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free  08 May 2023
Hi, guys!  We have just released an innovative Expert Advisor exclusively designed for the cTrader platform. It is a fully automated Forex trading robot with a built-in Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator.   This strategy is: ✅ User-friendly. ✅ Configurable. ✅ Equipped with customizable SL, TP, Break-Even, Trailing Stop, and money management features. ✅ Designed with all required functions to manage positions. Features  The Ichimoku Cloud system can: Monitor the crossing of two indicator lines (the first mode). All you need to do is to select the necessary lines and a bar.  Track down if the price crosses one of the lines (the second mode). You can choose the line, current market price, or bar closing price.  Show when it is safe to buy, safe to sell or stay out of the market. Identify whether you should close a position by momentum or have several positions of the same type.  Parameters We have equipped our EA with more than 14 additional parameters. So, you can change them at your will.      Note! Try this EA on your demo account first before going live. Other Products PSAR Strategy:  https://ctrader.com/algos/cbots/show/2860 ADR Custom Indicator:  https://ctrader.com/algos/indicators/show/2863 Daily H/L Custom Indicator:  https://ctrader.com/algos/indicators/show/2862 Contact Info Contact us via support@4xdev.com Check out our cozy Telegram blog for traders: https://t.me/Forexdev  Visit our website to find more tools and programming services: https://bit.ly/44BFRG3 Take a look at our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChsDb4Q8X2Vl5DJ7H8PzlHQ  Trade different — with 4xDev.
free  09 Nov 2021
This bot makes use of price action mixed with standard Bollinger bands and an exponential moving average to find a good trading opportunity. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------          Trading using leverage carries a high degree of risk to your capital, and it is possible to lose more than           your initial investment. Only speculate with money you can afford to lose. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tested using NAS100 symbol and 2m chart. Symbol                  =    NAS100 Timeframe             =    m2 Source                   =    Close Period                    =    50 Volume                  =    1 lot Bars Range                   =    5 Offset Pips StopLoss    =    15 BE Start                        =   15 TP/SL Ratio                  =    3 Trail                              =    2 BBO Source                =    Close BBO MA Type             =    Exponential Periods                       =    20 St. Dev                        =    2 Results : Date                       =    Between 01/01/2020 and 08/11/2021 profit of $1070.30 USD (+107%) Net profit                =    1070.30 USD Ending Equity        =    2070.30 USD Sharpe Ratio         =    0.13 Sortino Ratio         =    0.17 Effectiveness        =   162/235 = 68.9%   tested using BTCUSD symbol and h1chart. Symbol                  =    BTCUSD Timeframe             =    h1 Source                   =    Close Period                    =    50 Volume                  =    0.1 lot Bars Range                   =    5 Offset Pips StopLoss    =    50000 BE Start                        =    25000 TP/SL Ratio                  =    3 Trail                              =    100 BBO Source                =    Close BBO MA Type             =    Exponential Periods                       =    20 St. Dev                        =    2   Results : Date                       =    Between 01/01/2020 and 08/11/2021 profit of $2805.20 USD (+285%) Net profit                =    2805.20  USD Ending Equity        =    3805.20  USD Sharpe Ratio         =    0.64 Sortino Ratio         =    01.11 Effectiveness        =   6/8 = 75%    
paid  09 Nov 2021
Hello, This robot is very very good for all.   SL: only 35 pips TP: 120 pips   No martingale, or grid. I have trade only GBPUSD.  Check youtube backtesting:     My robot cost $99 without source code With source code $299 I can accept paypal or credit card. If you will order you will get support from me, don't worry. Send me message to support@desoftltd.com You can use 0.01 with max position 1 and you will get really small DD. This is your decision. Regards, Dejan  
ForexCove SuperTrend Trader
free  08 Nov 2021
Trade XAUUSD, EURUSD or any other financial instrument with our SuperTrend Forex Robot. The algo can trade traditional Japanese candlesticks or Renko bricks.  Grab the serial for testing it out here:  https://www.forexcove.com/supertrend-forex-robot/  
Copy Trades from JSON
free  01 Nov 2021
I've written a cBot for myself for copying trades from 2 MT4 accounts to a cTrader one JSON is exported from MT4 using the following EA, but you can write your own exporter https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/73726 It exports all positions and orders to a JSON almost in realtime and this cBot do the opposite, open the same positions on cTrader It only opens and closes new and closed trades, doesnt' copy stop losses ot take profits, but it can be improved It lets you specify the source Symbol to copy from and opens the trades on the attached chart It doesn't require external libraries, you only need to include the following .NET referencies:  - System.Runtime.Serialization  - System.Runtime.Serialization.JSON  - System.Collections Hope you like it and find it useful, if you want to talk you can find me on Telegram at https://t.me/fstraps Thanks
