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How to install
free  06 May 2019
This bot is usefull to check your manual strategy. You can choose some past days and trade on ctrader in backtesting. To use this bot you must set visual mode flag in backtesting and run the back testing. After start the back testing you will see a windows form where you can buy and sell by hand. There is also a combobox where you can choose one of open positions and change the stop loss, the take profit and the volume. Enjoy Amerigo    
free  14 Apr 2019
Cbot for automatic trading with many indicators .... optimize your cbot with this parameters .... with FULL SOURCE CODE //---------------------------- I HAVE DEVELOP OTHERS POWERFULL TRADING SYSTEMS IF YOU WANT COLLABORATE TO FIND BETTER STRATEGIES YOU CAN CONTACT ME amerigo.stevani @ yahoo.com AND I HAVE ALSO THE SAME TRADING SYSTEM VERSION WITH HEDGING.... //---------------------------- below some optimizations Normal PIPS 0; 6 Reverse PIPS -0.2; 6 Ratio Breakout 0; 1 Ratio SLTP 0; 1 Reverse Ratio 0.5; 2 Adx Skip Range:   5; 20 Max Position 1; 5 Quantity Ratio :  is a Ratio Factor for volume when there is also the stocastic signal //---------------------------- Min Range, Max Range.... try in backtesting in the log there is write avg sigma.... Min Range avg-sigma.   Max Range avg+sigma For others parameters use this defaults   five minute ottimization on 2017-2018 eurusd      Optimization Lot 1 eurusd 1M 2017-2019 .....   Example with start balance 1000€ and trading with 0.5 lot in 2 years from 1/1/2017 to 31/12/2018 2450% profit... starting from 1000€ ending with 25496.58€   
Equity Millipede
free  30 Jun 2019
Follow my cTrader Telegram group at https://t.me/cTraderCommunity; it's a new community but it will grow fast, plus everyone can talk about cTrader indicators and algorithm without restrictions, though it is not allowed to spam commercial indicators to sell them. There's also a Discord Server now @ https://discord.gg/5GAPMtp This bot opens a position for each side when conditions are met, then it is up to the user to manage it. This was a request from one of the users of the telegram group, he based his logic on the famous "Equity Millipede" thread on forex factory. In this bot, you can choose which open prices should be use to build the opening logic, a position, either buy or sell, is then opened when the price is > open price + boundary for every TF selected in case of a long position and < open price - boudary in case of a short position. This bot can be backtested in Visual Mode by using ctrl + click to activate/deactivate it (so that it works only when wanted) and ctrl + alt + click to close the position closes to the cursor For any bug report or suggestion contact me by joining the telegram group linked above or by commenting below
cTrader Read Excel Data
free  26 Feb 2021
Execute trades example using LinqToExcel and LINQ to easily read an Excel or CSV file into your Automated Trading Robot. Download Source Code Here Please note that this is an example and not a working robot. I found this very useful tool for working with Microsoft Excel data that I would like to share with you. If you need to get data out of Excel, which can be done using ADO.NET. However using LINQ to Excel makes this very easy for people who are not experienced programmers. DATA - ANALYSIS - TRADE This robot is an example to demonstrate the power you can have at your fingertips using cTrader, cAlgo and C#, this robot reads trades from an excel file and executes them in real time with the robot, you can dynamically modify the trade results with user defined parameters from the robots user interface or from within the code. Watch uTube video about LinqToExcel to find out more... https://www.youtube.com/embed/t3BEUP0OTFM THE SIMPLEST WAY OF READING DATA FROM EXCEL The example shows a list of trades for the day that have been entered onto a spreadsheet with separate sheets for different instruments, it does not matter if this would not be useful in real life, it is just to show what can be accomplished and possibilities. The image below shows information for opening new positions when the price reaches the entry price, the expiry date and time allows you to filter these out using LINQ from within your robot. You will notice in the source code that there is a class called DailyTrade, this class is the data container which will automatically be populated with data from the spreadsheet.  As you can see the class name is the same as the spreadsheet name dailyTrades.xls and each property has an attribute [ExcelColumn], this maps to the name of columns in the spreadsheet, so the property name does not have to be the same as the property name and you can have spaces in the column name. The code that injects all the data into the class is a collection of DataTrade objects, so you will end up with a list of daily trades which you can iterate through to open the trades. You will be able to access the data in a clean and readable manner like; trade.EntryPrice or trade.ExpiryDate. Download Source Code Here   Contact: instant chat group Website: https://clickalgo.com Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn  
by Waxy
free  28 Jan 2021
This is a Bot that handles OSO Type Orders, it works only for 2 orders, you Type if you wanna Buy or Sell, the prices and the bot will handle the rest. For more info on how OSO Orders work please check Investopedia's page:  http://www.investopedia.com/university/intro-to-order-types/conditional-orders.asp 08/06/?? - Fixed Bug where Order would send before time 01/27/2021 - Updated settings to use the latest parameter features ---- Made by Waxy
free  07 Oct 2019
This bot is based on ADX, Moving Average and Fractals indicator. It uses Fractal indicator to set TP and SL. It works on all timeframes and assets. Standard parameter working good for 1H EURUSD. Bot maybe be started simultaneously on several Assets.   http://sifneosfx.com   ------------------ HOW TO INSTALL Download and install “Fractals” indicator: https://ctrader.com/algos/indicators/show/142 Download and install this very cBot: https://ctrader.com/algos/cbots/show/2016 Refer “Fractals” indicator to “ADX Fractals” bot, see howto here:  https://ctrader.com/forum/whats-new/2713   ------------------ PARAMETERS SMA Slow Slow Simple Moving Average Period          SMA Fast Fast Simple Moving Average Period   MA Cross Max periods moving average crossed          ADX Min Value Direction Movement System Min. Value          ADX Max Value Direction Movement System Max. Value        Fractal Period Max Period to Calculate Fractals for the TP and SL          Fractal diff Pips to add to SL and subtract from TP          Min SL Minimum SL in pips          Max SL Maximum SL in pips          Min TP Minimum TP in pips          Max TP Maximum TP in pips           Volume Units Volume to trade in units      
