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How to install
free  03 Mar 2021
OrglobalFx Simple RSI cBOT v1.0 Contact: orglobalng@gmail.com   Logic: Buy = rsi > 50  and < 70 and is rising. Sell = rsi >30 and < 50 and is falling    
by MoeT
free  17 Feb 2021
Place an order at a specific time. It can be Market, Limit, Stop, or Stop Limit order.  Can place two orders from one cBot instance. It was created for placing StopLimit orders before the big news.
paid  27 May 2021
Scalping bot with profit 400% per year. Demo Version free for demo account or backtest: https://gum.co/XqaEy Pro Version: https://gum.co/rApwR Pro Version with source code: https://gum.co/SylIk Contact me at :  Email: nghiand.amz@gmail.com Telegram: +84 969228100     Parameters: Lots: Lot size to trade AutoLot: bot automatic calculate lot size TakeProfitPip: Take profit by pips UseEquityStop: Bot auto close all position if Equity draw down TotalEquityRisk % TotalEquityRisk: max Equity draw down by % PipStep: Max pip lost, if reach it the volume will change LotExponent: the volume change after reach PipStep
paid  14 Feb 2021
MT4 to cTrader Trade Copier Copy your trades from MT4 with zero latency. Suitable for any type of trading. Do you have an expert on MT4 and can't develop it for cTrader too? No problem, copy your trades instantly. Do you just want to copy your trades on cTrader without doing it by hand? No problem, you can do it. Instant copy Size that adapts to the account balance Automatic mapping of symbols with different suffixes Mapping of symbols with different names Possible copy to multiple slave accounts Customizable risk multiplier, compared to the master account Super simple and step-by-step guided installation. Upon request, I can install the bot for you. It only works locally, so master and slave accounts must run on the same computer. To buy or for support, contact us on telegram. Also take a look at my copy trading service on cTrader, click here. Price is 20€.
paid  08 Feb 2021
This is a simple RSI overbought and oversold alarm. Alarms when the RSI reaches the overbought and oversold zone set with your own preferences. Triggers on bar.  With Sound, Popup or/and Text overlay so you know which Pair has reached the RSI limit. Helps you with the right time to entry or close position.  $8 only - Message telegram @FrancisManing Shows overlay text so you know which pair has triggered RSI Alarm Settings Caption
MACD Crossover Alarm
paid  08 Feb 2021
This is a simple MACD crossover alarm. Alarms when the MACD crosses from Under or from Top. Triggers on bar.  With Sound, Popup or/and Text overlay so you know which Pair has crossed the MACD. Helps you entry and close at the right time.   $8 only - Message telegram @FrancisManing     Settings Example PopUp Example text overlay  
paid  29 May 2021
cTrader Trading Hotkeys. Create 10 programmable hotkeys in cTrader using this robot. Execute market orders, buy or sell, with variance in volume, or percentage risk of your account total. Close and modify any/all positions with different degrees of percentage. - Complete customisation of 10 hotkeys - Built with complete Risk/Reward Management. - Automatically calculate lot size from percentage of your total account with the click of one button Purchase includes all future updates   Download cTrader Hotkeys Now! Trading HotKeys | Trade Management Keys   cTrader Hotkey Guide Find the complete guide on how to use Orbital Trading’s Hotkeys for cTrader here.   The uploaded file here doesn't contain anything, its a commercial product and you must use our company website to download it.
paid  03 Feb 2021
Download Link: cTrader Risk/Reward Management cBot   I have created an indicator for risk and reward management, but that’s an indicator so can’t open the order, at this post, I will introduce a cBot version and you can open the order base on the stop-loss, take-profit and risk amount setup. We can take a look the cBot screen capture: It’s almost the same as the indicator but with a few more features! In this cBot, you can create a new order, add the comments and set whether want to use the trailing stop. I will describe the following functions and usage in detail: Base Buttons: Buy This is the buy order, so the stop-loss should be less than the entry price, and the take-profit greater than the entry price.   Sell This is the sell order, so the stop-loss should be greater than the entry price, and the take profit less than the entry price. When you click the “Sell” button, the cBot will auto calculate the SL & TP and change them   Buy Stop This is the buy stop order, that’s mean you can set an entry price above current price and wait for the market to reach it. It will auto open the buy order when the market reaches it. It’s useful when you want to open orders when the market breakout.   Sell Stop This is the sell stop order, it’s the same as a buy stop order, but just wait for the market to fall down to your setup price and open a sell order.   Hide This can hide the panel, when you want to see more chart information and you can hide the panel.   Create Order Create the order base the above setting values   Risk and reward values: You can change all of these values just edit the input. When you change the values, the edit button(Pencil icon) will be enabled, after you changed you need to click the button to update the values. The cBot will auto calculate other related values base on your update: Volumes Setup how many volumes do you want to take in this order.   Stop Loss Setup the stop-loss price, it will auto-update the Risk/Reward Rate and Volumes (base on risk amount), you also can drag the stop-loss line(default is green) to update it.   Take Profit Setup the take-profit price, it will auto-update the Risk/Reward Rate, you also can drag the take-profit line(default is red) to update it.   Risk/Reward Rate Setup the risk and reward rate, for example, set the value to 2, which means the take-profit pips will be double with stop-loss pips. It will auto-update the Take Profit value   Risk Amount Setup the amount you want to take in this order, which means the money you will lose if this trade is failed, this is a very important part to control your money in your trading. This is a fixed amount value by default, if you tick “Use Percentage“, it will calculate the percentage base on your account balance value.   Has Trailing Stop Setup whether to use the trailing stop in this order. It will use the cTrader default trailing stop feature.   Comments Setup the comments for this order. It will auto mark the current time frame and risk/reward rate value in comments if you didn’t input anything.   The Parameters Panel alignment Setup the default position for cBot panel. You also can setup the shortcut key for move the panel Style Settings Setup the SL,TP and entry price line’s color RS Management Setup the default values when startup the cBot In the end, this cBot is not free, I just only charge a small fee so that I can create more better indicator or cBot in the future. So, if you like it, please purchase it, thanks for your support  Download Link: cTrader Risk/Reward Management cBot    
by summer
free  20 Jan 2021
「通貨ペア」ボタン = チャートの通貨ペアのポジションを全て決済します 「全て」ボタン = 通貨ペアに関わらずすべてのポジションを決済します
paid  04 Jan 2021
This cBot allows you to annotate your charts with boxes, trend lines and key levels (horizontal lines), each with their own individual comments – so that when the price touches one you get notified right away via Telegram. Initially only 5 licenses are being released at:  fxtradersystems.com/product/tl-kl-box-telegram-alerts/     1st: Activate the cBot     2nd: Draw and comment your setup   3rd: Let it run, and get notified when price touches the trend line, key level or box  
paid  31 Dec 2020
 Enter buy and sell position at over sold and over bought positions basing on two time frames with a trailing stop Buy the Cbot on https://flutterwave.com/store/grato/octffiygmmgd at UGX 150,000/= or USD 41
Trading Hotkeys
free  02 Mar 2021
By using this cBot you will be able to execute trading operations on your cTrader with your keyboard, you can select any of the keyboard keys. If you have any question or issue with our product please contact us via our site live chat or if we were offline leave a message, if you post a comment here we will not get any notification and we will not be able to help you. The uploaded file here doesn't contain anything, its a commercial product and you must use our company website to download it. Link (Free 14 day trial):  Trading Hotkeys - AlgoDeveloper