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TopFX cBot. EURUSD 3-Hour. Free TEST

Notice. There is an update for this algorithm which is awaiting moderation. Please check back soon to view the latest version of this algorithm.

Youtube video:


Optimization result screenshot:


  • Please only use this cBot if your broker is TopFX ( ) and you have a minimum of USD 1000 in your trading account.

I do not work for TopFX; I solely optimized this cBot on the TopFX broker for EURUSD 3-hour trading. This cBot generates approximately USD 80 per month.

Rental Plans (1 cBot):
1 Month - 15 EUR       
2 Months - 30 EUR       
3 Months -  45 EUR       
4 Months -  60 EUR       
5 Months - 75 EUR       
6 Months - 90 EUR       
7 Months - 105 EUR     
8 Months - 120 EUR     
9 Months - 135 EUR      
10 Months - 150 EUR      
11 Months - 165 EUR     
12 Months - 180 EUR      

If you require more than one cBot, each additional cBot costs EUR 5 per month. Each cBot must have its unique labels in the source code to enable the use of multiple cBots on the same trading account. For instance, if you run one cBot on your trading account, it will generate approximately USD 80 per month. Running two cBots simultaneously will result in an estimated monthly profit of around USD 160. So, the total price for 2 cBots would be 20 eur / month; First bot = 15 eur plus 1 additional = 5 eur. (3 bots = 25 eur, 4 bots = 30 eur,..)

*Purchase the robot without the source code (no expiration date): EUR 1000. You will receive optimization parameters, allowing you to optimize it for other forex currency pairs and brokers. The Scalping robot will not be available for renting or purchasing for much longer. If you can afford to buy it, you should act promptly. I am likely to discontinue rentals from April 2024 onwards.


Contact Information:
For rental or purchase inquiries, please contact me via email at 

The cBot you download here is solely a trial version for you to test before making a rental decision.

The expiration date for the free testing version is December 24, 2023.


I have also optimized this cBot for the IC Markets broker. If anyone is interested, you can find the information here:




// // The author hid the code of this algorithm
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