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How to install
free  30 Jul 2022
always use 1 minute or 5 minute chart (candlestick) always use 0.01 lot for good returns only work on XAUUSD  open and close bot on same day after 24 hours or after sufficient profit  close the bot after the target is achieved  
paid  24 Jul 2022
New release "BBands Trend Follower 01.22" In the new release we have added and implemented the following parameters: - MaxHigh/MaxLow Months Limit (up to 2 years): Stop open & Close trades. TimeFrame Monthly applied. - Consecutive Losses Filter: for a preventive protection this filter is always active. Parameters from 2 to 10, default 5. - Gap/Spike Protection: Always active. It protects against opening "Gaps" and sudden "Spikes" that can generate continuous opening and closing of positions. - Strategy Auto Select: with the cBot running, change automatically the strategy (Reverse or Breakout) after a certain number of losses specifying from the parameters after how many losing trades will be applied. Added 3 more exit strategies: - StopLoss Follow Up - StopLoss Follow On Media - Follow Short - Solo SL/TP exit: if selected, it uses StopLoss or TakeProfit as the only exit strategy. - SL/TP & BreakEven: if selected, it helps the main exit strategy or the "Solo SL / TP exit" in bringing the StopLoss above EntryPrice as soon as you are in profit. - Money Management (Position Sizing) on winning and loosing trade. If the previous position was closed with a profit, increase the volume of the next position. If, on the other hand, the previous position was closed at a loss, it decreases the volume of the next position. From the parameters you can set the amount of volume to increase or decrease by specifying after how many losing trades will be applied. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Trading System uses Bollinger Bands for volatility, but is used in a different way than usual, with long periods and Standard Deviation from 0.1 to 1 with a weighted moving average (it looks like a river). The Bollinger Bands serve mainly as a filter in entering the market avoiding periods of laterality. cBot can be set as Reverse or Breakout strategy, the optimization will indicate the best strategy for each particular Currencies Cross, indices, Metals, Crypto Currencies. ----------------------------------------------------------------- - Demo Version with 6 optimized parameters. - 1 Year License ready to trade Live with 27 optimized parameters (Forex,Indices,Metal,Crypto,Commodities Oil & Natural Gas) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Additional products: Breakout Reverse 5 Strategies Multi-TimeFrame cBot HighLow Reverse cBot BIAS Daily Time cBot BIAS Weekly Time cBot HL Rev Break Auto cBot HL TF cBot ---------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD DEMO VERSION Active.cTrader.Bot HomePage Contacts write to: active.ctrader.bot@gmail.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Open an account with Gumroad and become an affiliate and start earning by selling our products: Become an affiliate for Active cTrader Bot ....................................................................................  
by float
paid  20 Jul 2022
-SFPbot- by float, trades using the "Swing Failure Pattern" This insanely accurate algorithm offers complete customization and the ability to maximize returns and manage risk. This is the first -quality- "SFP bot" that I have seen on the cTrader algo library.   Contact me directly to purchase bot! Price: $1498 Discord:   -float-#6638 Happy hunting! -float    
AW Manager
free  08 Jul 2022
close position in specefic equity. it's useful for someone that couldn't control himself in live market.
