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free  11 Jan 2020
MA Crossing Renko
free  03 Mar 2020
By ForexCove. Ride the trend at the earliest moment. Combine slow MA, with a tight 1 or 5 brick Renko brick for best results. This robot is a free module from our upcoming advanced Renko trading algo, which is slated for release Q2 2020. We have found that combining a slow moving average, with small renko bricks, can generate very interesting results. As always, for any trend trading algo, go for currency pairs that historically have been most likely to trend. ****************************** JUST ANNOUNCED OUR ADAPTIVE GRID BLAZER FOREX ROBOT - INTRO OFFER  - LEARN MORE HERE ****************************** MA Crossing Renko Trading logic When Renko brick closes above MA, open buy position When Renko brick closes below MA, open sell position When fixed TP is disabled, the bot will hold position until brick closes on opposite side of MA. This free module also allows for trailing SL. Suggested settings MA: 800 - 1200 Renko size: 1 or 5 Snapshots 01 EURUSD  Snapshots 02 EURUSD                                               Be sure to visit ForexCove for free downloads and discounts on commercially available Forex Trading Algos.  
Macd Bot
free  24 Sep 2012
Uses the MACD Histogram and Signal line for buy and sell signals.
MACD cross over Free
free  17 Aug 2020
This bot use MACD Cross Over 1. Signal-line crossover 2. Zero crossover  
free  23 Nov 2020
Hi, Today i share my new cbot, not yet live tested but look profitable on backtest with different periods. Based from Pivot Point cbot found here i added MACD for filter entries. For exemple on DAX m5 results are pretty good  But i have a problem, it only open Buy positions....can someone help me to fix thanx guys.    
free  16 Feb 2019
Hello. I have been testing out the strategy on gold and eurusd, jusing MA 9 and 20 type Simple. And if the trend switsh it will hedge with double +0.01 quantity for change the direction. or if you turn on hedging on SL insted of close the position it open a new in oposit direction.   The testing are not done and I still working on the finishing and bugfix. please take a look and comment. as example: EURUSD 4H, from 01/01/2018 to 14th fabruary 2019. profit of 388.95. (backtesting in tickdata) max blanace drawdown 19.45% on 1000 USD account setting: source: close MAtype Simple TP 10 SL 30 Max openposition ( not implemented yet) Slow period 20 fast period 9 use headging Yes Close on headging breake even NO hedge on SL YES Quantitiy 0.01 SourceSeries Close   Yes there is still som work to do, some duplicates and more. Just wana se what you guys are thinking of the potential? Please keep in mind, this is my fist ever robot, I have been in forex market since 2010 and thants to Ctraders amazing tools I have the ability to start makeing my oen algo.  
free  11 Dec 2014
//Date: 11/12/2014 //Country: Chile //Copyright: Felipe Sepulveda Maldonado //LinkedIn: https://cl.linkedin.com/in/felipesepulvedamaldonado //Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mymagicflight1 //Whats Up: +56 9 58786321, your comments are welcome! //Donations Wallet: wallet.google.com felipe.sepulveda@gmail.com //Description: WillR% & Moving Average //Recomended Timeframe: M5 //Cheers! using System; using System.Linq; using cAlgo.API; using cAlgo.API.Indicators; using cAlgo.API.Internals; using cAlgo.Indicators; namespace cAlgo {     [Robot(TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC, AccessRights = AccessRights.None)]     public class Maithai : Robot     {         #region cBot Parameters         [Parameter("cBot Label", DefaultValue = "Maithai")]         public string cBotLabel { get; set; }         [Parameter("Volume", DefaultValue = 1000, MinValue = 1000)]         public int InitialVolume { get; set; }         [Parameter("Take Profit", DefaultValue = 2, MinValue = 1, MaxValue = 100)]         public int TakeProfit { get; set; }         [Parameter("Trailing Stop", DefaultValue = 1, MinValue = 0, MaxValue = 30)]         public int TrailingStop { get; set; }         [Parameter("Stop Loss", DefaultValue = 14, MinValue = 5, MaxValue = 150)]         public int StopLoss { get; set; }         [Parameter("WilliamsR High", DefaultValue = 90, MinValue = 85, MaxValue = 95)]         public int wHigh { get; set; }         [Parameter("WilliamsR Low", DefaultValue = 15, MinValue = 5, MaxValue = 20)]         public int wLow { get; set; }         [Parameter("WilliamsR Period", DefaultValue = 100, MinValue = 50, MaxValue = 200)]         public int wrPeriod { get; set; }         [Parameter("ATR Market Volatility Min.", DefaultValue = 35, MinValue = 0, MaxValue = 110)]         public int atrMarketMin { get; set; }         [Parameter("ATR Market Volatility Max.", DefaultValue = 100, MinValue = 100)]         public int atrMarketMax { get; set; }         [Parameter("ATR Period", DefaultValue = 10, MinValue = 1, MaxValue = 100)]         public int atrPeriod { get; set; }         [Parameter("Moving Average Type", DefaultValue = MovingAverageType.Simple)]         public MovingAverageType MovingAverageType { get; set; }         [Parameter("MA Period", DefaultValue = 14, MinValue = 3, MaxValue = 100)]         public int Period { get; set; }         [Parameter("MA Source")]         public DataSeries Source { get; set; }         [Parameter("Max. Time Open (Minutes)", DefaultValue = 60, MinValue = 5, MaxValue = 360)]         public int maxTime { get; set; }         #endregion         private MovingAverage _movingAverage;         #region cBot Events         protected override void OnStart()         {             _movingAverage = Indicators.MovingAverage(Source, Period, MovingAverageType);             Timer.Start(1);         }         protected override void OnTimer()         {         }         protected override void OnTick()         {             //Put your core logic here             double mercado = 100000 * Indicators.AverageTrueRange(MarketSeries, atrPeriod, MovingAverageType.VIDYA).Result.Last(0);             double will = 100 + Indicators.WilliamsPctR(wrPeriod).Result.Last(0);             ChartObjects.DrawText("", "Market:" + mercado.ToString() + "WillR:" + will.ToString(), StaticPosition.BottomRight, Colors.White);             if ((will < wLow) && (mercado > atrMarketMin) && (mercado < atrMarketMax) && _movingAverage.Result.IsRising())             {                 System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000);                 var result = ExecuteMarketOrder(TradeType.Buy, Symbol, InitialVolume, cBotLabel, StopLoss, 100, 2, mercado.ToString() + "-" + will.ToString());             }             if ((will > wHigh) && (mercado > atrMarketMax) && (mercado < atrMarketMax) && _movingAverage.Result.IsFalling())             {                 System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000);                 var result = ExecuteMarketOrder(TradeType.Sell, Symbol, InitialVolume, cBotLabel, StopLoss, 100, 2, mercado.ToString() + "-" + will.ToString());             }             // Trailing Stop for all positions             SetTrailingStop();             TimerClose();         }         #endregion         private void SetTrailingStop()         {             var sellPositions = Positions.FindAll(cBotLabel, Symbol, TradeType.Sell);             foreach (Position position in sellPositions)             {                 double distance = position.EntryPrice - Symbol.Ask;                 if (distance < TakeProfit * Symbol.PipSize)                     continue;                 double newStopLossPrice = Symbol.Ask + TrailingStop * Symbol.PipSize;                 if (position.StopLoss == null || newStopLossPrice < position.StopLoss)                     ModifyPosition(position, newStopLossPrice, position.TakeProfit);             }             var buyPositions = Positions.FindAll(cBotLabel, Symbol, TradeType.Buy);             foreach (Position position in buyPositions)             {                 double distance = Symbol.Bid - position.EntryPrice;                 if (distance < TakeProfit * Symbol.PipSize)                     continue;                 double newStopLossPrice = Symbol.Bid - TrailingStop * Symbol.PipSize;                 if (position.StopLoss == null || newStopLossPrice > position.StopLoss)                     ModifyPosition(position, newStopLossPrice, position.TakeProfit);             }         }         private void TimerClose()         {             foreach (Position position in Positions)             {                 int mPosition = (position.EntryTime.Hour * 60) + position.EntryTime.Minute + maxTime;                 int mActual = (Time.Hour * 60) + Time.Minute;                 //Si es que pasaron X min, entonces reevalua Buy (Abajo). Deja de insistir?                 