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GOLD 2 Minute / XAUUSD *IC Markets

Notice. There is an update for this algorithm which is awaiting moderation. Please check back soon to view the latest version of this algorithm.

Many traders who email me want to use my robots for trading Gold (XAUUSD). Me personally, I prioritize strategies that maximize my earnings and ensure my safety, rather than simply following popular trends. The robot you can download here is already set up for the 'popular' Gold 2-Minute chart on IC Markets. In cTrader, I've added a simpler version that only works with Gold (XAUUSD) on a 2-Minute chart, and I've removed some of the more complex moving average options.

-Why rent or buy this robot? Because you get all the indicators and all the parameters, so you can optimize it using the optimization program in cTrader. This means, you can use the robot on any broker you like and optimize the robot any time you like. You can use it on any symbol (forex -eur/usd, aud/usd,..), gold, crypto,.. if you optimize it.

Rental Plans:

  • 1 Month / 31 days = 15 EUR (you can also rent it for more than 1 month at once)
  • 1 Year = 150 EUR  
  • 2 Years = 250 EUR 

Purchase Plans:

  • Buy without the source code = 800 EUR 
  • Buy with the source code = 1500 EUR 

Contact Information:

For rental or purchase inquiries, please contact me via email at .


*If you are an experienced trader who knows how to use optimization and backtesting with the robot, you can download the complete version here.:

FREE TEST (Expiry: September 13, 2023)
Complete Versions (All Parameters):

Robot A Complete: Download Here

Robot B Complete: Download Here


Limited Versions:

Robot A Limited: Download Here

Robot B Limited: Download Here

INFO. Description:


YouTube video:


Robot A

Robot B

Robot A



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Italian - Italiano
Polish - Polski
French - Français
German - Deutsch
Chinese (Simplified) - 中文 (简体)
Japanese - 日本語

In the video example below, you'll see how I optimize it on AUDUSD 1 Minute (OnBAR robot version). You can optimize the robot on your chosen broker (such as IC Markets, Pepperstone, TopFX, FTMO, etc.). Now, let's walk through a step-by-step guide to understanding robot optimization in cTrader:




Photo of good Equity Curve moving in the channel:


Rental Plans:

  • 1 Month / 31 days = 15 EUR 
  • 1 Year = 150 EUR  
  • 2 Years = 250 EUR 

Purchase Plans:

  • Buy without the source code = 800 EUR 
  • Buy with the source code = 1500 EUR 

Contact Information:

For rental or purchase inquiries, please contact me via email at .

For renting and buying, the developer will send a PayPal request ( to the costumer's email with the specific amount due. The customer can click on the link and pay with their credit card. It’s safe and easy. 

You will get both robot versions, OnTICK and OnBAR.



you get the updated bot when you buy or rent it.

1. Robot-Only Position Management
What this means is that the trading robot will now only handle its own trades. It will leave your manually placed trades untouched. This gives you complete control over the trades you make yourself.  It won't touch any trades you make manually.

2. Works with Different Instruments
You can use the robot with various currency pairs, like EURUSD or AUDUSD, all within the same trading account. Here's how it works: you can assign a unique name to each currency pair you're trading using the new "Custom Label" feature.
For example, if you're trading EURUSD, you can set a custom label like "EUR_ROBOT." Then, for AUDUSD, you can use "AUD_ROBOT." Now, the robot will only manage trades for the specific currency pair that matches its label. This customization makes your trading more precise and organized.
Please remember to set the Custom Label - Symbol for each instrument with a different name / label, so the robot won't close your other open positions. This way, you can use the same robot on multiple instruments without any interference between them."

3. No Limits on Max Trades
The robot's maximum open positions are now exclusively focused on the trades it opens. This means that any manual trades you make won't count toward the robot's maximum trade limit. You have the freedom to place as many manual trades as you want without restrictions. The robot will only manage the trades it initiates, ensuring you have full control over your manual trading decisions.
These changes are designed to provide you with more flexibility and control over your trading strategies. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here to make your trading experience as smooth as possible. Happy trading!

*Please optimize the robots yourself.


Backtesting example:

Optimization example:


PHOTOS of good optimization results. See the photos and change the parameter settings to your liking:


Best regards,


// // The author hid the code of this algorithm
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