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How to install
paid  20 Dec 2019
London breakout Auto Trader Contact me for more details at : algomaster7@gmail.com
by thoy1
free  04 Oct 2019
Hi All, Here is a simple Ease of Life Bot to improve your interface management. It's purpose is to simply zoom in and out without having to manually adjust your Y-scale. 4x Parameters #1 - Top of Range - defines the Top Y-value of that you wish to make visible. ie. AUDNZD set to 1.12 #2 - Bottom of Range - defines the Bottom Y-value that you wish to make visible. ie. AUDNZD set to 1.0 #3 - Range of View Percent - defines the percentage of the range that you wish to see while zoomed in. ie. 15 = 15% #4 - Follow Ask/Bid - setting to "1" will cause the Chart to continually centre around the Ask/Bid lines. Anything else will turn Following off. When the Bot starts, the chart will zoom in to show only the percentage of the chart you have set. When the Bot is stopped, the chart will zoom out to show the entire Y-range that you have set. ie AUDNZD 1.0 - 1.12   I hope some of you find this usefull. Enjoy! Thoy1
Print Bars
by bart1
free  02 Oct 2019
Print OHLC and Tick Volume of selected bars to cBot log. Data can be copied to the clipboard from the log. Ctrl + Click to print single bar Ctrl + Mouse Select to print selected bars
paid  02 Dec 2019
TrailStop-GURU is the combination of the most efficient TrailStop technics. This cBot modifies the StopLoss of the previously opened (by manual or other cBots) positions only!  Does not open new trades or close the existing one.  Very useful for every manual/automated traders who has not  good StopLoss protection.  It has six different running mode to determine the new StopLoss value: - ATR based (works same as the well known SuperTrend indicator) - Fix pips (classic mode of TrailStop calculation) - Moving Average (Simple or Exponential) based - Last X candles Low/High calculation - Parabolic SAR based Very simple to use.  With 3 input parameters you can highly customise the cBot. TrailStop Mode: you can choose which mode/calculation method works Period: The period of the choosen mode/indicator Parameter: if the mode is requires (for example ATR multiplier) Free/Demo version works on Demo accounts only.  If you want to use it on Real accounts please purchase the Full version.  cTrader, Metatrader4, Metatrader5 versions are available. You can download  the demo version of this cBot at www.algoguru.hu    
free  04 Aug 2022
Download here: cTrader Guru | Engulfing   We are really excited about sharing our best totally free cBot ( just a free registration required to download ), find more details at this address https://ctrader.guru/product/engulfing/
Scalping Algo
free  06 Aug 2019
Hey! I need help, I'm following a really good trader but he's scalping and I keep missing the trades.  He's given me access to connect to his API, i have the documentation to his socket.  He's given me an API Key too.  Can someone help me connect this to cTrader? In return you'll also have access to my API key and all the trades to test. THANKYOU!  Trader 'My sockets uses socket-io to provide our event signals that are derived from segments of complex models in real-time. Javascript example: var socket = io('https://XXXXXXXXX.com:5000?token=YOUR_API_KEY'); // Connection succeeded socket.on('connect', () => { }); // Connection lost socket.on('disconnect', () => { }); socket.on('EURUSD', function(data) { if(data.text == "CLOSE_DC"){ //If our data provider goes offline }else if(data.text == "CLOSE"){ //If the trade we are working with closes }else if(data.text == "OPEN"){ //If the trade signal is a new trade } }) Replace with pair you want to listen to = Pair code written in bold EURUSD Euro/US Dollar BTCUSD Bitcoin/US Dollar USDJPY US Dollar/Japanese Yen GBPUSD British Pound/US Dollar AUDUSD Australian Dollar/US Dollar USDCAD US Dollar/Canadian Dollar USDCHF US Dollar/Swiss Franc EURGBP Euro/British Pound NZDUSD New Zealand Dollar/US Dollar AUDJPY Australian Dollar/Japanese Yen GBPJPY British Pound/Japanese Yen GBPAUD British Pound/Australian Dollar AUDNZD Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar USDMXN US Dollar/Mexican Peso ETHUSD Ethereum/US Dollar EURCAD Euro/Canadian Dollar EURJPY Euro/Japanese Yen USDTRY US Dollar/Turkish Lira USDZAR US Dollar/South African Rand XAUUSD Gold/US Dollar Data object pair | Pair of the trade type | If it's SHORT or LONG price | current price of the trade [start price if we are opening, close price if the trade is closing] unitSize | unit size bought from our algorithm timestamp stopPrice | Stop price for the trade comment | Remarks for the trade
paid  26 Feb 2021
Why would you want to be sent a picture showing your chart setup when a position opens or closes? This product will allow you to capture as many charts on the screen as you want for many different symbols and when a position should open or close it will automatically send the chart picture at the exact time of the event to your Telegram channel in an instant so you can make a judgement call if the position should be left to run or be closed. Works great with Pending Orders or an Automated Trading System Why take risks with trading, from the moment a position opens you are at risk, you need as much help as possible to manage it. below is an example picture message sent to a Telegram channel.   Product Page: https://clickalgo.com/ctrader-automated-chart-signals-telegram Support Page: https://clickalgo.com/ctrader-automated-picture-telegram-support YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/OphBeWJlclQ​   Contact: instant chat group Website: https://clickalgo.com Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn    
paid  26 Feb 2021
