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TradingNewsRobot with Trailing Stop Loss


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  • Type: Free
  • Language: C#
  • Trading Platform: cTrader Automate
  • Filename: TradingNewsRobot with Trailing Stop Loss.algo
  • Rating: 3.75
  • Installs: 4578
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john123321 · 6 years ago

can this be the earliest

IL · 6 years ago

hi its not working please look into it....please honour my request at  the earliest

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JSCCEO · 6 years ago


how i add code to make it add hour then another hour work immediatly after the first one opened ? 


8088297 · 8 years ago

what is the time settings!!

thank you

GS66 · 8 years ago

It doesn't work!

megamemo · 9 years ago

hey man great bot it looks really usefull and thanks sou much for sharring with others i have one question did this cbot shoot the orders until the server give a response or jus pu it the orders as usual? 

im sorry for the gramatical error is a foreign language to me!!

2005267 · 9 years ago


Having trouble to make it work. /forum/cbot-support/745

Can anybody help me please.


2005267 · 9 years ago


Having trouble to make it work.

Can anybody help me please.



jdaerial · 9 years ago

Hi everyone,

Firstly - awesome robot!

On the trailing stop news robot - how do I input my timezone so that the robot syncs to Ctrader clock? I did it with the first News Robot with no problems.



fwends · 9 years ago

There are no instructions or recommendations with this bot.

It would be really nice if people actually started giving more information rather than just posting code 

abotrader · 10 years ago

What is the best TimeFrame with this robot or ther is no impact of TimeFrame


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funshow602 · 10 years ago

nice one. this is really good. Works perfectly

AdrianC52 · 10 years ago
Under Oco section, "_ordersCreated = false;" should be remove in order to cancel the other Pending Order.
AdrianC52 · 10 years ago
Bro, the time problem is solved. UTC+0 I facing another problem now: GBPUSD, news ADP. -pips away=8 -TP=15 -SL=8 -SB=10 -ST=30 -OCO=0 -Trigger(Pips)=10 -TS(pips)=10 during 31/07/2013 12:15:49.245(UTC+0) STOP LOSS of the order with ID #14470851 could not be sent due to a technical error, please try again. what's wrong with the TS? please help. thanks.
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atrader · 10 years ago
No, I was wrong, it should be UTC. see /algos/robots/show/199 (original code)
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atrader · 10 years ago
Server.Time used to be broker time and now it is UTC. So, I think it should be set to broker time UTC+3. /forum/whats-new/993
AdrianC52 · 10 years ago
Sorry for a noob question. For the news time, is it follow UTC+0 or broker server UTC+3, or my user time UTC+8. thanks in advance to any kind heart who reply!
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Mocean · 10 years ago
Hi atrader - any chance of adding... Move SL to Break-Even + X pips, after Y pips profit. Thanks, A
snn061 · 10 years ago
Good day! After the upgrade CAlgo to the new version 1.3.30997 robot does not work. Tell me please, what do I do?
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odomike · 10 years ago
This is what I have been looking for. Thanks m8
MANDRIL · 10 years ago
Thank you!!!