if (mPosition < mActual)                     ClosePosition(position);                 //Si es que pasaron X min, entonces reevalua Sell (Arriba). Deja de insistir?                 if (mPosition < mActual)                     ClosePosition(position);             }         }     } }
MCAD PrbSAR noise
free  18 Mar 2015
Advisor "MCAD PrbSAR noise" trades on signals indicators MACD and Parabolic SAR, default is optimized on a pair EURUSD H1. You can optimize any instrument and timeframe. Additionally Advisor equipped noise levels on indicators MACD and Parabolic SAR. Closing of open positions occurs on signals indicators MACD and Parabolic SAR only in profits, or - the stop-loss. 1- Noise_Prb_SAR_ema  2- Noise_MACD_m0  3- Noise_MACD_s0  4- Noise_MACD_sm 
free  28 Jan 2015
The Mechanic Bot uses the Candlestick Tendency indicator as a decision driver for entering trades. The basic idea is to trade higher order timeframe with current local timeframe. It trades a single position at a time and has mechanisms for trailing stops and basic money management. Here's the list of parameters and their descriptions: HighOrderTimeFrame - which higher timeframe to use for deciding on trend direction, default value is h1 (it's ok to leave it like that). This parameter gets forwarded to the Candlestick Tendency indicator. This is recommended to be at least 4x local timeframe. If you use minutes for the main local timeframe, then use minutes over hours for a higher timeframe, or hours over days, days over months etc... Volume - the trading amount, default is 10000, set this to whatever is satisfied by backtesting. EnableStopLoss - the name says it all, default is true to use stoploss mechanism, it's highly recommended to leave it as is (do not turn stoploss off unless you know what you're doing). StopLoss - the stoploss value, in pips, default is 20 (if enabled). EnableBreakEven - use breakeven mechanism or not, default is false (do not move to break even), other breakeven settings only have effect when this setting is true. BreakEvenPips - the amount of pips to set break even stoploss to, default is 10. BreakEvenGain - the minimal amount of profitable pips that triggers a move to break even, default is 20. EnableTrailingStop - use trailing stop mechanism or not, default is false, other trailing stop settings only have effect when this setting is true. TrailingStop - the amount of trailing pips, default is 10 (if enabled). TrailingStart - the minimal amount of profitable pips to start trailing (if enabled). EnableTakeProfit - use the takeprofit mechanism or not, default is true, highly recommended to leave it on. TakeProfit - the amount of take profit pips, default is 30, set this to whatever is satisfied by backtesting. EnterOnSyncSignalOnly - only trade when both local and global trends change direction on the same bar simultaneously, default is true. This setting increases the win/lose ratio, but can reduce the total amount of trades. That is, when this setting is set to true, the bot will make less trades and less mistakes, but this will probably take more time. ExitOnOppositeSignal - exit a position on opposite signal, default is false. This can generate a lot of noise and false signals, so it is recommended to leave it off. Installation: 1. Download and install the Candlestick Tendency indicator. 2. Download and install this bot. 3. Set a reference to Candlestick Tendency in reference manager before building the bot (3rd screenshot) 4. Build the bot.  
