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It's optimized on the entire cTrader  history data for EURUSD.  I changed some indicators and improved the logic of my bot. The bot can be further optimized on any currency pair you want. Even crypto, stocks, metals... 

This bot here is optimized for EURUSD 1 -minute time frame on the 12 Years of eurusd history data on the IC Markets broker. The entire cTrader history.

I used a 0.5 pip spread on eur/usd for optimization so the bot actually makes more profit when back-tested accurately on tick data or trading live. The spread on IC Markets is about 0.01 pip.

You can choose your own settings. Tell me the number (1,2,3,4,5) from the screenshots when you write me an email.

You can have your own curve and settings when renting my bot. Please see the screenshots of the optimization results for net profit, max equity drawdown, total trades,..

My email:


The price for my bot:

*To rent my bot  optimized on the entire IC Markets data:

- 28 EUR / 1 Month - You can pay for each month separately. 

- 150 EUR / 6 Months (max 6 months at once) Then you can again rent my bot for next 6 months. (I like to optimize my bots on the latest data often)

*To buy my bot without the Source Code: 10,000 EUR. You will get all the indicators in the parameter window, so you can optimize the bot for the instrument you want to use it on (I must hide them when renting my bot to other people. You will get all of them. Let's say my bot uses a simple moving average and the MACD - you will see these indicators in the parameter window, and you can optimize the bot for the instrument you want the bot to work on).

I can remove the password. Or you can keep the password parameter, and you can tell me the password you want to use. I will remove the parameters 'bot owner', ' expiration date and rent',..

You can have both versions. Fixed lot with the double position functions yes/no. And the version that calculates the position size based on risk %.

-To buy my bot with the Source Code: 30,000 EUR .. You also get everything. Now you can see the source code. Not only that, but you can see what logic my bot uses for opening the trades, and further add things you want in the code and try to improve it.

Likewise, you can have both versions. Fixed lot and risk %


YouTube videos and screenshots of "accurate tick data back-testing and M1 bars from server back-testing - the curve is almost the same. Total trades are the same":


EURUSD M1 bars. Position size =: Total Balance Risk 70%. 2011 - 2023 (12 years) Starting capital: €500. Profit: €3566381.94



EURUSD. Fixed Lot 0.05.  M1 bars back-testing 8. 2. 2011 - 6. 5. 2023 (12 Years and 3 Months)


EURUSD Fixed Lot 0.05. Accurate tick data back-testing 1. 1. 2017 - 6. 5. 2023













Here is the evidence that the curve is almost the same and total trades for tick data (accurate) back-testing and the M1 bars back-testing is the same:

1.5.2018 - 6.5.2023 TICK DATA




1.5.2018 - 6.5.2023 M1 Bars from server. 0.02 pip spread




Back-testing with 70% Total Balance Risk.

Starting capital 500 EUR.

Profit: 3566381.94 EUR



EURUSD for the TopFX broker coming soon!









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Formula / Source Code
Language: C#
Trading Platform: cAlgo

//*Download the cTrader platform here: 



//*Learn about the cTrader automate a bit more here:  

//-cTrader website:

//* IC Markets broker:
//(my trading robot works the best on the IC Markets broker)


using System;
using cAlgo.API;

namespace cAlgo.Robots
    [Robot(AccessRights = AccessRights.None)]
    public class INFO : Robot
        [Parameter("Contact", DefaultValue = "", Group = "My Email: ")]
        public string SymbolNa { get; set; }
        [Parameter("RENT EURUSD bot:", DefaultValue = "28 EUR / Month - 150 EUR / 6 Months", Group = "28 EUR / Month  -  150 EUR / 6 Months")]
        public string SymbolNam { get; set; }        


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