by jaco3d
paid  14 Jun 2022
The Marigold Trade Manager is designed to place positions quickly and precise. It uses an easy illustration layout and then automatically calculate the position's volume size. Position illustrations are risk-to-reward based with live tracking while the position is open. Closed positions are kept on the charts while the bot is running, displaying loss and profitable positions. The concept is for the user to place the levels on the chart using the provided buttons. The bot automatically calculates direction whether its a market order or a pending order. Pending orders are also automatically calculated, whether its a stop order or limit order.  Risk sizing is persentage based, however RR and profit-loss values are displayed as well for reference. Another feature is an advance take profit system which include a maximum of three partial profits for a position. Each partial profit size is also entered as percentages of the total profit. A Break Even level is also included for advanced set ups. An added feature for scalpers is the session feature. It restrict positions to be placed outside of the trading session for the day. The session range is also displayed on the chart. Because this is an illustration based bot, there are multiple themes to choose from which change the chart colors. If the theme is set to 0, the chart colors will not be adjusted. The demo allows forward testing only. It has all the features enabled but does not open any positions. The bot works with metals, currencies and indices. The list here below was tested with a base currency of USD only. Cross pairs and commodities currently does not work and will be developed for a future release. Please note, not all pairs are accurate with volume sizing. Slippage and spreads are not the same accross brokers, so its the user's discression to make sure that risk management is checked on this bot for accuracy and not to risk more than what you can afford. These symbols were tested on a USD funded account and FXPro as the broker. Majors: - EURUSD - GBPUSD - USDJPY - USDCHF - USDCAD Minors: - AUDUSD - NZDUSD (Higher loss than indicated) - USDCNH (Higher loss than indicated) - USDCZK - USDDKK (Higher loss than indicated) - USDHKD (Higher loss than indicated) - USDHUF (Higher loss than indicated) - USDILS (Higher loss than indicated) - USDMXN (Higher loss than indicated) - USDNOK (Higher loss than indicated) - USDPLN (Higher loss than indicated) - USDSEK (Higher loss than indicated) - USDSGD (Higher loss than indicated) - USDTHB - USDTRY (Higher loss than indicated) - USDZAR (Higher loss than indicated) Metals: - XAUUSD - XPDUSD - XPTUSD Indices: - AUS200 - EUR50 - France40 - Germany40 - Japan225 - UK100 - US30 - USNDAQ100 - USSPX500 Check out the Demonstration video to see it in action. The demo is free to download. Click Here for the Demo. E-mail me at jaco3d@hotmail.com to purchase the full version. The price without the source code is $20. The price with the source code is $150. Versions: V2.0 - 2022-06-06: Released to public V2.1 - 2022-06-13: Fixed: Some positions would close when the break even line is triggered. V2.2 - 2022-06-14: Fixed: When in a trade, the take profit levels could randomly overlap.        
paid  27 May 2022
This is a cBot for cTrader that automatically calculates lots and several close functions. Ver 4.2 Price:$18+ Featurs ・ Two types of risk calculation (Up to 3 settings for each) ・ Two types of risk reward calculations (Amount base ・ Pips base) ・ Three types of ordering methods (Market order ・Pre order  ・Stop/limit order) ・ Three types of partial close methods ( Amount・Each・Volume) and close all ・ Pips fixing function of stop loss and take profit line ・ switch function ・ Break Even line display /stop loss move to Break Even line button/Automatically move ・ Max lots Max spread,and split order ・ Almost all appearances can be customized and Hotkey ロットの自動計算と複数の決済機能がひとつになったcTrader用のcBotになります。 価格:$18+ Ver 4.2 主な機能 ・2種類のリスク計算(証拠金*パーセント/金額直接入力) ・2種類のリスクリワード計算(金額ベース/ピプスベース) ・3種類の注文方法(成行注文/予約注文/指値注文) ・3種類の一部close方法(条件の悪い方から金額で決済/条件の悪い方から枚数で決済/それぞれ決済)とチャート通貨全決済とすべての通貨全決済 ・stop lossとtake profit ラインのpips固定機能・switch機能 ・Break Even ラインの表示/損切ラインの移動ボタン/自動移動機能 ・最大スプレット・最大ロットの設定・分割注文機能 ・ほぼすべての外観はカスタマイズ可能/すべてのボタンはホットキー設定可能 Purchase from here  購入はこちら Free trial version is here 無料トライアルバージョンはこちら Another indicators: --free-- Auto Calculate Lots Size Custom R numbers Another Symbol Draw Pips Time Frame Period Separators Daily Volatility Average Static Label and Horizon Line Static Area Static Color Text Profit Pips Today Upper TF Heikin-ashi Bull Bear TF Candle TF OHLC Market High Low Fibonacci Channel Entry Check List Custom Bid Ask Line Display Symbol TF Scale Bar Countdown Alarm Market High Low Display Date Entry Plan Mirror Candle Cross Hair --paid-- ADR Auto Calculate Lots Size V2 MTF Bollinger Bands MTF MACD MTF MA MTF Candlesticks Auto Calculate RR MWD Line MTF OHLCFP Lines Candles Before MWD High Low Pro TimeSync Display Date Pro Trend Line Alert Market Time Period cBot: Close Panel cBot
free  04 May 2022