free  31 Oct 2019
paid  26 Feb 2021
This cTrader News Release Manager cBot provides signals to pause your robots (x) minutes before, during and after a news release. If you automate your trading using technical indicators then this may fail during a major news release on intra-day, if you are looking long term then the price may recover and continue its trend if you do not mind the draw-down. I have modified the robot so that it now manages news releases for all currencies that you list as a comma delimiting string in the user-defined parameters. You can now also specify the date format for the CSV file from my-FxBook. WATCH A VIDEO DEMO Visit the Product Page to Download If your automated strategy is based on technical indicators then you are gambling during major news releases, if your robot is based on high volatility during a news release then you do not need this robot. I found that by using this robot I avoided large draw-downs in my strategy over time due to unpredictable price movement, unfortunately, you cannot back-test this type of anomaly on this platform. Here is an example on a 15 minute chart, if the technical indicators would have signalled long it would have blown my stops, but luckily I had sell signals, but this also would have caused me problems as my robots would still be signalling a sell and opened a new short position at the bottom of the spike. By avoiding a major news release you bypass all the price spikes. "Watch the video below for a detailed explanation on how to configure Myfxbook" WATCH THE MYFXBOOK SETUP VIDEO Visit the Product Page to Download   To get it to work you simply download the news file from MyFxBook in CSV format. http://www.myfxbook.com/forex-economic-calendar You can download the CSV file from the more tab as shown below: CURRENCY PAIRS The news release manage will email you whenever an event is about to happen for a particular currency, but the robot will only manage the currency list you specify in the user settings. You just need to download the CSV file to any folder you want, I put mine in the cAlgo folder called news files, you can set the path in the cBot as shown below, I download 1 week ahead every Sunday, but you can do monthly too. You can set the robot to signal (x) minutes before a news release and (x) minutes after, I usually do not start trading again until 3-6 hours after a major news release. You can turn on email notifications which will inform you a news release is about to happen and when it is over and your robots have started trading again. Email Message Example You can pause all robot instances before a news release or just those that the news release related to, so a United States news release will affect all currency pairs with USD or Indices that are the US, to make sure the news files have loaded correctly, just run the robot and in the log file you will see the following:  How to Integrate with your Automated Strategy (cBot) If you have purchased the Switchback robots from us or if you have downloaded the News Release Manager to be used with your own robots than you can easily manage your trading through our client assembly file with a few lines of code. WATCH A VIDEO ON HOW TO USE WITH YOUR ROBOT Visit the Product Page to Download Contact: instant chat group Website: https://clickalgo.com Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn  
by ozan
free  16 Jan 2016
TradeManagerV03: Control your maximum drawdown, change TP and/or SL of your all open positions at once. Maximum DrawDown % = (Default Value) 5 If your drawdown exceeds  % "x" of your balance, all open positions will be closed. Modify Take Profit of Your Long Orders: Enter your TP price for your Long Orders @ Long Orders TP parameter (0 removes TP) select "yes" @ Modify Long Orders TP parameter select "no" to stop modifying TP Modify Stop Loss of Your Long Orders: Enter your SL price for your Long Orders @ Long Orders SL parameter (0 removes SL) select "yes" @ Modify Long Orders SL parameter select "no" to stop modifying SL Modify Take Profit of Your Short Orders: Enter your TP price for your Short Orders @ Short Orders TP parameter (0 removes TP) select "yes" @ Modify Short Orders TP parameter select "no" to stop modifying TP Modify Stop Loss of Your Short Orders: Enter your SL price for your Short Orders @ Short Orders SL parameter (0 removes SL) select "yes" @ Modify Short Orders SL parameter select "no" to stop modifying SL            
Renko Trend Trader
free  03 Mar 2020
This algo was developed by ForexCove. We would like to highlight some of the interesting opportunities in trading Renko charts, by offering this FREE download from our development team. The Renko Trend Trader trades on a Renko chart of your choice, making use of two moving averages for signal confirmation, along with an ADX filter to measure trend strength. Additionally, you can enable a multiple-trade functionality, which means that for every time a trade criteria is met, a new position is opened.  ****************************** JUST ANNOUNCED OUR ADAPTIVE GRID BLAZER FOREX ROBOT - INTRO OFFER  - LEARN MORE HERE ****************************** This can prove very profitable in strongly trending markets. It is an experimental bot, providing programmers interested in Renko trading a viable starting point.  To see our current cBot library, please click here.
by 2bnnp
paid  02 Dec 2019
This cbot will amend your SL for manually created positions if the comment of the positions matches with the comment parameter with a bot. To not move the SL to early to break even, it will set the SL to the ATR value only after 1) close and open are below the ATR and the ATR Value is below entry price. Managing many positions was never that easy. If there is a demand for a PSAR one i can create one too. This little helper is not free and can be purchased at Gumroad (25€ one time payment). ATR Indicator can be found here: https://ctrader.com/algos/indicators/show/349
Nielsen Scalper
free  20 Apr 2020
By Forexcove. The Nielsen Scalper trades the trend, making use of MA, RSI and ADX for trend strength. With a built-in Multiplication feature, it enables you to trade with our without Martingale, but always in the direction of potential trend. This version is for DEMO purposes only, and does not work on LIVE accounts. For full version, and/or further information, visit us at https://www.forexcove.com/ Sample setting for volatile periods e.g. Jan 2020 until April 2020 can be downloaded here.