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free  16 Mar 2012
paid  26 Feb 2021
This is a great introduction to algorithmic trading with this semi-automated trading strategy. It uses a comprehensive Smart-Grid Strategy which is based on Multi-Time-Frame trending indicators with 25 combinations together with Advanced Risk Management. This product will support Crypto-Currencies like Bitcoin. DOWNLOAD THIS TRADING SYSTEM TODAY Designed for Advanced Traders This product provides many configurations to allow more advanced algorithmic traders full control of how the robot trades. If you are new to algorithmic trading please look at one of our other products.   EMAIL & TELEGRAM MESSAGING UPDATES What is Telegram Messaging? Read this Blog to Set-Up Your Telegram Bot Watch all the tutorial videos on YouTube to help you configure and get the most out of the Switchback Forex Trading System. Watch All The Tutorial Videos   Running With A Low Account Size? If you plan to run the trading system on a low account size like £1000, then we recommend that you set your lot size to the lowest value for 1K volume and the Smart Grid Lot exponent to 1, watch the video below for more information. Watch The Video To Help You Get started   How The System Opens Positions The trading robot uses 5 pre-defined timeframes to determine if a trade should open using 2 core indicators; the DiNapoli Stochastic and Hull Moving Average, it also uses various other trend indicators. Watch The Video Explanation for Opening Positions   How The System Closes Positions There are various options to close a position using this trading system. Watch The Video Explanation For Closing Positions   Contact: instant chat group Website: https://clickalgo.com Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn    
free  23 Dec 2014
Runs as a bot  that writes tick data to a  external CSV file  that can be read by other processes.    I needed this because our AI algorithm exists outside of calgo and needs fresh data every tick to make it's predictions.     I will eventually build the plumbing to allow external buy / sell recommendations to be read back from another stream using a separate bot. For those who want bar data instead of tick data.  Look for DataExportBars. Enhanced 2014-12-21 - Added the num_bid, num_ask and vol_adj_ask, vol_adj_bid columns based on market depth also removed some columns that have values that never changed.   I think  vol_adj_bid and vol_adj_ask show where the market really is with less gaming.  I like this because it shows where the bulk of the real orders are concentrated.   That way the odd sell at a very low or very high price people use to try and game the system are averaged out because they typically do not use large volumes for this kind of gaming.   It may be even better to throw away the statistical outliers and average the rest. Enhanced:2014-12-21 - Reverse spread for vol_adj_price and added a price adjust volume to provide a basic bull vs bear indicator based on where the bulk the open order book is hanging.   When used against backtest it can download historical data.  (See instructions in source) but the Market depth values I use to set num_bid, num_ask, vol_adj_ask, vol_adj_bid are not available during back test which is a real shame because I think these would be really handle for Machine learning algorithms.   The output file name is constructed from the Symbol plus the length of the moving average.  An example is: exp-EURUSD-ma30-ticks.csv   The moving average is included as an additional field just to show how it can be merged with the tick data. Sample Output: date,ask,bid,spread,num_ask,num_bid,vol_adj_ask,vol_adj_bid,vol_adj_spread 2014-12-22 06:51:29.746,1.225520,1.225410,0.000110,11,10,1.225600,1.225347,-0.000252 2014-12-22 06:51:36.527,1.225520,1.225420,0.000100,9,8,1.225590,1.225356,-0.000234 2014-12-22 06:51:44.308,1.225520,1.225430,0.000090,8,10,1.225584,1.225355,-0.000229 2014-12-22 06:51:44.621,1.225520,1.225440,0.000080,7,11,1.225588,1.225357,-0.000231 2014-12-22 06:51:47.621,1.225540,1.225440,0.000100,9,10,1.225594,1.225358,-0.000235 2014-12-22 06:51:49.371,1.225540,1.225460,0.000080,12,9,1.225635,1.225345,-0.000290 2014-12-22 