Pro  * alarm by sound * alarm by email with attach file of screenshot chart. #sound #email #windowalert #screenshot #trendline
free  29 Dec 2014
Il n'y a ici que le money management d'Alembex, à vous d'y rajouter votre technique (les positions sont prises aux hasard sur l'exemple) Montrez vos résultat de ce Money management + votre technique :) Merci MISE A JOUR : - Corrections des bugs - Nouvelles images  avec les tests d'optimisations :  
Alert levels
free  11 Apr 2015
Alert levels. Store events in MyDocuments folder to detect crossing from setup date. Functions: 1. Color alert. 2. Sound alert. To use sound alerts please plaсe Ring.wav into MyDocuments folder.  
Alert Popup Window
free  05 Aug 2020
Its a library for cTrader indicators and cBots to show a popup alert window, you can use it on your custom indicators and cBots. Your indicator/cBot user will be able to select the alert sound file or enable/disable it without any coding effort by you. You will be able to add popup, sound, email, and Telegram alert on your indicator/cBot with a single line of code! Its free and open-source, any kind of contribution is welcome! Features Easy to use WPF window instead of Windows Forms Multiple themes and accents Removing alerts Playing sound and allowing the user to select the sound file via Windows Explorer Email alert Changing the time zone and format Telegram Bot Alert Shows only a single window even if you use it on multiple indicators and cBot, it uses .NET thread synchronization objects You can choose to only trigger email, sound, and Telegram alerts on the background without showing the popup window You can find the installation instruction on Github Wiki (below documentation link), its recommended to install/update/remove it via Visual Studio Nuget package manager. Github: Documentation: If you have an issue or you found any bug please use Github issues to report, if you leave a comment here we will not get any notification and we will not be able to help you.    
paid  23 Apr 2021
We are happy to announce our new fully automated Forex trading bot, AlgoBotForex (ABF). This bot trades on the foreign exchange (forex) market. You can sit back and relax while your bot does the market analysis and the trading. Everybody who has a steady internet connection can use the ABF bot. It enables you to reach your financial goals even if you don't have any experience at all. ABF specifications: Volume and price action analysis- Risk analysis Long and short term analysis Margin control Stop loss and profit target Trading automation Back test proof Advance user input Flexibility It can be very time consuming when you want to make money on the forex market. You need to analyse the market, define your strategy and place your orders at the perfect time. To do all that with great accuracy can be very stressful. You will always be busy with questions like: Do I understand the market? Is this the time to buy or sell? Why does the market go in the opposite direction? Have I missed out on something? Do I need more time to do the analysis all over again? In our honest opinion, your time and mental health are far more valuable than money. That is why we decided to build a bot which will do the job for you. Don't you want to make money while you enjoy your valuable time? If you want to generate a passive income, the ABF bot can make it happen. Let us explain! We are active forex traders with more than 10 years of combined experience, and have developed a special trading system for the forex market. With AI technology, we translated our strategy to a bot. Our ABF bot uses our trading strategy to beat the market over and over again. Since the bot doesn't have any emotions, its decisions are purely based on extensive calculations. There is no space for human errors which is needed for the real market. Over the past few years we went through some very extensive testing periods. The aim of this period was to test and adjust the bot until we were confident that it is able to make profits in any market conditions. For that we simulated the environment using data of the past few years and used our bot to record its performance. The results were impressive and outstanding. The results are given in the figure below.  Market Pair        EUR/USD    USD/CAD    USD/JPY Starting capital    €1.000        €1.000        €1.000    Profit in %            212%        212%           114% End capital         €3.101        €3.121        €2.143 Are you curious to see more? Check out our complete report of our results at: Does this sound too good to be true? We are convinced that ABF bot will perform outstandingly. Download the demo version for free, and see it for your self! Request a demo version at   Here is an example of our performance. As you can see, the profit is consistant.  EURUSD