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Scalping robot. 200% a Year. Youtube

Notice. There is an update for this algorithm which is awaiting moderation. Please check back soon to view the latest version of this algorithm.

YouTube video:






Rental Plans:
1 Month - 15 EUR       
2 Months - 30 EUR       
3 Months -  45 EUR       
4 Months -  60 EUR       
5 Months - 75 EUR       
6 Months - 90 EUR       
7 Months - 105 EUR     
8 Months - 120 EUR     
9 Months - 135 EUR      
10 Months - 150 EUR      
11 Months - 165 EUR     
12 Months - 180 EUR      

Buy the robot without the source code (no expiration date) = EUR 1000 . The Scalping robot won't be available for renting or buying for much longer. If you can afford to buy it, you should. I will probably stop renting it from April 2024 onwards.


I accept PayPal only.
Please email me once you've paid for the robot, and I'll send it to you as an email attachment.

Contact Information:
For rental or purchase inquiries, please contact me via email at 

- I'm not giving free tests. You already know me well to know that I'm the real deal. You can pay 15 eur and test it for 31 days before renting it for more months or buying it.
You're familiar with my track record, which speaks to the quality of my products.
- When you rent the Scalping robot, you'll receive the parameters, allowing you to optimize it on your broker and the instrument of your choice.



Minimum trading account Capital required: EUR 500 / USD 540

The robot is optimized using accurate Tick data from my broker, IC Markets global, on the EURUSD 3 Hour time frame from November 1, 2016, to October 22, 2023. Maximum Equity Drawdown = EUR 371  (USD 393 / GBP 323 / AUD 622 ,..) . I use a 1:500 leverage with IC Markets. I have a hedge trading account.

If you use a different broker, you'll need to optimize the robot on your specific broker's platform. Also, remember that Demo and Live trading accounts are not the same. They have different spreads and other fees. This is why it's crucial to optimize the robot on your Live trading account.

For those of you using IC Markets like I do and wish to use the robot without initial optimization, please be aware that the Maximum Equity drawdown on EURUSD 3 Hour is 371 EUR. This means your trading account balance should be at least that amount. To be safe, it's a good idea to keep at least 50% more in your account to account for margin requirements. 

Here's how to optimize the robot:
1. Please remember to optimize this robot using Tick data from Server (accurate) for accurate results.  Always optimize the robot on historical data from 1.1.2017 to the current date. (Use data from January 1, 2017, to the current date for the best results.)

2. Optimize the robot with the Optimization Criteria: "Minimize Max Equity Drawdown (EUR - in your trading account currency)."
- Based on the Max Equity Drawdown EUR, you'll know the minimum trading account balance required.
- The robot is unlocked, allowing you to optimize it on any instrument and attempt to achieve a lower Max Equity Drawdown.
- This robot doesn't require optimization every 14 days, as was the case with my old robots. You can optimize it once using historical data from January 1, 2017 (tick data from Server (accurate)), to the present date and then optimize it every 3 or 6 months.

It's wiser to prioritize safe trading and avoid overtrading. This robot can potentially yield around 100% / 200%  profit per year. To put that into perspective, even banks and hedge funds typically don't achieve a 100% profit annual return. So, consider yourself fortunate to have the opportunity to utilize this robot. Hedge Funds (brokers) only make about 10-15% profit annually.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance.

Best regards,




// // The author hid the code of this algorithm
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