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DRKHASHIX PARALLELBOT v2 Free for a limited time

Notice. There is an update for this algorithm which is awaiting moderation. Please check back soon to view the latest version of this algorithm.


DRKHASHIX PARALLELBOT Free for a limited time : 2023, 11, 30

Hello, I am Dr.Khashix the god of your daily income

I fixed the previous code and uploaded it again

update v2 : “Exciting News! Introducing the Enhanced StopLoss System in Version 2! Enjoy the convenience of automatic limit order placement when opening trades. Set your Max Order Volume effortlessly to manage your trading strategy. Experience smarter and more accurate trade volume calculations. Elevate your trading game with this incredible update!”

new update coming soon just give me time ok


You can set first vulum to maxtraid volum to same so you don't use martingale

Also, if you have a lot of initial capital like Jewish banks and Freemasons, Do not use stop loss at all and set the pip step to higher numbers like 20 and achieve permanent profit. 

In general, you can make many customizations of your own creativity in this robot.

first use nothingbot 

This is an initial version of the Parallel Bot. It's a beta version created based on the NathingBot's martingale strategy, but with a more advanced and intricate coding approach. So far, it has shown exceptional results in backtests. However, the final and official version hasn't been released yet.


The key difference between this bot and the NathingBot is that it no longer analyzes the market's trends or anticipates market movements. Instead, it simultaneously implements the martingale strategy in both directions without market analysis. It excels in money management and efficiently handles critical martingale points by exiting the market. Regarding the stop-loss mechanism, the bot offers two options: one based on a fixed limit Stop Loss Pips and the other based on the Max Trade Volume.

Currently, this bot is available to the public for a limited time. I hope you make the most of its capabilities. Keep in mind that this version is experimental. Feel free to provide comments on the bot's performance and parameters in the comment section. If you come across any bugs, I, your friend Dr. Khashix, will be there to address them. Have a wonderful day, and always remember, I care about you.

Best regards,
Dr. Khashix

// // The author hid the code of this algorithm
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