06:51:49.621,1.225550,1.225460,0.000090,12,13,1.225662,1.225332,-0.000330 2014-12-22 06:51:50.371,1.225560,1.225460,0.000100,12,11,1.225675,1.225336,-0.000339 2014-12-22 06:51:50.605,1.225570,1.225460,0.000110,11,13,1.225682,1.225334,-0.000348 2014-12-22 06:51:50.918,1.225550,1.225450,0.000100,11,12,1.225684,1.225337,-0.000348 2014-12-22 06:51:51.168,1.225570,1.225490,0.000080,11,15,1.225667,1.225319,-0.000348 2014-12-22 06:51:51.480,1.225600,1.225520,0.000080,13,12,1.225723,1.225392,-0.000331 2014-12-22 06:51:51.621,1.225620,1.225520,0.000100,11,11,1.225703,1.225413,-0.000290 2014-12-22 06:51:52.418,1.225610,1.225520,0.000090,9,12,1.225676,1.225436,-0.000241 Sample in Excel When ran live can save new inbound ticks to the file as they arrive where a external process can pick them up.   I opened the file in shared mode so both processes can access the file simultaneously. It delivers a poor mans pipe for freshly arriving bar data.    I tested this in Lua and it will sit there waiting for new bars to show up at the end of the file and seems to catch them every time they arrive.     When using in this mode I recommend using a fast SSD or Ramdisk to minimize IO latency to disk. I apologize to those who want to use it internationally since I know the comma delimiter will mess up your formatting.  I tried changing it to a Tab delimited format but then it takes 5 extra clicks to load into excel.  There are only two lines where you have to change the , to tab to make  it work internationally.  I did not try to fix the back fill data problem for ticks like I did with bars because my application did not find them essential.  Let me know if you want this feature we can not duplicate it exactly but should be able to get close except for being able to backfill the gaps between end of back-test and real time.  Note:  To avoid saving ticks that had no order book I added a If Statement if ((volAdjAsk == 0.0) && (volAdjBid == 0.0)) it will have to be commented if you want to use it to download historical bars.  Want to collaborate:     www.linkedin.com/pub/joe-ellsworth/0/22/682/ or     http://bayesanalytic.com No Promises,  No Warranty.  Terms of use MIT http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT
MCAD PrbSAR noise
free  18 Mar 2015
Advisor "MCAD PrbSAR noise" trades on signals indicators MACD and Parabolic SAR, default is optimized on a pair EURUSD H1. You can optimize any instrument and timeframe. Additionally Advisor equipped noise levels on indicators MACD and Parabolic SAR. Closing of open positions occurs on signals indicators MACD and Parabolic SAR only in profits, or - the stop-loss. 1- Noise_Prb_SAR_ema  2- Noise_MACD_m0  3- Noise_MACD_s0  4- Noise_MACD_sm 
Trust Trader
free  31 Dec 2015
This Expert Advisor [Trust_Trader] activated to Auto Trader on Matingale Algorithm Refer of Only Margin Required Indicator. And Support Optional Function: Manually Set Trading Buy or Sell Stop Order for News Event Time Big Fluctuation. Parameter Description: TrustTrader:         is same as MagicNumber FirstLot:         is First Order Lots(Second incliment Matingale  Algorithm)  MaxLot:         is Maximum Order Lots(Second incliment Matingale  Algorithm) LotStep:         is LotStep Start Pips Stop_Loss:         is StopLoss Pips TakeProfit:         is Profit Pips Tral_Start:         is Trail Start Pipis Tral_Stop:         is Trail Stop Pips Market_Range:         is Margin of Order (different Broker's) PipStep:         is Matingale  Algorithm Pips MaxOrders:         is Maxmum Order on Trading FridaySummary:         if true on Friday Night(Saturday Morning) closing Open Position before stop trading  AutoCloseStartHour:    is above function start hour AutoCloseStartMin:     is above function start hour AutoOpenStartHour:     if FridaySummary=true, ReOpen day of hour AutoOpenStartMin:      if FridaySummary=true, ReOpen day of hour OpNewsTimePositionClose:if true on News Time, Manual Trade(Send StopOrder) NewsTimeHour:        if OpNewsTimePositionClose set NewTime Start Hour NewsTimeMin:        if OpNewsTimePositionClose set NewTime Start Min AsStopBuyNum:        if >0 then send Buy Stop Order Auto AsStopSellNum:        if >0 then send Sell Stop Order Auto AsUnitLots:        Above Stop Order Lots target volume is