Most traders make use of Pending Orders. A trader may potientally have several pendings set. However due to market uncertainty there is potiental risk of several pendings getting triggered at the same time. This potientally leads to over leverage with mismanagement of risk.  Therefore use of this cBot will notify through email when more than one of your pendings are a certain number of pips away. Distance can be adjusted via parameters, default value is set to 30  pips. A very useful algorithm to run in the background.  To validate your email through ctrader please follow these simple instructions:  https://clickalgo.com/ctrader-email-setup  
LiPiBot (RSI)
by r258
free  02 May 2022
Robot using RSI. Available only for testing purpose (Backtesting and Optimization). Sample with optimized settings:   Parameters with default values:
ProfitSense v5.6.33
paid  10 May 2023
ProfitSense cBot applies the advanced Ichimoku Kinko Hyo trading system defined by Hosoda at its optimal level. It implements a robust risk and money management system that allows the robot to maximize returns while keeping drawdowns and losses in check. The risk and money management controls are 100% set by the owner of the trading account. Version: v5.6.33 Key Features Original Ichimoku Kinko Hyo system defined by Hosoda. Newly and improved Ichimoku Kinko Hyo system developed by the developer. Robust Risk Management System Robust Money Management System Equity Drawdown Protection measures Balance Drawdown Protection measures Multiple ways to instruct the cBot to take Profits. Smart Account Protection during news events and drastic change in market structure. Robust In trade management to secure chuck of profits whiles allowing trade to run. Adapt the strategy to the current market structure Telegram Alerts Suitable for all time frames All positions with stop loss value Suitable for forex, shares, commodities, crypto and indices CLICK HERE TO READ MORE... This product provides many configurations to allow more advanced algorithmic traders full control of how the robot trades. Running With A Low Account Size? If you plan to run the trading system on a low account size like £1000, then we recommend that you set your lot size to the lowest value of 0.01 lot. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...    Join our telegram group for more insights on how to use the automated trading system Profit Isle Academy     Visit https://profitislander.gumroad.com/l/profitsense for a month free trial.     CLICK HERE TO BUY PROFITSENSE Performance GBPJPY 2020-2022 (2 years) Version 5.5.05 It traded less compared to previous versions, yet made more returns on investments than previous version.    GBPJPY 2020-2022 (2 years) Version 5.5.0 GBPJPY 2020-2022 (2 years)  Version 5.4.5 EURAUD 2022 Results of EURAUD 2022 ​​​​​​ EURAUD 2 GBPUSD 2020  GBPUSD 2020 Equity Chart DE30    
EMA Power
free  30 Apr 2022
      ​       Hello friends, today I want to share a simple cBot that should be an example to show that simplicity is always the best solution. Developers can use the Template as a starting point, in fact only the logic of the triggers needs to be changed, the rest is handled. The trigger or market entry is done by just 2 simple EMAs, the real difference is the management of this trigger which can be customised as you see fit.   DESCRIPTION  Identity EMA Power 1.0.7 : The name and version of the cBot, this parameter contains the link to our website, you can change this in case you want to save a new preset. Label ( Magic Name ) : Similar to number magic for MetaTrader, it is used to identify a strategy. Preset information : Some references to the preset in use, useful if you want to specify a specific back test period. Strategy Open Trade Type : The type of trade you want to open, e.g. Buy positions only. Stop Loss : The number of pips for the stop loss, e.g. 10 equals 10 pips. Take Profit R:R 1:? : The risk: reward ratio, e.g. 2 means that the take profit will be 2 times the stop loss, so if the stop loss is 10 the take profit will be 20. Close On Trigger? : With this option it is possible to close trades with the trigger, only those against the trigger, e.g. if we have sell and buy positions in the market when there is a new buy trigger it will only close sell positions. Use BreakEven? : Enables the breakeven protection check of positions, taking into consideration the parameters entered in the BreakEven section. Use Trailing? : Enables the trailing protection check of positions, taking into consideration the parameters entered in the Trailing section. Use Deviation Martingala? (bypass all) : Enables the deviation martingala, taking into consideration the parameters entered in the Deviation Martingala section, enabling this feature excludes controls for recovery positions but not triggers. Pause From (18.0 = 18:00) : This parameter identifies the start time of the break, e.g. 18.0 the cBot will no longer open positions from 18:00. To (8.20 = 08:20) : Marks the end of the pause, e.g. 8.20 the cBot will start opening new trades from 08:20. Filters