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paid  08 May 2021
This cbot works with a hedging strategy. It decides wether to open a new position or not depending on the direction, size and shape of the previous Heikin Ashi candles.  It can be used for up to 5 symbols at the same time. However, our best results have been with only 3 pairs: EURGBP, AUDNZD and USDJPY. That´s why we recommend using it with the default values. Symbol: It´s important to write correctly the name of the symbol (in capital letters), even if we don´t switch it on. Pip Scale: We are willing to open a new position in the same direction if the price moved X pips against our last position. It will never open more than 4 positions in the same direction.  Candle body size (in pips): This is a condition the HA candle has to fulfill so the bot opens a new position. It will depend on the timeframe we are using. Winning per group of trades: It closes all the Buy OR Sell positions of the symbol we are operating when the net profit of that group exceeds "x" amount.. Equity Step win: The cbot will close all open positions every time the equity increases by "x" units. For example: When turning on the robot we have a capital of € 200 and the equity step is 2. Upon reaching 202, all open operations on the account will be closed, then upon reaching 204, 206 ... It´s an important part of this strategy.  Equity Step Loss: If the Equity DrawDown reaches "X" euros, all open trades will be closed and will start again. It´s just the opposite of the.Equity step win. We don´tuse it for our strategy (we put an extremely high number so it never occurs) but it can be useful to limit the losses and protect the account. Equity profit target and Equity profit loss: The bot will close every positions at our account and stop if the equity reaches one of this two numbers.       You can get the bot at : https://gumroad.com/l/rTtAj  
paid  08 Jul 2020
Profitable Forex Grid Trading is finally here. The Adaptive Grid Blazer by ForexCove – our most advanced Grid Trading Algo for trading the Forex markets. With it’s advanced predictive engine, this Forex robot allows for analysis of ideal grid size in real-time. Possibly the greatest innovation for private Forex investors to hit the market in more than a decade! Download the trial bot directly here: How to trade with our Grid System
free  23 Jan 2018
An advanced version of the Hedging and Scalping cBot. It implements an automatic position scaling out logic and has good returns on many timeframes and time periods.  See below backtesting results on minute timeframe over a two years period.
by salr22
free  06 Sep 2014
Modify all positions to one TP and SL by average price   //    Modify all TakeProfit and StopLoss by Average Price. "Aggressive Trading" //    salr22@hotmail.com, www.borsat.net
by arbfy
paid  30 Mar 2021
Visit: https://arbfy.com/  
paid  02 Dec 2019
This cBot provides signals to pause your robots (x) minutes before, during and after a news release. If you automate your trading using technical indicators the
Black Corvette
by Quant
free  12 Jan 2014
Symbol: EURUSD Time frame: Minute5 Backtesting period: 01/04/2011-12/01/2014 (almost 3 years) Robot is based on Bollinger Bands indicator which combines moving averages and standard deviation. The main purpose of Bollinger Bands is to provide price range. If you know the range you can buy at minimum price level and sell at maximum price level. Robot is listening to following Bollinger Bands signals: close price is above top Bollinger Bands line. Actions: close long position, open short position close price is bellow bottom Bollinger Bands line. Actions: close short position, open buy position Backtesting report: Balance-equity chart:  
paid  30 Sep 2020
 Multi TimeFrame program uses 5 different strategies based on supports and resistances by calculating the maximum and minimum prices on a certain number of bars on 5 different Timeframes. The 5 strategies work independently and in each strategy the Buy & Sell parameters are different and work autonomously. In the event that all the strategies are open with the Buy & Sell operating, there may be a maximum of 10 open positions. However, the case in which all strategies are used with activated Buy & Sell is rare. STRATEGIES DO NOT USE ANY GRID SYSTEM OR MARTINGALA In the markets of the major currencies crosses, Metals, oil and Indices some of them adapt better on Breakout strategies and others on Reverse strategies and you can understand it by doing optimization. For example, the major currencies cross adapt better on Reverse and mean reverting strategies. American indices such as S&P500 and also the DAX in Europe fit better on Breakout strategies. Each strategy must be optimized independently of the others. Buy & Sell as well in each strategy must be optimized separately. However in each strategy there are at most 3 main parameters to be optimized. DEMO VERSION AVAILABLE Strategies:  Breakout  Reverse  Reverse On Livel  Trend Breakout  Trend Reverse Exit Strategies: (All positions are protected with StopLoss) - Strategy logic exit - Trail & Strategy - StopLoss & Breakeven / TakeProfit - Trend Follow (TakeProfit is floating and is used only as security in the case where the bot is no longer controllable due to connection failure or other causes. The position is closed only by the StopLoss which Trails) - Solo StopLoss & Take Profit - Solo Trailing (TakeProfit is floating and is used only as security in the case where the bot is no longer controllable due to connection failure or other causes. The position is closed only by the StopLoss which Trails)   In each strategy: - 5 different Timeframes - Different Parametrs for Long & Short, they work