AsStopBuyNum * AsUnitLots AsOrderOpenTimeHour:    is News Order Open Hour AsOrederOpenTimeMin:    is News Order Open Min AsOrderCloseTimeHour:    is News Order Close Hour AsOrederCloseTimeMin:    is News Order Close Hour AsEntryDistancePips:    is News Order price position distance(Pips) AsStopLossPips:        is News Order StopLoss AsProfitPips:        is News Order Profit RiskControl:        if true management Risk Control NewOrderPercent:    is News Order Limit Margin StopedBalancePercent:    is Order Stop Percent Target_Pair:        is Target Pair as like MagicNumber By Matios member of  FXPlan  https://www.facebook.com/FOREX-Free-EA-Evaluation-1081254308571646/
free  05 Jul 2017
Hi, This cBOT will display 8-Major Pair Strength (in Pips) in different time frames, sorted.  Basically, it helps in knowing 1. how the Pairs are behaving in group and 2. which are the two opposite Major Pairs and 3. is it wise to trade or not.   4. It is best to trade the two extreme Pairs on Daily or 4Hr Time Frame (when London or US session opens). APLLY cBOT on : 1-min TIME FRAME WAITING :  DUE TO cTRADER internal issue; First TIME OPEN PRICE Loading takes time. so be patient. around 4 to 5 mins. then once loaded, it updates the prices within mili-seconds on each minute. Please give me your feedback on what other features can be displayed.  (inside the code, there is a code of individual 28 pairs that can be used to display the individual pairs also. have disabled it). Thank you ! /// Saleem Khan  
paid  26 Feb 2021
The Classic Moving Average Crossover Strategy with instant alerts is a very commonly used system to help traders find the middle of a trend. A trend defines price action in which prices move in a specific direction over a period of time.  Download the Robot and Start Auto-Trading Today Watch a Video Demonstration You have 7 different types of moving average to choose. Generally, trends are either upward or downward, as sideways movements are considered consolidation and not trends.   How Can You Use This Automated Trading System?  The chart below shows a position that was closed with profit using this trading robot, it shows a faster-moving average (blue line) with a period of 5 crossing above the slower moving average (green line) period 20, at this point a buy position open and closed when the fast MA crossed below the slow MA. Option to Turn off Auto-Trading With Auto-Trading turned off you can use this system as a signal generator to receive an email or a pop-up window. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS SYSTEM   Contact: instant chat group Website: https://clickalgo.com Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn  
free  02 Mar 2021
It's an application that allows you to manage multiple cTrader accounts from one place and copy one account trades to another account. cMAM uses Spotware Connect API so it works fully separate from cTrader and the copying is done instantly without any latency, You can add as many accounts as you want from different brokers and cID profiles. Now you can test all cMAM features on your live account with its free 15-day trial license! Free Download Trial Version / Buy: https://www.algodeveloper.com/product/cmam/ If you have any questions or issue with our product please contact us via our site live chat or if we were offline leave a message, if you post a comment here we will not get any notification and we will not be able to help you.
ThirdGenMA Robot
free  09 Jan 2014
Robot based on  crossings between Third Gen Moving Average and Exponential Moving Average. Input: Source Period Sampling Period Moving average type Improvement suggestions are welcome Backtesting 06/03/2013 04/10/2013
SAR Trailing Stop
free  18 Dec 2013
‚Äč    The "Sample SAR Trailing Stop Robot" will create a market Buy order if the parabolic SAR of the previous bar is      below the candlestick. A Sell order will be created if the parabolic SAR of the previous bar is above the candlestick.       The order's volume is specified in the "Volume" parameter. The order will have a trailing stop defined by the      previous periods' Parabolic SAR levels. The user can change the Parabolic SAR settings by adjusting the "MinAF"      and "MaxAF" parameters.      