paid  06 May 2020
InComplete yet, use in combination with my other indicator. for day trader use M15 time frame with " M15, H1, H4 (bot parameters)". right now bot will not make any trade. will provide you the interface perfectly. Download from the given link below: TrendZone Price indicator TrendZone Price - Heiken Ashi pro Indicator | Algorithmic Forex...   MultiTimeframe Trend EA Youtube:    ======================= Please feel free to visit my profile. Fiverr:  make forex ea and indicators development Email: tb135qet13@gmail.com LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/zunisoft/ Whatsapp: +923074197244  Call: +923360550104    
My new Algo
free  31 Jul 2020
Hi Everyone, You can contact me @ "trend_meanreversion@yahoo.com" I have recently built a couple of bots in cAlgo which are showing promising results in back testing using tick data and i have been testing them in live environment with very similar results. Please find the back-testing results of them below. All of them have high risk reward ratio so that you can leverage accordingly. I always seek at least 2 or 3:1 annualized return to max DD  .  This allows one to leverage if needed without blowing their accounts within limited risk appetite. Please check them at [ TWITTER Signal Service Experimentation ] -> https://ctrader.com/forum/ctrader-support/24402   [ https://twitter.com/TMeanreversion ] [ CFD Bot ]  -> /forum/calgo-support/7584   MyFxbook attached for CFD Bot -> http://www.myfxbook.com/members/TRMR/cfd-bot/1459477 ( it is removed now since i am live ) [ use http://www.myfxbook.com/members/TRMR/cfd-bot-backup/1502743  for Feb month and onward as i accidentally ran my 'work in progress' strategies on the CFD (main) bot account ]  ( it is removed now since i am live ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ BinaryOptions Indicator ] ->  /forum/calgo-support/7602 ( link to backtest file -> http://www.filedropper.com/binaryoptionsmodel )  [ I gave up eventually as broker didn't let me withdraw so not going to spend time on developing it further ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ DAX Scalper ] -> /forum/calgo-support/8208 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Free DAX (basic) strategy -> http://www.filedropper.com/de30gapmodel   ( read this as well -> /forum/calgo-support/8622 ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ DAX HFT- Martingale ] -> /forum/calgo-support/10110 https://www.myfxbook.com/members/TRMR/dax-hft/2059675 -------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ FX Martingale ] -> /forum/calgo-support/11265 https://www.myfxbook.com/members/TRMR/martingale-fx-v0/1977124 Risky 'Martingale' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DAX Portfolio Mix of DAX strategies + CurrencyStrength Bot ( latest addition to my suite of algos ) 2 Versions of CFD Bot 3 min Scalper 2 min Scalper HFT CurrencyStrength Bot https://www.myfxbook.com/members/displayBook/portfolio/2252204 ( it is not-active on demo as I am live ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CurrencyStrength(Filtered Version) Bot  ( stand-alone ) https://www.myfxbook.com/members/TRMR/filtered-currencystrength/2487404 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: algo attached is dummy
paid  13 Mar 2021
 BBands Trend Follower / cTrader platform - Automatic Trading System New release "BBands Trend Follower 02.21" In the new release we have added and implemented the following parameters: - Strategy Auto Select: with the cBot running, change automatically the strategy (Reverse or Breakout) after a certain number of losses specifying from the parameters after how many losing trades will be applied. - Gap/Spike Protection: It protects against opening "Gaps" and sudden "Spikes" that can generate continuous opening and closing of positions. - Solo SL/TP exit: if selected, it uses StopLoss or TakeProfit as the only exit strategy. - SL/TP & BreakEven: if selected, it helps the main exit strategy or the "Solo SL / TP exit" in bringing the StopLoss above EntryPrice as soon as you are in profit. - Money Management (Position Sizing) on winning and loosing trade. If the previous position was closed with a profit, increase the volume of the next position. If, on the other hand, the previous position was closed at a loss, it decreases the volume of the next position. From the parameters you can set the amount of volume to increase or decrease by setting the number of trades where to apply it. Gap/Spike Protection: Opening Gap Spike Equity Line with "Gap/Spike Protection OFF"   Equity Line with "Gap/Spike Protection ON" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Trading System uses Bollinger Bands for volatility, but is used in a different way than usual, with long periods and Standard Deviation from 0.1 to 1 with a weighted moving average (it looks like a river). The Bollinger Bands serve mainly as a filter in entering the market avoiding periods of laterality. cBot can be set as Reverse or Breakout strategy, the optimization will indicate the best strategy for each particular Currencies Cross, indices, Metals, Crypto Currencies. Exit strategy is Trend Follower. This strategy is characterized by more trades in loss of small amounts and less trades in gain with larger amounts, the ratio is 55/60% trades in loss and 45/40% trades