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free  24 Apr 2022
vende en cada vela segun su periodo de tiempo  whatsapp   3218280967 correo cristianalejandropj@gmail.com  
paid  13 Jan 2022
 The cTrader Gradient order tool will help you spread your trades very quickly with a few mouse clicks, it lets you place multiple trades simultaneously, split across a range that you can determine by dragging the mouse over the chart. Visit the Product Page and download a 14-day Trial   Specialists in cTrader Trading Solutions We are the No.1 cTrader solution provider with over 7-years of dedicated experience offering trading software, education and a coding service with over 1000 projects delivered. Visit our main website at ClickAlgo.com or cTrader.info to access our community forum. Contact us for your custom coding to build your automated cBots & indicators. Join our Community Chat Group on Telegram for instant chat support. Join our popular YouTube Channel and access our cTrader Tutorials.   Customer Reviews We pride ourselves on being a transparent company you can trust. Read our TrustPilot Reviews    Our Social Media Channels Click on an icon below to visit our social media channels and get access to cTrader news and product updates.           
MACD Market Timer
free  18 Sep 2022
 Robot with MACD signal trend. M30 -H4 GBPUSD. if the market changes the primary trend to high, change the code indicated. I'm working to adjust this function. https://paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=7Z3P95CZYT5CA    
paid  24 Jul 2022
New release "BBands Trend Follower 01.22" In the new release we have added and implemented the following parameters: - MaxHigh/MaxLow Months Limit (up to 2 years): Stop open & Close trades. TimeFrame Monthly applied. - Consecutive Losses Filter: for a preventive protection this filter is always active. Parameters from 2 to 10, default 5. - Gap/Spike Protection: Always active. It protects against opening "Gaps" and sudden "Spikes" that can generate continuous opening and closing of positions. - Strategy Auto Select: with the cBot running, change automatically the strategy (Reverse or Breakout) after a certain number of losses specifying from the parameters after how many losing trades will be applied. Added 3 more exit strategies: - StopLoss Follow Up - StopLoss Follow On Media - Follow Short - Solo SL/TP exit: if selected, it uses StopLoss or TakeProfit as the only exit strategy. - SL/TP & BreakEven: if selected, it helps the main exit strategy or the "Solo SL / TP exit" in bringing the StopLoss above EntryPrice as soon as you are in profit. - Money Management (Position Sizing) on winning and loosing trade. If the previous position was closed with a profit, increase the volume of the next position. If, on the other hand, the previous position was closed at a loss, it decreases the volume of the next position. From the parameters you can set the amount of volume to increase or decrease by specifying after how many losing trades will be applied. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Trading System uses Bollinger Bands for volatility, but is used in a different way than usual, with long periods and Standard Deviation from 0.1 to 1 with a weighted moving average (it looks like a river). The Bollinger Bands serve mainly as a filter in entering the market avoiding periods of laterality. cBot can be set as Reverse or Breakout strategy, the optimization will indicate the best strategy for each particular Currencies Cross, indices, Metals, Crypto Currencies. ----------------------------------------------------------------- - Demo Version with 6 optimized parameters. - 1 Year License ready to trade Live with 27 optimized parameters (Forex,Indices,Metal,Crypto,Commodities Oil & Natural Gas) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Additional products: Breakout Reverse 5 Strategies Multi-TimeFrame cBot HighLow Reverse cBot BIAS Daily Time cBot BIAS Weekly Time cBot HL Rev Break Auto cBot HL TF cBot ---------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD DEMO VERSION Active.cTrader.Bot HomePage Contacts write to: active.ctrader.bot@gmail.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Open an account with Gumroad and become an affiliate and start earning by selling our products: Become an affiliate for Active cTrader Bot ....................................................................................  
