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How to install
paid  03 Jul 2020
This is a high quality fully automated trend trading robot with real strategy. It does not use any dangerous strategies like Martingale, Grid, hedge, Averaging methods, other Betting methods.It trades the trend based on the carefully prepared and researched strategy behind it.   This Robot is for INDEX trading, you can trade any other instrument with it as well, but the Main purpose is a Robot that can efficiently trade Indices without Betting strategies.    The Main Indices you will get the settings for in the Package:  ---GER30(DAX30) ---UK100 ---US500 --AUS200 Package Contains:   --Full Cbot with all adjustable settings and parameters. --Unlimited Activation on Unlimited accounts --No expiration, unlimited use. --Free updates per 6 months --Cbot settings for the Main Indices.   Buy this Product:   Fully automated Index trader Robot:  https://gum.co/SQnWv My other products in store:  https://gumroad.com/calgobots Website: https://yourforexrobot.wordpress.com/index-trader-pro-cbot/     Strategy: It uses an Entry Indicator, a Confirmation Indicator for entry, and exit Indicators as well as Trailing Stop loss, regular stop loss and Take Profit.      Contacts: Ask me any time: email: ratonyibotond@gmail.com Telegram: https://t.me/BRobotTrader   Tests and Statisctics:           
Fast bot EMA58
free  23 Jun 2020
Trading based on when EMA 5 crosses EMA 8. There is some settings for what to do when you close a loss trade, I used insperation from another bot in here. So you can enable Reverse double that take the double volum and trade it in the other direction. The other settings to double it in the same direction. This bot work pretty good. but I haven't doen the optimazation yet so If some one wanna have a look and try it out! go ahead!  
The Forex Tank
free  22 Jun 2020
The Forex Tank is a cbot with a simple hedging strategy whose main goal is to reduce as much as possible the potential Equity Drawdown intrinsic to these kinds of strategies. Like a tank, it moves slowly but surely in all kinds of markets. More information and free download: https://theforexroboter.com/tanken.html But how exactly does this robot work? In this video you can see an example of how it works in GbpNzd:  PARAMETERS: - Pip Scale: It is the parameter that will allow us to use the bot in different assets. You can take a look to our recommendation for each asset in the "Presets" section: https://theforexroboter.com/presetsen.html - Spread Max: If the spread is greater than "x" pips, the robot will not open any new positions. - Volume: It is 1000 by default, since it is initially designed for Forex. In case of operating Gold for example, it is very important to remember to change this volume to 1, since it can mean the loss of a lot of money. - Equity Stop Loss: If the Equity of our account falls below "X" euros/Dollars, all positions will be closed and the robot will stop. If we have the bot operating on several assets at the same time, we must put this amount in each one of the robots that we have active. - Equity Step: This tab should always be active, except when we have the bot active in different graphics. In that case we must leave this tab active in one of the robots, and inactive for the rest. - Equity Step win: It is recommended to leave the default value for 1K volume in Forex. More information in the "Presets" section. - Equity Step Loss: If the Equity DrawDown reaches "X" euros, all open trades will be closed and will start again. In this case, the robot will not stop after closing positions.  
Smart Trend Bot
free  29 May 2020
This robot enters the trend and leaves when the average loses inclination.. FIX - Trailing Stop - 2020-05-28
Inside Bar - Beta v1
free  25 May 2020
This robot operates inside bar, optimize it for your market and timeframe preferences
paid  06 May 2020
InComplete yet, use in combination with my other indicator. for day trader use M15 time frame with " M15, H1, H4 (bot parameters)". right now bot will not make any trade. will provide you the interface perfectly. Download from the given link below: TrendZone Price indicator TrendZone Price - Heiken Ashi pro Indicator | Algorithmic Forex...   MultiTimeframe Trend EA Youtube:    ======================= Please feel free to visit my profile. Fiverr:  make forex ea and indicators development Email: tb135qet13@gmail.com LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/zunisoft/ Whatsapp: +923074197244  Call: +923360550104    
free  08 Jun 2020
I have Bot to place Bulk orders in either direction or both Sale and Buy for cTrader. Those who are interested I can give it for FREE.  It places as many as orders on one click in any direction or both and is good for high volatility. Contact me on m.tausif@hotmail.co.uk OR A Rafay and I will send it for FREE.
Nielsen Scalper
free  20 Apr 2020
By Forexcove. The Nielsen Scalper trades the trend, making use of MA, RSI and ADX for trend strength. With a built-in Multiplication feature, it enables you to trade with our without Martingale, but always in the direction of potential trend. This version is for DEMO purposes only, and does not work on LIVE accounts. For full version, and/or further information, visit us at https://www.forexcove.com/ Sample setting for volatile periods e.g. Jan 2020 until April 2020 can be downloaded here.  
Inside Bar 1.3
free  04 Jul 2020
Do it on Your Own Risk changelog :  1.2 Stop loss and take profit fix 1.3 Target price, SL and TP rounding fix =================================== This bot was inspired by the trading strategy by robopips (in Babypips forum) so credits to the maker.    you can see the detail of the strategy in this post :    New Forex System: Inside Bar Momentum Strategy I  add some adjustable parameters and filter inside.
Trend Moving Average
paid  12 Jun 2020
This robot validates the slope of the moving averages to indicate the trend and opens orders accordingly. It uses some configurable moving averages that must be optimized for the role you want to operate. Indicated papers: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, EURUSD   DOWNLOAD TEST VERSION, IT WILL WORK UNTIL 2020-04-25 If you interested send me a email: deniscabral92@gmail.com, subject: cBot Trend, Price 20U$ Payment Method: Paypal           Backtest - 2020-04-10 --- 2020-03-24
free  06 Apr 2020
I recommend using this Cbot on Renko charts with 10 pips brick size for the following pairs only. EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, GBPJPY, USDCHF & USDCAD LEXscaper Cbot has a knack of catching the trend and letting it run and cutting short its loser’s.  
paid  02 Apr 2020
This tool will help you protect your exposed positions during periods of extreme volatility in the markets as well as trade directly from the terminal for short term scalping. Minimize your Losses This is one of the most useful features of the volatility trader, it will protect your exposed positions when there is a high-impact market event like news. Lock-In Your Profits All open positions have the option to be managed by when there is high volatility, only winning positions that are of the same trend as the volatility meter will be managed, Manual Trading (Scalping) It is possible to scalp using this tool by configuring the settings for small solid price movements and be informed of the trend direction and when this happens the controls below can be used to quickly enter a market order. Download the Volatility Trader Watch the Video Tutorial   Paul Hayes Sales & Marketing Email: contact@clickalgo.com Phone: (44) 203 289 6573 Website: https://clickalgo.com Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn PS: Why not join our instant chat group on Telegram.