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Momentum Maverick XAUUSD 1D

Notice. There is an update for this algorithm which is awaiting moderation. Please check back soon to view the latest version of this algorithm.

Let's break down the key elements of this strategy:

1. Parameters:
The robot defines several parameters that can be adjusted when deploying the strategy

  • Slow Moving Average
  • Fast Moving Average
  • ADX
  • BullsBearsImpulse 
  • Take Profit level
  •  Stop Loss level 
  • Risk Percentage 

2.Trading Logic:
- Buy Signal Conditions:
      - Fast Moving Average crosses above Slow Moving Average.
      - ADX (Average Directional Index) is above 15, indicating the presence of a trend.
      - BullsBearsImpulse signal is positive.
      - A volatility condition based on the candlestick pattern is met.

- Sell Signal Conditions:
      - Fast Moving Average crosses below Slow Moving Average.
      - ADX is above 15.
      - BullsBearsImpulse signal is negative.
      - A volatility condition based on the candlestick pattern is met.

The robot attempts to capitalize on trends in the market by using a combination of technical indicators and risk management. 

The risk management aspect ensures that position sizing is based on a percentage of the account balance, aiming to control potential losses. 

Tested on the Gold (XAUUSD) on the DAILY candles!! 

You can try and adjust the parameters and hopefully get better results :) 

Contact: WhatsApp 

// // The author hid the code of this algorithm
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