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Best Calgo
free  18 Jul 2014
Lets find the best settings. im gone add the best settings lets work together to find the best settings and make some cash :)    
Zelphin Scalper II
free  27 Jun 2015
programme original de Mark Jensen Zelphin Scalper Author : Abdallah HACID Solution Visual studio   Uses simple moving average and stochastic oscillator to find a good trade opportunity tested using GBPUSD symbol and 5m chart.     Symbole            =    GBPUSD     Timeframe        =    m5     Source            =    Open     Period            =    35     Volume            =    100k     TakeProfit        =    300     StopLoss        =    53     TrailStart        =    29     Trail            =    3     MaType            =    Exponential     K Period        =    5     D Period        =    3     K Slowing        =    3     Results :           Resultats            =    entre le 01/04/2011 et 17/7/2014 a 19:00 gain de 5303 euros(+11%).             Net profit            =    5303,01 euros             Ending Equity        =    5303,01 euros             Ratio de Sharpe        =    0.13             Ratio de Storino    =    0.17 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////                                               Use at own risk /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Ne pas oublier de changer       la Source en Open,       le timeframe en m5,       le MaType en Exponentiel.
TrailCut I
free  27 Jun 2015
Ce robot de trading est dérivé de PayBack II. Author : Abdallah HACID Solution Visual studio   Il contient plusieurs idées : a) On coupe les pertes rapidement et on laisse courir les gains b) On gère un stop suiveur c) On découpe les ordres en trois ordres de 50% 30% et 20% du volume initial demandé, ce qui permet de clôturer, la position initial de 100% en trois fois selon le contexte de gain ou de perte. d) le code est structuré pour permettre d'implémenter n'importe quelle stratégie donnant soit un signal Buy, soit un signal Sell soit aucun signal (méthode signalStrategie())   Les résultats obtenus sur GBPUSD sont par exemple : // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // //        TrailCut-I (17 juillet 2014) //        version 1.2014.7.17.23h //        Author : https://www.facebook.com/ab.hacid // //    Utiliser : //            Symbol                =    GBPUSD //            TimeFrame            =    m30 //            Volume                =    100000 //          SL                    =    57 pips //          TP                    =    300 pips //            Martingale            =    Non //            TrailStart            =    30 //            TrailStep            =    4 //            PeriodWPR           =   14 //            commission            =    37.6 per Million //            Spread fixe            =    1pip //            Starting Capital    =    50000 // //    Results : //          Resultats            =    entre le 1/1/2014 et 17/7/2014 a 23:53 gain de 6904 euros(+16%). //            Net profit            =    7889.76 euros //            Ending Equity        =    7888.76 euros //            Ratio de Sharpe        =    0.37 //            Ratio de Storino    =    0.45 // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Il utilise l'indicateur WilliamsPercentRange : /algos/indicators/show/177  
by mt2ct
free  02 Jul 2014
MT4 to cTrader Trade Copier is designed to copy MT4 trades from any demo or live MT4 account to any demo or live cTrader account.  MT4 Investor Password is enough to start copying trades right now. Website: http://mt2ct.com/
MT2cTrader Trade Copier
by siamfx
free  14 Jul 2014
This cBot allows traders to send their signals from any metatrader (MT4/5) platform to an unlimited amount of cTrader platforms ( Limited to available RAM resources on instance) through reading/writing to a CSV file. MT4/5 writes the trading activity to csv file, while cAlgo reads the file to copy the trades.  siamfx - July 04, 2014 @ 04:14 Error: - Copy and paste over existing code in catch (Exception e) with the code below.    catch (Exception e) { Print("Exception: " + e.Message); return; }       MT EA loops every 250ms for new trading activity  cBot will open and close Market orders to match the csv file No additional trading can be performed on ctrader slave.  