Max Spread allowed : Only triggers within a certain limit are considered, e.g. 1.5 will only consider spreads equal to or less than 1.5 pips. Max GAP Allowed (pips) : Protects against high volatility, e.g. if the value is 1 then all trades that have a GAP greater than 1 will be ignored, GAP is the distance between the close of the previous candle and the open of the current one which must not exceed 1 pip. Max Number of Trades : The maximum number of trades generated by the triggers, e.g. if the value is 1 after the first trigger no more trades will be opened if there is already 1 trade in the market, no martingale deviation trades are calculated. Money Target Percentage (zero = disabled) : If the value of this parameter is equal to zero then no Money Target is considered, but if for example it is equal to 1 then it means that it will close all positions at the moment when the net profit reaches the value of 1% of the current balance. Minimum Trades to Activation : The minimum number of trades in the market before the control starts, e.g. if the value was 2 then the money target would only be controlled if there were 2 trades or more. Money Management Fixed Lots (bypass all Capital) : If the value of this parameter is equal to zero then it will not enter fixed lots, otherwise it will exclude any calculation, e.g. if the value was 0.02 then it will always open with 0.02 lots. Capital : The capital with which to do the risk calculation if Fixed Lots is zero, you can choose between Balance or Current Equity. % Risk : The percentage of risk to be calculated in proportion to the selected Capital. Pips To Calculate ( empty = stoploss ) : To know how many lots to calculate we need to have the distance in pips, this value serves this purpose, if a value of zero is entered then the cBot will take into consideration the value of the stoploss, if this is also set to zero then a fictitious value of 100 pips will be considered. Drawdown % Max (zero = disabled) : The percentage in proportion to the Maximum Acceptable Loss Balance, if for example the value was 30 out of €1000 Balance then you would close all positions if losses exceed -€300, this is not taken into consideration if in a martingale. EMA Fast : The number of periods to be considered of Exponential Moving Average fast. Slow : The number of periods to be considered of Exponential Moving Average slow. Break Even Activation (zero = disabled) : If the value of this parameter is equal to zero then it is not taken into consideration even if it is enabled, it is the number of pips beyond which the control is activated, for example if it were 12 then when 12 pips are reached it moves the stoploss to entry price + the value entered in the next Distance parameter. Distance : The number of pips to be added to the trade's entry price. Trailing Activation (zero = disabled) : If the value of this parameter is equal to zero then it is not taken into consideration even if it is enabled, it is the number of pips beyond which the control is activated, for example if it were 12 then when 12 pips are reached it moves the stoploss to high price (if buy) - the value entered in the next Distance parameter and this follow the price. Distance : The number of pips to be added to the trade's entry price. Deviation Martingala Multiplier (zero = disabled) : If the value of this parameter is zero then the control will not be considered even if enabled, it is the number of times the volume of the previous trade is multiplied to create exponentiality as positions increase. Max Consecutive Loss (zero = infinite) : If the value of this parameter is equal to zero then it will open an unlimited number of consecutive losing trades, otherwise if it is greater than zero e.g. 3 it would mean that it will get a maximum of 3 consecutive losses. I suggest you optimize only the parameters you need, for example it may be important to optimize the number of EMA periods, or scenarios where there are recoveries with Martingale but also without, this task is up to you. As mentioned at the beginning, use this template as an example of development by changing only the triggers, do not forget to share interesting presets and follow cTrader guru on all social networks. Homepage : https://ctrader.guru/ Telegram : https://t.me/ctraderguru Twitter : https://twitter.com/cTraderGURU/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ctrader.guru/ YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/cTraderGuru GitHub : https://github.com/ctrader-guru     ​
Gann Hilo
free  25 Apr 2022
Hello, can anyone help me? I want to add a condition to this indicator but I do not know how to code I want this  indicator to have another Gan Hilo For example,  two GannHilo 10 and 100, and the position opens when the price crosses both, but when the price returns from the Gun 10, the position closes. My language is not English so I hope you understand what I mean And thank you very much for helping me
free  24 Apr 2022
vende en cada vela segun su periodo de tiempo  whatsapp   3218280967 correo cristianalejandropj@gmail.com