Now you can send your trade setup as a picture or a simple message to a Telegram trading group or any other telegram channel with a simple click of the mouse, images are sent instantly to be received on your mobile phone or computer. CAPTURE CLOSE UP IMAGES OF YOUR TRADE SETUP Product Page: https://clickalgo.com/ctrader-telegram-chart-signal-provider YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/blus5VGpnAs * The download includes the free Telegram and SMS Text configuration and testing tool.   Contact: instant chat group Website: https://clickalgo.com Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn  
SK1 - Moon Chaser - v1
paid  02 Dec 2019
Hi, made $100,000 Net Profit.  This compact Robot "Moon Chaser ver 1" to be used as template for further development.  Have backtested and optimized on GBP-AUD from 05-Jan-2015  to  28-June-2019 (3.5 years), Starting Capital USD 3K. TimeFrame 1Hr, Broker "FxPro".  You have to find your own optimized settings for different Brokers.  (example: for Broker = IC Market, you require Starting Capital greater than 15K for it to run on these default settings). Max Draw Down = USD 15K approx.  which means you need to have a minimum account size of 20K so it can handle trade easily. Since, the cBOT runs onBAR method and not onTICK so one can simply load the H1 bar data. Default Settings are good for this period.  You will have to find your own settings for different period and Broker. You can download it from here below (click on the link below): http://bit.ly/2XSBwPe Contact me on : skhan.projects@gmail.com  (if you have something important to share and new ideas) Leave your comment below and show your backtest results with settings for benefit of everyone. would like to charge USD 50 per month If you want to Run this on Live or Demo Account. It comes to USD 600 per year. Thank you ///SKhan   Statistics : Equity Graph:   Full Draw Down Values in USD
paid  26 Feb 2021
This is a free robot that will automatically send you an instant Telegram or SMS Text message when one of your positions is opened or closed, it was initially designed for our customers so that they know when one of the automated trading systems opens or closes a position so that they can analyze the trade, but now it can be used by anybody who wishes to be informed as soon as this event happens including broadcasting to Telegram groups.   Another use of this robot is to broadcast trade information to a telegram group, this can be in the form of a trader manually creating an order or an automated trading system. Product Page: https://clickalgo.com/ctrader-trade-notification-messages YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/xWkjoUMcalk * The download includes the free Telegram and SMS Text configuration and testing tool.   Contact: instant chat group Website: https://clickalgo.com Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn    
Close on Time
free  29 Jun 2019
Follow my cTrader Telegram group at https://t.me/cTraderCommunity; it's a new community but it will grow fast, plus everyone can talk about cTrader indicators and algorithm without restrictions, though it is not allowed to spam commercial indicators to sell them. There's also a Discord Server now @ https://discord.gg/5GAPMtp This is a bot that closes position for current Symbol at the specified times minus X minutes. Simple as that. Useful to close everything before some news and avoid high volatility. To remove a Closing Time you must select it and click on Remove Time REMEMBER TO SET YOUR TIMEZONE You can even backtest this in visual mode to ensure it work properly with the setting you chose, start a visual backtesting, then use ctrl or alt + click to open a position and shift + ctrl + click or shift + alt + click to open an order. For any bug report or suggestion, contact me by joining the telegram group linked above or by commenting below.
free  16 Jun 2019
Follow my cTrader Telegram group at https://t.me/cTraderCommunity; it's a new community but it will grow fast, plus everyone can talk about cTrader indicators and algorithm without restrictions, though it is not allowed to spam commercial indicators to sell them. This cBot is an open source simulator to test your manual and discretional strategies in replay mode. Put this cBot in visual backtesting mode and use ctrl + left click to open a short position, alt + click to open a long position and ctrl + alt + click to close the position closest to your mouse pointer. Maybe I'll add support for take profit and stop loss in the future. No need to thank me, I already know, replay softwares can cost a lot to purchase, and spotware is giving away one for free with a lot of quality history, so thanks them. Of course, feel free to make suggestions, point out bugs and other stuff that can help. Changelog 1 - added pending orders! use shift + ctrl + click to set a short pending order on the price where the mouse pointer is (stop or limit is automatically selected depending if the entry price is above or below current price), shift + alt + click to set a long pending order. Shift + click cancels the pending order with the closes entry price to the mouse pointer. Changelog 2 - added variable volume! use ctrl + mouse wheel to increment or decrement the volume that you want to use for your positions or pending orders in step of X, where X is the volume parameter of the bot. Also added a little dashboard to keep track of the number of pips realized. Changelog 3 - Added Slo-Mo! Use alt+ mouse wheel to slow down time to X ms (milliseconds) per tick, where X is the number specified in the "Slo-Mo Step" parameter. Changelog 4 - Added static tp/sl; this feature is not so great since theese tp/sl levels cannot be modified... yet. Anyway i added them in case someone needed them.