in gain. The strategy exploits the evolution of the trend while cutting losing positions if the market moves against. Money Management with Position Sizing on winning and loosing trades. In the event that there is a series of loss trades, Position Sizing (on Lose) is very effective as it reduces the amount of volume (lots) after each losing trade. If you have a series of winning trades the Position Sizing (on gain) increases the volume (lots) quantity after each winning trade. Money Management can be activated or deactivated. STRATEGIES DO NOT USE ANY GRID SYSTEM OR MARTINGALE In the markets of the major Forex Currencies Crosses, Metals, oil, Indices and Crypto some of them adapt better on Reverse/Breakout strategies and you can find it out through optimization. DOWNLOAD DEMO VERSION In the strategy:(All positions are protected with StopLoss) - Select Reverse/Breakout strategy - Strategy Auto Select - Gap/Spike Protection - Solo SL/TP exit - SL/TP & BreakEven - StopLoss & TakeProfit are automatically assigned. (Depending on volatility and volume traded in the book) - Money Management (Position Sizing) on winning and loosing trade.  - Exit Strategy: Trend Follow (TakeProfit is floating and is used only as security in case the bot is no more controllable due to connection failure or other causes. When the Bot is active the position is closed only by the StopLoss which Trails). - As soon as you enter the market if the price moves against your position, the Position is closed before the stop Loss is touched. As soon as the Trend Follower is automatically activated, the position is closed only by the Trailing Stop Loss. The Trading System has been designed to work at the best with all types of Forex Cross Currencies, Metals, Oil, Indices, futures and Crypto Currencies that are sensible to Reverse or Breakout strategies. Pay attention to the Trade volume for each instrument as it changes from Forex to CFD (Indices, Metals, Oil, Futures and Crypto Currencies). Some Brokers for CFDs give you the opportunity to trade all of them with micro lots. Others use different Lotsize (example for Indices minimum 1 contract, Gold 0.1 / 1 Oz). In the Trading System, if you enter a wrong Volume value, the Bot will automatically use the minimum tradable volume. Warning: when trading CFDs the results can vary widely between one broker and another. The suggestion is to operate on CFDs using the same broker in which the optimization was made. Backtest and optimization must be done considering the following parameters at best (lined up in sequence of importance and priority): - SharpRatio: (which is a reward to risk ratio) minimum value 0.13 - Max Balance Drawdown & Max Equity Drawdown: Max 15% better under 10%. Discard higher values. Rather than earning, you should consider what you can lose. If you don't pay attention to Drawdown, working with a high leverage is very easy to lose the whole capital. With high leverage you can earn a lot compared to the capital but you can also easily drain the whole account. Using Position Sizing (on gain) you can double or triple the earnings and in this case the Drawdown can go up to max 23%. Do it only if it is worth on increasing the gain. To reduce the Drawdown use Position Sizing (on lose) the gain in this case will be slightly reduced. - Profit Factor: minimum value 1.40 - better if it is higher than 1.50 - Net Profit - Trades number: all optimizations must be done over a minimum of 8/9 years period to have reliable results. - Average Trade: The average earnings for each individual trade. Considering an initial capital of $ 10,000, 200 leverage, (Forex) ordersize (bet) 0.10 lots (10,000 volume). The Average Trade must be more then 20.00 $ per Trade P.S .: When you optimize or backtest put Commission to 50 (x million) and Spread to 2 for major Forex crosses and more for minor crosses. This is used to amortize slippage. - The parameters attached to the bot have been optimized using ICMarket Broker from 08/02/2011 to 01/03/2020. (with some parameters the Drawdown comes out higher then 15% because it was worth pushing on the Money Management (Position Sizing on gain). Initial capital of $ 10,000, 200 leverage - Forex Currencies: ordersize (bet) 0.10 lots (10,000 volume), Commission 50(x million) and Spread to 2. - BitCoin/USD: ordersize (bet) 0.30 lots, Commission 50(x million) and Spread to 167.   To avoid "Over-Fitting": - Optimizations and Backtests must be performed for at least 8/9 or more years for reliable results. The optimization done on short periods is not absolutely reliable. Professional traders optimize and backtest their automatic systems using very long periods (10/15/20 years) of data feeds with paid Data Feeds providers. All Brokers who use cTrader platform for Forex give a free set of Data Feeds of about 8/9 years and for CFDs 5/6 years. - To test if the parameters obtained are robust, do backtests by varying them slightly (do not change REVERSE/BREAKOUT selection). If you get positive results, even if qualitatively lower than the optimized ones, this means that the parameter set is robust and not "Overfitted". ---------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD DEMO VERSION Active.cTrader.Bot HomePage Contacts write to: active.ctrader.bot@gmail.com ======================================================