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How to install
by imWald
free  27 Feb 2013
I've tested this Robot with EURUSD and GBPUSD in H1 timeframe with good results.But the problem is, that in one account I can run only one currency pair (e.g. EURUSD), not together with GBPUSD. Can someone have a look at it please? many thanksRobert
Martingale Robot
by alexk
free  18 Dec 2013
This robot is based on the martingale strategy. This code is a cAlgo API sample. The "Sample Martingale Robot" creates a random Sell or Buy order. If the Stop loss is hit, a new     order of the same type (Buy / Sell) is created with double the Initial Volume amount. The robot will continue to double the volume amount for  all orders created until one of them hits the take Profit. After a Take Profit is hit, a new random Buy or Sell order is created with the Initial Volume amount.
free  16 Mar 2012
This is a Scalper Robot
News Robot
free  05 Nov 2014
Robot places buy and sell STOP orders at specific time. Supports TP, SL, OCO and expiration time. Parameters: News Hour - Hour when news will be published (your local time) News Minute - Minute when news will be published (your local time) Pips away - The number of pips away from the current market price where the pending buy and sell orders will be placed. Take Profit - Take Profit in pips for each order Stop Loss - Stop Loss in pips for each order Volume - trading volume Seconds before - Seconds Before News when robot will place Pending Orders Seconds timeout - Seconds After News when Pending Orders will be deleted One Cancels Other - If "Yes" then when one order will be filled, another order will be deleted News Robot PRO with Trailing Stop and Slippage Control:  http://news-robot.net        
free  15 Jul 2017
15/07/2017 To meet the demand of many. I added the function interchangeable label, on the dashboard. You can work on several symbols at the same time, opening multiple instances. For example: first instance Robot Label ... "buy eurusd" .... second instances ........ buy usdjpy .... Or buy1 .... buy2 ... sell1 ... sell2 ... etc ... at your convenience ...   22/08/2016 volume change (lots) Adding volume Max. in automat mode if the max volume is winning or losing, the volume returns to the original volume. automate = false, the robot works up to gain ... or maxvolume (winning or losing). I added an option to StopOrder and LimitOrder. ("Martingale NONSTOP") ex: if Martingale NONSTOP  = true; if lost, the martingale works as previously ... ( change the direction Martingale + maxvolume) if Martingale NONSTOP= false; if losing = 2 pendigorders oco  (multiplied by martingale) .. and c is the direction of the market that decides  of the sell and buy order. (with maxvolume option) .Net profit (return Commissions) buy, sell, StopOrder, LimitOrder separately visible on the screen.   good trades.     14/08/2015 Adding Limit Order / martingale :yes..no / oco... 12/08/2015:Adding stop order choose the direction:Start buy/Start Sell, multiplier,volume and TP/SL change the direction =true : ↗/↘:When SL is hit trade  in the other meaning. Start Automate =true : begins the cycle after each TP. ability to sell and buy together(separate adjustment) bottom right = net profit - return Commissions create two trades: buying and selling when a trade is negative, you win on the other. the martingale (non-random) reimburse the losing trades. that the market goes up or down you generate profits. Attention to the margin adjust the stop loss and take profit depending on the size of your wallet and your leverage good luck        
free  16 Mar 2012
The Artificial Intelligence robot creates trades based on the result of the previous ones. It uses the MACD Indicator to calculate the direction of the trade the first time and then continues based on this as well as the outcome of the closed positions.
Fibonacci Robot
free  09 Jan 2014
#DONT FORGET TO REFERENCE THE TWO FILES IN THE CODE This robot trades the fibonacci bands.    I had sucess trading 4H GBPJPY with  AtrPeriod = 21 ; emaPeriod = 54 ; velperiod = 10 With a little optimization you can get good results for others symbols and timeframe. If you find something good, please share! If the trend is bullish the robot place a buy order in the first fibo band and a sell in the second band and vice-versa.
free  08 Jul 2017
This is a complete trade manager. It manages your open positions automatically. It has a jumping stop-loss, partial closure, breakeven, and automatic SL&TP. Guide: https://github.com/hyahfoufi/cTraderManager
free  29 Dec 2014
Il n'y a ici que le money management d'Alembex, à vous d'y rajouter votre technique (les positions sont prises aux hasard sur l'exemple) Montrez vos résultat de ce Money management + votre technique :) Merci MISE A JOUR : - Corrections des bugs - Nouvelles images  avec les tests d'optimisations :  
Zephyn Scalper
by Zephyn
free  02 May 2014
Uses simple moving average and stochastic oscillator to find a good trade opportunity testet using GBPUSD symbol and 5m chart. Use at own risk
free  09 Jan 2014
The algorithm uses Stochastic Momentum Index (SMI). A Buy is created when The SMI crosses above the Buy Line and a Sell when it crosses below the Sell Line. The Buy and Sell Lines are also components of the SMI Indicator.
free  17 Apr 2013
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