free  27 Jun 2017
DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER!!! While we have been having some very good success with this Forex trading robot for cAlgo platform (a cTrader robotic trading platform) you must USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. It is not perfect! For the last few months we have been developing Forex trading strategies and so far, we are getting some pretty interesting results. In some cases, obscenely great profits! NOTE NOTE NOTE!!! We are not trying to sell you anything here, in-fact, you can download this Forex trading robot for free at the bottom of this article and try it for yourself. Our GOAL is to collaborate with the Forex community and other Forex programmers to work on optimizing and improving this automated Forex trading robot. In fact, that is the very reason we are sharing this bot with the community. It's not perfect, and we want to improve it. So if you have any suggestions, for how to improve this Forex bot, please leave a comment on our Facebook page, The Dot Millionaire, and like our page if you want to be a part of our community. We are making millionaires. That is our goal. Both in the Forex market and in other online marketing and ecommerce ventures. So tune in to receive and share tips. That all being said, this little Forex bot ran for 5 months in back-testing and returned a happy 1006% profit. So, we are calling this Forex bot, the Rasmussen Martingale Bot and this is version 4.0. You can download it at the bottom of this page, but first... some instructions: Here's how it works. 1. Automatic Lot Management The bot will automatically increase your initial starting lot amount based on the current balance of your account. So if you start with 1 initial lot, and earn 50% on your account, the bot will now be trading at 1.5 lots. It will scale up and down depending on how much your account has earned, but it will never drop below the starting amount. Theoretically: this will have a compounding effect over time (and potentially a very quick compounding effect). We have seen it happen in back-testing and it can be VERY powerful. The option to toggle this feature on or off exists. 2. Martingale Multiplier We seem to have found that a multiplier around 2.5 works the best, but play around with it. This variable will determine the multiplication of all martingale trades, so lets assume that you lose 1 lot, and have martingale set to 2, your next trade will be for 2 lots and the trade after that will be for 4 lots, and then 8 lots and then 16 (until the bot wins a trade and recovers any lost revenue). That is the theory behind the martingale effect, it's a loss protection scheme with the one major drawback: that over time, it will eventually fail and crash out the entire account. That's a pretty big drawback, but on the other hand, if you can run a martingale bot for 5 months before that happens, you could return some very serious profits, especially with the automatic lot management feature. 3. Shutdown Amount and Trading Cycle You will have the option to reset all bot parameters every cycle, the cycle can be an hour or it could be a year, it's entirely up to you. If during the cycle period the bot experiences a draw down on your account balance which exceeds the shutdown amount, then in order to filter out any potentially unusual days in trading, the bot can shut down all trading until the next cycle period begins. This feature can also be useful for back-testing a days performance at a time without being influenced by previous days. And quite a few more features, I'll continue this documentation shortly. In the meantime, play around and let me know what improvements you think might help. I have had some interesting results in backtesting. Not much live testing yet though. Attaching some screenshots.
paid  26 Feb 2021
This cTrader News Release Manager cBot provides signals to pause your robots (x) minutes before, during and after a news release. If you automate your trading using technical indicators then this may fail during a major news release on intra-day, if you are looking long term then the price may recover and continue its trend if you do not mind the draw-down. I have modified the robot so that it now manages news releases for all currencies that you list as a comma delimiting string in the user-defined parameters. You can now also specify the date format for the CSV file from my-FxBook. WATCH A VIDEO DEMO Visit the Product Page to Download If your automated strategy is based on technical indicators then you are gambling during major news releases, if your robot is based on high volatility during a news release then you do not need this robot. I found that by using this robot I avoided large draw-downs in my strategy over time due to unpredictable price movement, unfortunately, you cannot back-test this type of anomaly on this platform. Here is an example on a 15 minute chart, if the technical indicators would have signalled long it would have blown my stops, but luckily I had sell signals, but this also would have caused me problems as my robots would still be signalling a sell and opened a new short position at the bottom of the spike. By avoiding a major news release you bypass all the price spikes. "Watch the video below for a detailed explanation on how to configure Myfxbook" WATCH THE MYFXBOOK SETUP VIDEO Visit the Product Page to Download   To get it to work you simply download the news file from MyFxBook in CSV format. http://www.myfxbook.com/forex-economic-calendar You can download the CSV file from the more tab as shown below: CURRENCY PAIRS The news release manage will email you whenever an event is about to happen for a particular currency, but the robot will only manage the currency list you specify in the user settings. You just need to download the CSV file to any folder you want, I put mine in the cAlgo folder called news files, you can set the path in the cBot as shown below, I download 1 week ahead every Sunday, but you can do monthly too. You can set the robot to signal (x) minutes before a news release and (x) minutes after, I usually do not start trading again until 3-6 hours after a major news release. You can turn on email notifications which will inform you a news release is about to happen and when it is over and your robots have started trading again. Email Message Example You can pause all robot instances before a news release or just those that the news release related to, so a United States news release will affect all currency pairs with USD or Indices that are the US, to make sure the news files have loaded correctly, just run the robot and in the log file you will see the following:  How to Integrate with your Automated Strategy (cBot) If you have purchased the Switchback robots from us or if you have downloaded the News Release Manager to be used with your own robots than you can easily manage your trading through our client assembly file with a few lines of code. WATCH A VIDEO ON HOW TO USE WITH YOUR ROBOT Visit the Product Page to Download Contact: instant chat group Website: https://clickalgo.com Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn