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Optimization Instructions + cBot

Notice. There is an update for this algorithm which is awaiting moderation. Please check back soon to view the latest version of this algorithm.

Some of you are still unfamiliar with adjusting specific parameter settings, such as changing the Moving Average or even optimize and backtest the robots accurately. To effectively use the robots, it's essential to know how to utilize the backtesting and optimization program in cTrader.
To assist you in this regard, I have created two detailed YouTube videos that offer step-by-step instructions on how to optimize, backtest, and initiate / start the robot in the cTrader desktop platform. I understand that these videos are relatively long, each lasting approximately one hour. I strongly encourage you to take the time to watch these videos.
For those who are unable to optimize the cBot due to using .NET 4, please download and install .NET 6 from the following link:

Alternatively, when you rent the cBot, you can request the .NET 4  robot version.

My cBot is built using the new .NET 6.

*EURUSD 1 Minute (OnBar robot version) - the safest robot. 

Download the robot using this link (FREE TEST until 10.10.2023):

Optimize the robot every month. It's safest to use the robot on EURUSD 1 Minute because it has been optimized using the complete cTrader historical data (2011 - 2023). I highly recommend using this parameter settings.

When optimizing the EURUSD 1 Minute (OnBar robot version) using "m1 bars from Server (open prices)" from 2011 to 2023, it's essential to ensure that the Equity Curve (the yellow line) remains consistent / the same. You can verify this by initially backtesting the robot on EURUSD 1 Minute data from 2017 to 2023, using "m1 bars from Server (open prices), and capturing a screenshot. Following that, you should perform another backtest with the same parameter settings, this time using "tick data from Server (accurate). Please remember that only optimizing and backtesting using "tick data from Server (accurate) is 100% correct - you will get the exact "Net profit" and the exact "Max Equity Drawdown (EUR/USD)""




*AUDUSD 1 Minute (OnBar robot version)
Optimize the robot every 14 days. Use "tick data from Server (accurate)




-The robots do not generate profit every day or every week. It's important to be patient as the robots are designed for long-term profitability. I understand that some of you may be seeking quick wealth, but it's not achievable within a month. If your trading account balance is around 100 USD, and the monthly rental fee is 15 EUR, I acknowledge that this cost might be a concern for you

-The real Max Equity Drawdown in cTrader is NOT in percentage (%). The actual Max Equity Drawdown in cTrader is measured in EUR, USD, or the currency of your trading account. This is the correct All-Time Max Drawdown.


Robot Description:

I've noticed that many of you prefer not to read the detailed optimization instructions and parameter descriptions I provided in a text file. Instead, you ask me very basic questions that are already covered in these documents. If you're serious about making Forex trading your future business and avoiding constant losses, it's essential to read everything and watch the YouTube videos I'm sharing with you.
I provide you with all the parameters for the robot so that you can optimize it. This is a practice that not many others who rent or sell their robots follow.

I spend a significant amount of time writing emails and explaining things to my customers throughout the day. I completely understand that if you're a beginner, not everything may be clear at first. However, I urge you to read through everything I've written in the description and the optimization instructions. Many of you ask me how to use the cTrader desktop platform and the robot, and that's perfectly fine. I'm here to help you and answer any questions you may have. I've put a lot of effort into explaining how to use cTrader and my robot, even providing videos, text files, and photos. Unfortunately, very few people end up renting the robot because they don't take the time to read or watch the instructional materials that are already available.






// // The author hid the code of this algorithm
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jay.crowe · 1 month ago

You need to be optimising using tick data!

Algo_Europe's avatar
Algo_Europe · 1 month ago

Hi Jim Tollan,

Thank you so much for your kind words and positive feedback! I’m really glad to hear that you found the YouTube videos and the methodical approach helpful. It’s great to know that you also appreciate the importance of using Tick Data over m1 bars for optimizing trading algorithms.

Your insights are spot on - maintaining performance with real Tick data is indeed where the real challenge lies. I’m glad that our shared understanding resonates with you.

I truly appreciate your acknowledgment of my contributions here. It’s comments like yours that motivate me to keep sharing and contributing to this community. Even if feedback isn’t always given, knowing that my work is making a difference is incredibly rewarding.

Thank you once again for taking the time to share your thoughts. Your support means a lot!

jim.tollan · 1 month ago

thanks for providing this set of YT's. Altho I optimize along the same lines, it's really useful to see it done in a methodical way. Also (and most importantly), you draw attention to the use of Tick Data, rather than 1 minute bars. I would say that almost ANY robot can give decent results using m1 bars. The skill and trick comes in maintaining anything near that performance when using the REAL Tick data. Like yourself, I start of the feasibility study of my parameters by looking at the m1 bars and then quickly move onto the Tick data.

Again - thanks for all your contributions here. I know there isn't always feedback, but you are doing a great job!!