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TrendFollower cBot


TrendFollower is an universal robot with a lot of extra functions.
– TimeFilter
– SpreadFilter
– TrendStrength Filter
– Volatility Filter
– Trend and Momentum detection
– TrailStop
and many more.

Due to the lot of input parameters this robot is well customizable for all market conditions and for all instruments on any timeframes. (the higher the better).

It does not use any dangerous systems as D’alembert, Grid or Martingale!

You can use it on small accounts from 100-200EUR with safety.

Free/Test version works as tester only. You can make Backtests and Optimizations to find the best settings/instuments/Timeframe for your demand.
The published results made by different input settings.

Download this robot from:

using cAlgo.API;

namespace cAlgo.Robots
    [Robot(TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC, AccessRights = AccessRights.None)]
    public class NewcBot : Robot

        protected override void OnStart()
            string msg = "You can download this cBot at";


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  • Type: Paid
  • Language: C#
  • Trading Platform: cTrader Automate
  • Filename: AlgoGURU-ctdn-with source.algo
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Eyube Ephraim · 2 years ago

@Pb75 you have to pay for it then he will send you the actual bot, this is just a showcase.

danieleyube's avatar
Eyube Ephraim · 2 years ago

nice bot i suppose but your backtesting period is not enough. it should be able to withstand a whole year backtesting before anyone can actually dump hard earned money on it.

Pb75 · 3 years ago


I downloaded the bot from your site to test it but it doesn't work