free  20 Oct 2021
cBot el cual tiene la funcion de asignarle un horario de inicio y un horario de fin a la estrategia. Este es un ejemplo ilustrativo de la aperura de New York en Horario UTC    Es importante colocar el Horario UTC y si tu horario es diferente al Horario UTC tienes que adecuarlo   Este ejemplo es del Nasdaq en 1 minuto (1M)          Autor: Jorge Eduardo Arteaga Galicia    @arteagagalicia
Opulence Bot (Demo)
free  19 Oct 2021
Opulence Bot uses a momentum based dynamic grid strategy utilizing 7 different indicators. This is the demo version of the bot and can only be run on demo accounts. You are welcome to try the demo version in the back testing tool or running for as long as you like on a demo account. Default settings should be used on the 5min time frame. Minimum account size should be $500 but the bot will scale the lot size based on your total account balance. The following pairs are recommended but in theory you can run this on any forex pair. GBPUSD GBPCAD GBPNZD EURGBP EURNZD NZDCHF NZDUSD CHFJPY AUDNZD Download bot from: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JHZRIqes8n-X0BfbZQ6SHt_k0ohtJiQp?usp=sharing Below are some back testing results from the passed year:    GBPUSD GBPCAD GBPNZD EURGBP  EURNZD NZDCHF  NZDUSD  CHFJPY  AUDNZD
paid  15 Oct 2021
This custom trading panel allows you to choose from a variety of options to execute a trade, and then monitors each trade according to each trade's parameters. Features: 1. Automatic risk calculation. 2. TP / SL manual entry 3. ATR Stop Loss with a trailing option 4. Swing Stop Loss with a trailing option 5. Risk / Reward option 6. Trend exit option based on the markets being Overbought / Oversold or the trend is coming to an end.   To monitor the trend exit option the bot comes paired with a custom indicator that analyzes trend on a higher timeframe and displays when we are in an uptrend/downtrend.   This tool will allows you to get the most of each trade and help you manage your risk, while collecting the most profit from each trade and exiting at the right time. Works on any chart and can run on multiple charts at the same time to manage each trade uniquely. Contact here for details : herculesone88@gmail.com
paid  03 Oct 2021
This tool use Maringale method to take profit Paramters Label: Label of the bot LicenseKey: License Key of the bot Run by time: True if you want bot only start new position on some range of time Bot open new order only if time between(Start Hour:Start Miniute) and (End Hour UTC:End Minite)) Start Hour UTC: Start Minute: End Hour UTC: End Minute  Max Price Min Price (Bot only open new position if ask price beetween (Min Price and Max price)) Buy: Yes if you want to open Buy Position Sell: Yes if you want to open Sell Position PipStep: If previous trade lose PipStep the bot will open more position (Martingale) Init Lot: Lot size of first position Lot exponent Chains: Lot size open if lose PipStep seperate by comma (Ex: 1st Position 0.01 Lot, PipStep 30, Lot exponent Chains is "2,3,4" if 1st positon lose 30 pips, 2nd position will open with volume 0.01*2=0.02 Lot, if 2nd position lose 30 pips 3rd position will open with volume 0.01*3=0.03 lot ...) CloseType: FirstPosition if Total profit of last positions +first posion> Profit, the bot will close first position and last positions. All if profit of all positions> Profit Max Slippage: Max Slippage Max Spread:Max Spread Min Equity: If Equity> this parameter the bot will not open more new position Max Equity: If Equity< this parameter the bot will not open more new position Close All < Equity: The bot will stop if Equity< this price Profit: Profit by currency (EX USD) Stoploss: Stoploss of each position FREE DEMO ACCOUNT:https://nghia312.gumroad.com/l/cXBSX https://nghia312.gumroad.com/l/NrOJq For Monthly Only 10$ https://nghia312.gumroad.com/l/nLnbv For annual license Just 100$  https://nghia312.gumroad.com/l/tuweZ For weekly Only 3$ Contacts please write to: nghiand.amz@gmail.com  Telegram :  https://t.me/ndnghia  Other products at https://nghia312.gumroad.com/ Ps: I used this bot for this copy trade https://ct-sc.icmarkets.com/copy/strategy/32432
paid  22 Mar 2022
NOW FREE AND THE ORIGINAL FILE CAN NOW BE DOWNLOADED..... With as low as $1000, $500, $250, you can spin up the bot. It sure works on lower account size if you're willing to cope with lower trade size. It also keep a keen eye on Equity and Balance drawdown with multiple stoploss protection. Backtest And See for yourself..  
free  04 Aug 2022
Hello friends, we have just released the ZeroMQ version of Bifrost, the Copy-Trading Cross-Terminal cTrader / MT4 / MT5 system. Its operation is easy and intuitive, I recommend you to practice with a demo account, you can use it with any broker, even those who use strange names for pairs :)    
C-3PO (Unimate)
free  22 Sep 2021
C-3PO (Unimate) -  A simple yet effective short-term trading Breakout Strategy. This Robot serves as a template for your own strategy. make it your Own. Good Luck! Easy to use and supervise Fully configurable settings Customizable SL, TP, Break-Even, Trailing-Stop, and Scale Out Trades Built-in money management