following bot
by al-n
free  03 Aug 2022
using System; using System.Linq; using cAlgo.API; using cAlgo.API.Indicators; using cAlgo.API.Internals; using cAlgo.Indicators; namespace cAlgo { [Robot(TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC, AccessRights = AccessRights.None)] public class TrailingStopLossSample : Robot { [Parameter("VolumeInLots", DefaultValue = 1)] public double VolumeInLots { get; set; } [Parameter("Buy")] public bool Buy { get; set; } [Parameter("Stop Loss", DefaultValue = 5)] public double StopLoss { get; set; } [Parameter("Trigger When Gaining", DefaultValue = 1)] public double TriggerWhenGaining { get; set; } [Parameter("Trailing Stop Loss Distance", DefaultValue = 1)] public double TrailingStopLossDistance { get; set; } [Parameter("Step (pips)", DefaultValue = 5)] public double Step { get; set; } private double _highestGain; private bool _isTrailing; protected override void OnStart() { } protected override void OnTick() { // Schaut nach ob Positionen offen sind =) if (Positions.Count == 0) { //Execute a market order based on the direction parameter ExecuteMarketOrder(Buy ? TradeType.Buy : TradeType.Sell, Symbol, VolumeInLots * 100000, "SampleTrailing", StopLoss, null); //Set the position's highest gain in pips _highestGain = Positions[0].Pips; } { var position = Positions.Find("SampleTrailing"); if (position == null) { Stop(); return; } //If the trigger is reached, the robot starts trailing if (position.Pips >= TriggerWhenGaining) { //Based on the position's direction, we calculate the new stop loss price and we modify the position if (position.TradeType == TradeType.Buy) { var newSLprice = Symbol.Ask - (Symbol.PipSize * TrailingStopLossDistance); if (newSLprice > position.StopLoss) { ModifyPosition(position, newSLprice, null); } } else { var newSLprice = Symbol.Bid + (Symbol.PipSize * TrailingStopLossDistance); if (newSLprice < position.StopLoss) { ModifyPosition(position, newSLprice, null); } } TriggerWhenGaining += Step; } } } protected override void OnStop() { // Put your deinitialization logic here } } }  
by float
paid  20 Jul 2022
-SFPbot- by float, trades using the "Swing Failure Pattern" This insanely accurate algorithm offers complete customization and the ability to maximize returns and manage risk. This is the first -quality- "SFP bot" that I have seen on the cTrader algo library.   Contact me directly to purchase bot! Price: $1498 Discord:   -float-#6638 Happy hunting! -float    
paid  04 Oct 2022
By recognizing the fractal in different times, the bot starts trading in a scalping manner in the gold chart and the set time. And with beautiful transactions in both directions, it will get you significant profit and low risk. The bot trades a small number of positions due to the use of several time frames to enter a low-risk transaction. Positions will be closed with three different algorithms, and the profit limit and loss limit will be set by the robot based on support and resistance. The robot is completely automatic and does not need any settings for trading from you. You just need to set the amount of balance and leverage that you want the bot to determine the input volume of positions based on, and turn it on once. All work is done by The bot itself will be done. Those who are interested in the robot trading with their own strategy can prepare it in the form of source code and edit the position entry codes and benefit from the robot's timely entry, management and exit. For more information about the robot and its order, send a message to the following Gmail: seventrader19@gmail.com purchase the full version. The price without the source code is $70.  The price with the source code is $350. The video below is a backtest of the robot in the one-hour time frame on the gold chart, where you can see how the robot works. https://youtu.be/SO53yk0ylUY    
by mh_82
free  10 Nov 2022
fibo cos
paid  21 Nov 2022
Hi fellow Ctraders, its been a while since I published on this platform, but due to the success of my previous Cbots, I was always woeórking on something new, just didnt want to publish something mediocre. Finally I can say I have a new Robot that is worthy of the brand. If you are curious about my work you can check out my youtube channel dedicated to trading or my website for more informations: https://www.youtube.com/@TheNomadTrader/videos https://nomadforexrobots.com/my-trading-philosophy/ Price Action Analysis Cbot: You can check it out in my store: https://forextradingbots.gumroad.com/l/zwyxx Check out the video about the robot here with all the tests: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahXx9ndeefU --Full Robot with all adjustable settings and parameters to tweak or optimize. Infos: --Free updates  -Set files included --Tested for the last 5 years! (2017-2022) --Best on major and minor pairs, major metals. --minimum optimal desposit: 300$   Strategy: The strategy combines old school trend following methods with data analysis The Strategy is not using any strategies like: Martingale, Grid, Averaging, Scalping.   based on key points, like correlation, optimal risk:reward ratio, diverzification and a secret strategy with a price action pattern combination that I coded fully from scratch, because I wanted to create something completely unique and it turned out the be a good way to get an edge over the market. I let even the key correlation candle points in the Robot to be adjustable, so you can further optimize it if you would like to do that as well.   Recommendations: Risk recommendation 1000USD/0.1 lots for low risk secure trading. use vps for if you can, even better trading experience.   Contact for any question, help on telegram : https://t.me/BRobotTrader        
free  18 Nov 2022
I promote all my bots in November to 9$ You can check at Demo Free: https://nghia312.gumroad.com/?max_price=8 BlackFriday: https://nghia312.gumroad.com/?min_price=9    
free  14 Nov 2022
Alpilean Reviews
free  23 Nov 2022
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