All trading must be done on the master MT account. Limited to one MT master account with unlimited cTrader accounts  Trader passwords required for access of all accounts and designed for Server Based.  You will need to update the Orders Input File Path: Unique for every PC Sample: C:\\Users\\trader\\AppData\\Roaming\\MetaQuotes\\Terminal\\69420FB8433504FEA0FA029C390238DB\\MQL4\\Files\\TradeCopy.csv Version 1.0: Todo list includes Add Market Depth  Use Limit Orders Only Positive Slippage   This is the MetaTrader EA below - download. Copy this code into a new Experts sample, paste, compile. Attach to M1 chart. Only 1 chart to trade ALL currency pairs. MT4 - Build 600+ -July 2014  (old source -http://code.google.com/p/mt4-trade-copy/) http://siamfx.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/MT2cTrader_MT2.zip
PayBack II
free  27 Jun 2015
Two orders in oposite direction with progressive close positions Author : Abdallah HACID Solution Visual studio     PayBack modifie (28 juin 2014)     version 2.2014.7.1.19h   Utiliser :            Volume              =   100000           SL                  =   57 pips           TP                  =   150 pips           commission          =   37.6 per Million           Spread fixe         =   1pip           Starting Capital    =   50000   Results :           sur GBPUSD en h1 entre le 1/1/2014 et 1/7/2014 a 19h30 gain de 9482 euros(+19%).           Net profit          =   9481.93           Ending Equity       =   10164.18 euros           Ratio de Sharpe     =   0.24           Ratio de Storino    =   0.55   gain de 9481 euros.    
free  10 Jun 2014
This cBots dumps trendbars data to CSV file. Instructions: create an instance open backtesting tab choose max available date range backtest cBot CSV format: time, open, high, low, close, volume In OnStop method cBot will flush all market series data to the CSV file on your Desktop.
Counter Trade
free  27 May 2014
cBot that automatically opens a counter trade as soon as an original trade is opened. private const string Label = "CounterTrade"; protected override void OnStart() { Positions.Opened += OnPositionsOpened; } void OnPositionsOpened(PositionOpenedEventArgs args) { var originalPosition = args.Position; if (originalPosition.Label != Label) { var tradeType = originalPosition.TradeType == TradeType.Buy ? TradeType.Sell : TradeType.Buy; ExecuteMarketOrder(tradeType, Symbol, originalPosition.Volume, Label); } }  
Zephyn Scalper
by Zephyn
free  02 May 2014
Uses simple moving average and stochastic oscillator to find a good trade opportunity testet using GBPUSD symbol and 5m chart. Use at own risk
Black Corvette
by Quant
free  12 Jan 2014
Symbol: EURUSD Time frame: Minute5 Backtesting period: 01/04/2011-12/01/2014 (almost 3 years) Robot is based on Bollinger Bands indicator which combines moving averages and standard deviation. The main purpose of Bollinger Bands is to provide price range. If you know the range you can buy at minimum price level and sell at maximum price level. Robot is listening to following Bollinger Bands signals: close price is above top Bollinger Bands line. Actions: close long position, open short position close price is bellow bottom Bollinger Bands line. Actions: close short position, open buy position Backtesting report: Balance-equity chart:  
SAR Trailing Stop
free  18 Dec 2013
‚Äč    The "Sample SAR Trailing Stop Robot" will create a market Buy order if the parabolic SAR of the previous bar is      below the candlestick. A Sell order will be created if the parabolic SAR of the previous bar is above the candlestick.       The order's volume is specified in the "Volume" parameter. The order will have a trailing stop defined by the      previous periods' Parabolic SAR levels. The user can change the Parabolic SAR settings by adjusting the "MinAF"      and "MaxAF" parameters.      
RSI Range Robot
free  18 Dec 2013
    The "Sample RSI Range Robot" will create a buy order when the Relative Strength Index indicator crosses the  level 30,      and a Sell order when the RSI indicator crosses the level 70. The order is closed be either a Stop Loss, defined in      the "Stop Loss" parameter, or by the opposite RSI crossing signal (buy orders close when RSI crosses the 70 level      and sell orders are closed when RSI crosses the 30 level).      The robot can generate only one Buy or Sell order at any given time.