autonomously. - StopLoss & TakeProfit are automatically assigned (Depending on volatility and volume traded in the book) - Trailing Stop is automatically assigned. - 1 single entry strategy - 6 different exit strategies. Optimization will indicate the best exit strategy. - Option to Cut DrawDown (when it's appropriate to use) - Money Management on winning and loosing trade. Optimization: The optimization process, must be done for each strategy excluding the others and separately on a single strategy first Buy and then Sell), on a normal computer, it can take longer (consider that you are working on 5 TimeFrame) but in the end it is worth as you will get very satisfying results and succeeding also to understand where the symbol moves better on Buy (long) or Sell (short) in Breakout or in Reverse. When the optimization of a strategy ends, set aside the best parameters. When has been done for all strategies, manually enter the parameters of each strategy in the bot.  The Trading System has been designed to work at the best on all types of Forex cross currencies, Metals, Oil, Indices, futures and Crypto Currencies. Pay attention to the Trade volume for each instrument as it changes from Forex to Indices, Metals, Oil, Futures and Crypto Currencies. Some Brokers for CFD give you the opportunity to trade all of them with micro lots. Others use different Lotsize (example for Indices minimum 1 contract, Gold 0.1 / 1 Oz).  In the Trading System, if you enter a wrong value, the Bot will automatically use the minimum tradable volume. Warning: when trading CFDs (Indices, Futures, Crypto Currencies, Metals) the results can vary widely between one broker and another. The suggestion is to operate on CFDs using the same broker in which the optimization was made.   Backtest and optimization must be done considering the following parameters at best (lined up in sequence of importance and priority): - SharpRatio: (which is a reward to risk ratio) minimum value 0.13 - Max Balance Drawdown & Max Equity Drawdown: Max 15% better under 10%. Discard higher values. Rather than earning, you should consider what you can lose. If you don't pay attention to Drawdown, working with a high leverage is very easy to lose the whole capital. With high leverage you can earn a lot compared to the capital but you can also easily drain the whole account. Using Position Sizing (on gain) you can double or triple the earnings and in this case the Drawdown can go up to max 23%. Do it only if it is worth on increasing the gain. To reduce the Drawdown use Position Sizing (on lose) the gain in this case will be slightly reduced. - Profit Factor: minimum value 1.40 - better if it is higher than 1.50 - Net Profit - Trades number: all optimizations must be done over a minimum of 8/9 years period to have reliable results. In this period consider at minimum to have more than 500 trades. Total trades must be obtained by adding the trades of all the strategies used. Strategies can obtain a minimum of 50 + trades in one way (Buy or Sell) - Average Trade: The average earnings for each individual trade. Considering an initial capital of $ 10,000, 200 leverage, ordersize (bet) 0.10 lots (10,000 volume). The Average Trade must be more then 20.00 $ per Trade P.S .: When you optimize or backtest put Commission to 50 (x million) and Spread to 2 for major Forex crosses and more for minor crosses. This is used to amortize slippage. - The parameters attached to the bot have been optimized using Pepperstone Broker from 08/02/2011 to 15/03/2020 (with some parameters the Drawdown comes out  higher then 15% because it was worth pushing on the Money Management). To avoid "Over-Fitting": - Optimizations and Backtests must be performed for at least 8/9 or more years for reliable results. The optimization done on short periods is not absolutely reliable. Professional traders optimize and backtest their automatic systems using very long periods (10/15/20 years) of data feeds with paid Data Feeds providers. All Brokers who use cTrader platform for Forex give a free set of Data Feeds of about 8/9 years and for CFDs 5/6 years. - To test if the parameters obtained are robust, do backtests by varying them slightly (do not change "Livel TF" which is the Timeframe). If you get positive results, even if qualitatively lower than the optimized ones, this means that the parameter set is robust and not "Overfitted". ----------------------------------------------------------------------   DEMO VERSION: Click Here Active.cTrader.Bot HomePage  Contacts and information: active.ctrader.bot@gmail.com //====================================================    
CCI Reversal
free  16 Nov 2016
         using System; using System.Linq; using cAlgo.API; using cAlgo.API.Indicators; using cAlgo.API.Internals; using cAlgo.Indicators; namespace cAlgo { [Robot(TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC, AccessRights = AccessRights.None)] public class CCIReversal : Robot { [Parameter(DefaultValue = 26)] public int cciPeriod { get; set; } [Parameter(DefaultValue = 9)] public int maPeriod { get; set; } [Parameter("Quantity (Lots)", DefaultValue = 1, MinValue = 0.01, Step = 0.01)] public double Quantity { get; set; } private CommodityChannelIndex cci; //private Position _position; private const string robotname = "CCIReversal"; protected override void OnStart() { cci = Indicators.CommodityChannelIndex(cciPeriod); } protected override void OnBar() { var longPos = Positions.Find(robotname, Symbol, TradeType.Buy); var shortPos = Positions.Find(robotname, Symbol, TradeType.Sell); var pre_cci = cci.Result.Last(2); var cur_cci = cci.Result.Last(0); bool LongPosition = _position != null && _position.TradeType == TradeType.Buy; bool ShortPosition = _position != null && _position.TradeType == TradeType.Sell; Print("CCI = " + cur_cci + " Pre CCI" + pre_cci); if ((cci.Result.HasCrossedAbove(-100.0, 1) && cur_cci > pre_cci) || (cci.Result.HasCrossedAbove(100.0, 1) && cur_cci > pre_cci)) { if (shortPos != null) { ClosePosition(shortPos); ExecuteMarketOrder(TradeType.Buy, Symbol, VolumeInUnits, robotname); } else if (longPos == null) { ExecuteMarketOrder(TradeType.Buy, Symbol, VolumeInUnits, robotname); } else { ExecuteMarketOrder(TradeType.Buy, Symbol, VolumeInUnits, robotname); } Print("con1"); } else if ((cci.Result.HasCrossedBelow(-100.0, 1) && cur_cci < pre_cci) || (cci.Result.HasCrossedBelow(100, 1) && cur_cci < pre_cci)) { if (longPos != null) { ClosePosition(longPos); ExecuteMarketOrder(TradeType.Sell, Symbol, VolumeInUnits, robotname); } else if (shortPos == null) { ExecuteMarketOrder(TradeType.Sell, Symbol, VolumeInUnits, robotname); } else { ExecuteMarketOrder(TradeType.Sell, Symbol, VolumeInUnits, robotname); } Print("con2"); } Print("Long" + (longPos != null)); Print("Short" + (shortPos != null)); } private long VolumeInUnits { get { return Symbol.QuantityToVolume(Quantity); } } } /* private void Close(TradeType tradeType) { foreach (var position in Positions.FindAll(robotname, Symbol, tradeType)) ClosePosition(_position); } private void Open(TradeType tradeType) { _position = Positions.Find(robotname, Symbol, tradeType); var volumeInUnits = Symbol.QuantityToVolume(Quantity); if (_position == null) ExecuteMarketOrder(tradeType, Symbol, volumeInUnits, robotname); }*/ }    Backtest on Silver The CCI Reversal Buy when CCI(26) Cross above -100 or 100(when no buy position open), in the case of crossing above -100 the cbot will be selling when CCI(26) cross below 0, but if the CCI(26) reach over 100 it will be selling when CCI(26) cross below 100 .  In case of short position, it's the reversal of buy position. There is parameter name 'MA' but notthing importance for now, I added it for the next version.  and the parameter Trading Size, value 2 mean trade both side long and short, 0 = trade on short side only, 1 = trade on long side only.  If you find any mistake of this algorithm please let me know.
paid  26 Feb 2021
This is a semi-automated trading robot which has been voted by traders as a must-have product after we provided the trade signals cBot using the Polynomial Regression Channels. This method of following the trend as soon as the price enters the channel can outperform in-and-out trading often performed by traders thinking they can guess when the market will turn. Product Page: https://clickalgo.com/ctrader-polynomial-regression-trade-helper Support Page: https://clickalgo.com/ctrader-prc-auto-helper-how-it-works YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/-TO4A_umatA The word PRC stands for Polynomial Regression Channel. This is a regression indicator that is used on charts. A linear regression indicator draws a straight line of best fit on a chart. The PRC indicator applies the polynomial function to the linear regression functions to adapt itself to market flow. Since they are regression bands that self adjust for volatility. Need help getting started? Download the free PRC indicator The markets can be very unpredictable, but one area that we can help is to allow you to configure the trading robot to close any open positions and not trade before, during and after a major high-impact news event. More about the News Manager Plugin If you are looking for trade signals instead of automated trading then click here   Contact: instant chat group Website: https://clickalgo.com Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn  
Daily Candle Breakout
free  22 Nov 2015
Find uploaded an updated version of the cbot. It has slightly modified logic, RSI filtering property and some more parameters to modify. Also a bidirectional trailing stop has been added (both positive and negative triggers allowed). Backtesting ability has been improved as well. Tested on USDCAD, 2 out of 3 winning trades on average. Some less self-explanatory parameters explained: Equity Risk Value - percentage of available equity as a parameter of trade volume (in %), use values of consecutive tens 10, 20, 30 ... and so on. Breakout Trigger In Pips - number of pips a new bar has to break the previous range for a position to be opened. Below equity curve based on trades spanning over 3 years of data. Currency pair - USDCAD. Starting balance - 1k EUR.   .......................................................................................................................................................................................... This robot trades a very simple strategy of daily bar breakouts. You can read more about it HERE . I am new to programming so expect nothing more than you would do from an experiment. Structural nuances of the code are based on work of
paid  19 Nov 2020
DELTAPLAN - 2Way High-Frequency cBot​ The strategy uses a bi-directional high-frequency trading. Without the increase the volume, grid and martingale-type systems. For more information visit https://www.kratx.com/deltaplane                                                     The strategy is based on successive cycles of buying and selling . Each cycle is created whenever the previous cycle ended. The cycles are alternated taking profit with minimal price fluctuations in both directions with a constant value of the volume. + Improved algorithm added logic for closing open trades, and risk management when the loss limit is reached. ​+ Also added a unique strategy for alternating fast and slow trailing. ​+ The coefficients of dependence on the Delta channel expansion on the maximum number of orders are introduced.