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How to install
free  13 Mar 2023
Hoanh trang in the mix
paid  11 Mar 2023
Buy position is opened if: • Price closes above moving average • RSI equals or above overbought level • ADX equals or above chosen strength (level) • MACD Histogram above zero Sell position is opened if: • Price closes below moving average • RSI equals or below oversold level • ADX equals or above chosen strength (level) • MACD Histogram below zero Features details on this file Algo attached in this post is empty Please contact on Telegram for price and to send you the bot
paid  11 Mar 2023
Buy position is entered when price closes above EMA while RSI is oversold.  Sell position is entered when price closes below EMA while RSI is overbought. Features details on this file Algo attached in this post is empty Please contact on Telegram for price and to send you the bot.  
paid  26 Mar 2023
This code was created by Berserker Capital This cBot is a directional logarithmic Scanner based on the bullish and bearish trends of institutionalized traders (bankers and the government) and it is to be applied on scalping. LEGAL WARNING: use it at your own risk. The changes without prior notice of this algorithm will be caused by the addition of variables indexed on multiple temporalities, since this work is focused on controlling and predicting time, volume and the direction of tendencies. If you want to copy or modify my work, I’d appreciate you share it with me and maybe, together we´ll go far. Berserker Capital is here to change Trading, follow me and participate. If you require the complete code the price is three digits: contact me and I will give you the PayPal link: fzmetaberserker@gmail.com
by Waxy
free  02 Mar 2023
Long ago I tried to get this done but wasn't able to. Here's an example of how to use it with cTrader, the example given is with a RollingFileAppender 1 - Add Nuget Package for Log4Net 2 - Add App.config File to your project (using Visual Studio) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <configuration> <configSections> <section name="log4net" type="log4net.Config.Log4NetConfigurationSectionHandler, log4net" /> </configSections> <log4net configSource="log4netconfig.config" /> <!--<startup> <supportedRuntime version="v6.0" sku=".NETFramework,Version=v6.0" /> </startup>--> </configuration> 3 - Add log4netconfig.config File (Cannot be inside the cAlgo's execution folder) Here's an example, I put mine inside "C:\TestApp\log4netconfig.config" <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <log4net> <appender name="RollingFile" type="log4net.Appender.RollingFileAppender"> <file type="log4net.Util.PatternString" value="C:\XLogs\MyApp.log" /> <appendToFile value="false" /> <rollingStyle value="Size" /> <maxSizeRollBackups value="10" /> <maximumFileSize value="10MB" /> <staticLogFileName value="true" /> <layout type="log4net.Layout.PatternLayout"> <conversionPattern value="%date [%thread] %-5level %logger [%property{NDC}] - %message%newline" /> </layout> </appender> <root> <level value="ALL" /> <appender-ref ref="RollingFile" /> </root> </log4net> When you run the bot either live or backtesting, the log file should be located inside the "C:\XLogs\" directory or the one you have chosen. Suggestions or Feedback are welcome. If you found this helpful, please consider supporting me on Kofi Buy Waxy a Coffee. ko-fi.com/waxycodes - Ko-fi ❤️ Where creators get support from fans through donations, memberships, shop sales and more! The original 'Buy Me a Coffee' Page.
paid  28 Feb 2023
This bot uses MACD with a hedge.     Parameters: Label: Label of bot Initial Lot: Lot to trade From UTC: Time Bot run at begin To UTC: Time bot runs at the end; Bot only runs between from and to time Hedged: Hedge or not Take Profit Pips Stop Loss Pips (When don't choose Heged) Target Profit (Money) Pip Step: Step for hedging Lot exponent: Volume change of hedged positions Stop Bot If DrawDown: Stop bot when drawdown Max Equity DrawDown %: The percent of drawdown, if more than all positions will be closed Period: Period of MACD Long Cycle: Long Cycle of MACD Short Cycle: Short Cycle of MACD Signal-line crossover true:if Signal-line crossover false: Zero crossover Download Demo Version  https://nghia312.gumroad.com/l/gpbow PRO Version please visit:  https://nghia312.gumroad.com/l/wrvhgz With source code https://nghia312.gumroad.com/l/hmmqh Contacts please write to: nghiand.amz@gmail.com
AW Manager(Percent)
free  05 May 2023
this bot close position in daily percent or step percent this bot could modify tp and sl for all position based on your balance percent.
