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free  18 Jan 2018
A simple cBot that uses hedging ans scalping. Notes Can make you nice profits in consolidating markets. It can blow your account in trending markets. Use always in context.  Volume intensive. Use brokers with low commisions and tight spreads for better results. Use at your own risk Backtesting based on EURUSD and h1 for last two years in which EURUSD are in a rather consolidating state.
free  08 Jul 2017
This is a complete trade manager. It manages your open positions automatically. It has a jumping stop-loss, partial closure, breakeven, and automatic SL&TP. Guide: https://github.com/hyahfoufi/cTraderManager
free  23 Jan 2018
An advanced version of the Hedging and Scalping cBot. It implements an automatic position scaling out logic and has good returns on many timeframes and time periods.  See below backtesting results on minute timeframe over a two years period.
RSI Range Robot
free  18 Dec 2013
    The "Sample RSI Range Robot" will create a buy order when the Relative Strength Index indicator crosses the  level 30,      and a Sell order when the RSI indicator crosses the level 70. The order is closed be either a Stop Loss, defined in      the "Stop Loss" parameter, or by the opposite RSI crossing signal (buy orders close when RSI crosses the 70 level      and sell orders are closed when RSI crosses the 30 level).      The robot can generate only one Buy or Sell order at any given time.
free  29 Dec 2014
Il n'y a ici que le money management d'Alembex, à vous d'y rajouter votre technique (les positions sont prises aux hasard sur l'exemple) Montrez vos résultat de ce Money management + votre technique :) Merci MISE A JOUR : - Corrections des bugs - Nouvelles images  avec les tests d'optimisations :  
Zephyn Scalper
by Zephyn
free  02 May 2014
Uses simple moving average and stochastic oscillator to find a good trade opportunity testet using GBPUSD symbol and 5m chart. Use at own risk
RsiAtr II
free  27 Jun 2015
Robot use the indicators RSI and ATR, with dynamics Stop and Take Profit Money management, supports and resistance.             Symbol                            =    EURUSD             TimeFrame                      =    H4             TP Factor                         =    2.43                                 Volatility Factor                 =   2.7             MM Factor                         =    5        //    Money Management             RSI Source                        =    Close                 RSI Period                         =    14                                     RSI Ceil                             =    1                 ATR Period                        =    20             ATR MAType                      =    VIDYA     Results :           Results                =    entre le 01/01/2014 et 5/8/2014 a 13h00 gain de 44559 euros(+89%).           Net profit              =    47599.19 euros           Ending Equity      =    47599.19 euros The PipsATR indicator is here Author : Abdallah HACID Solution Visual studio
free  09 Jan 2014
The algorithm uses Stochastic Momentum Index (SMI). A Buy is created when The SMI crosses above the Buy Line and a Sell when it crosses below the Sell Line. The Buy and Sell Lines are also components of the SMI Indicator.
Trend Following Bot
free  09 Feb 2015
Hi all,   This the first post of a serie of posts where I'll share my robots. This robot use moving average crossover strategy. The time frame to use is D1 otherwise don't change any other setting. This robot can help you pass the tough times if you use contrarian strategies because it allows you to have a big draw UP  when your contrarian strategy is making a big dawn. In the long term,  the results of this robot are sufficiently positive to not reduce the gain of your main strategy. Here are some back tests results : 
SMA 252
by daemon
free  14 Sep 2012
Opens a Long position when sma crosses below the trend bars and a short position if it crosses above. One position open at a time.  Works best with Timeframes H1 and above. Good Luck!
Best Calgo
free  18 Jul 2014
Lets find the best settings. im gone add the best settings lets work together to find the best settings and make some cash :)    
Range Robot
by alexk
free  18 Dec 2013
This code is a cAlgo API sample. The "Sample Breakout Robot" will check the difference in pips between the Upper Bollinger Band and the Lower Bollinger Band     and compare it against the "Band Height" parameter specified by the user.  If the height  is lower than the number of pips     specified, the market is considered to be consolidating, and the first candlestick to cross the upper or lower band will generate a buy or sell signal. The user can specify the number of periods that the market should be consolidating in the "Consolidation Periods" parameter. The position is closed by a Stop Loss or Take Profit.