free  22 Jan 2023
I downloaded a simple Macd crossover algo that was free because I'm trying to learn. Everything seems fine but what do I know right? It compiles but places no trades. Please help. Code below.  I also cut out the trading hours thing, just to be sure it wasn't somehow interfering.  There was also a reference to Trade.Executing or something similar that was deprecated and had to be removed. The original file sans changes is attached. Thanks a million using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using cAlgo.API; using cAlgo.API.Collections; using cAlgo.API.Indicators; using cAlgo.API.Internals; namespace cAlgo.Robots { [Robot(AccessRights = AccessRights.None)] public class MACDMarketTimerV2 : Robot { [Parameter("Sentiment: Buy", DefaultValue = true)] public bool Buy { get; set; } [Parameter("Sentiment: Sell", DefaultValue = true)] public bool Sell { get; set; } [Parameter("MME Slow", Group = "MA", DefaultValue = 16)] public int mmeSlow { get; set; } [Parameter("MME Fast", Group = "MA", DefaultValue = 12)] public int mmeFast { get; set; } [Parameter("Source", Group = "RSI")] public DataSeries Source { get; set; } [Parameter("Periods", Group = "RSI", DefaultValue = 19)] public int Periods { get; set; } // [Parameter("Start Hour", DefaultValue = 10.0)] // public double StartTime { get; set; } // [Parameter("Stop Hour", DefaultValue = 12.0)] // public double StopTime { get; set; } [Parameter(" Period", Group="MACD",DefaultValue = 9)] public int Period { get; set; } [Parameter(" Long Cycle",Group="MACD", DefaultValue = 26)] public int LongCycle { get; set; } [Parameter(" Short Cycle",Group="MACD", DefaultValue = 12)] public int ShortCycle { get; set; } [Parameter("Quantity (Lots)", Group = "Volume", DefaultValue = 0.01, MinValue = 0.01, Step = 0.01)] public double Quantity { get; set; } [Parameter("Stop Loss ", DefaultValue = 100)] public int StopLoss { get; set; } [Parameter("Take Profit", DefaultValue = 100)] public int TakeProfit { get; set; } private MovingAverage i_MA_slow; private MovingAverage i_MA_fast; private RelativeStrengthIndex rsi; // private DateTime _startTime; // private DateTime _stopTime; private MacdCrossOver macd; private double volumeInUnits; protected override void OnStart() { i_MA_slow = Indicators.MovingAverage(Bars.ClosePrices, mmeSlow, MovingAverageType.Exponential); i_MA_fast = Indicators.MovingAverage(Bars.ClosePrices, mmeFast, MovingAverageType.Exponential); rsi = Indicators.RelativeStrengthIndex(Source, Periods); macd=Indicators.MacdCrossOver(LongCycle, ShortCycle, Period); volumeInUnits = Symbol.QuantityToVolumeInUnits(Quantity); { // _startTime = Server.Time.Date.AddHours(StartTime); // _stopTime = Server.Time.Date.AddHours(StopTime); // Print("Start Time {0},", _startTime); // Print("Stop Time {0},", _stopTime); } } protected override void OnBar() { var MACDLine = macd.MACD.Last(1); var PrevMACDLine = macd.MACD.Last(2); var Signal = macd.Signal.Last(1); var PrevSignal= macd.Signal.Last(2); //var currentHours = Server.Time.TimeOfDay.TotalHours; // bool tradeTime = StartTime < StopTime // ? currentHours > StartTime && currentHours < StopTime // : currentHours < StopTime || currentHours > StartTime; // if (!tradeTime) // return; if (rsi.Result.LastValue > 25 && rsi.Result.LastValue < 70) { if ((MACDLine > Signal && PrevMACDLine <PrevSignal && default==Sell) && (i_MA_fast.Result.LastValue > i_MA_slow.Result.LastValue)) { ExecuteMarketOrder( TradeType.Buy ,SymbolName,volumeInUnits, "MACDMarketTimerV2,RSI,MACD",StopLoss,TakeProfit); } else if ( (MACDLine < Signal && PrevMACDLine >PrevSignal && default== Buy)&(i_MA_fast.Result.LastValue < i_MA_slow.Result.LastValue)) { var result = ExecuteMarketOrder( TradeType.Sell ,SymbolName,volumeInUnits, " MACDMarketTimerV2,RSI,MACD",StopLoss,TakeProfit); if (result.Error == ErrorCode.NoMoney) Stop(); } } } protected override void OnStop() { } } }  
moving average
free  19 Jan 2023
from datetime import datetime import backtrader as bt # Create a subclass of Strategy to define the indicators and logic class SmaCross(bt.Strategy):     # list of parameters which are configurable for the strategy     params = dict(         pfast=10,  # period for the fast moving average         pslow=30   # period for the slow moving average     )     def init(self):         sma1 = bt.ind.SMA(period=self.p.pfast)  # fast moving average         sma2 = bt.ind.SMA(period=self.p.pslow)  # slow moving average         self.crossover = bt.ind.CrossOver(sma1, sma2)  # crossover signal     def next(self):         if not self.position:  # not in the market             if self.crossover > 0:  # if fast crosses slow to the upside                 self.buy()  # enter long         elif self.crossover < 0:  # in the market & cross to the downside             self.close()  # close long position cerebro = bt.Cerebro()  # create a "Cerebro" engine instance # Create a data feed data = bt.feeds.YahooFinanceData(dataname='MSFT',                                  fromdate=datetime(2011, 1, 1),                                  todate=datetime(2012, 12, 31)) cerebro.adddata(data)  # Add the data feed cerebro.addstrategy(SmaCross)  # Add the trading strategy cerebro.run()  # run it all cerebro.plot()  # and plot it with a single command
by willbs
free  13 Jan 2023
It uses several parameters such as Initial Volume, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop Loss, and Spread Limit to execute trades on the market. The robot has a random trade type generator that can either select a buy or sell trade. The robot also has a closed position event handler that will execute a new trade if the previous one closed with a profit, or will double the volume of the previous trade if the previous one closed with a loss. Additionally, it stops the bot if it runs out of money. Tip: Run extended optimization to get better parameters, at least 2 years. The print values ​​are for only 1 week.
winner fx
free  10 Jan 2023
greats profits
by willbs
free  08 Jan 2023
The most faster Bot for Day Trader Indicators in Bot: RSI + ParabolicSAR + OBV With Trailing Stop Bot close positions if has been open for more than 2 hour. Bot open new positions only between 6AM and 7PM (server hour).