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paid  06 Jun 2023
PERFECT GRID SYSTEM *The finest grid system you will find on the cTrader site *This is a non-stop loss strategy, it works if you know what you are doing * You can optimize for others pairs also   BACKTEST Backtested EURUSD 5+ Years on IC Markets (OnTick accurate data on live account) Starting Balance: 5.000 EUR Reward: 38.003 EUR +760% Maximum Low Peak: 10% of the reward PRICING 5.000 EUR (No Source Code) Includes: * Cbot fully operating for 2 trade accounts (you may share it with your friend) * EURUSD settings (picture above)  * I can help you to find the right settings in case you do not use IC Markets * Full support from me via telegram or email * Free lifetime Cbot updates in case I upgrade them. * 20% off on your next purchase   10.000 EUR (With Source Code) Includes: * Cbot source code, you can improve the algorithm or create a new one from it * EURUSD settings (picture above) + one forex pair settings with good results * I can help you to find the right settings in case you do not use IC Markets * Full support from me via telegram or email and maybe start to create new bots together * Free lifetime Cbot updates in case I upgrade them. * 30% off on your next purchase _____________________________________________________________________ HIRE AS A DEVELOPER You can also hire me as a developer, it is simple, just tell me a major forex pair or indices and I will create a profitable bot for you in 2 weeks. Prices are the same: 5.000 EUR (No Source Code, cBot operating for 2 trade accounts) 10.000 EUR (Source Code Included) After I show you the cBot working for 5+ years on backtesting with good results we proceed with the negociation. _____________________________________________________________________ CONTACT: Telegram: +351 912 628 406 Email: logicctrader@gmail.com   ‚Äč
free  05 Jun 2023
KAMA Trend Following System The Strategy is a long-term trend-following trading algorithm that uses the Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average (KAMA) to indicate the direction of the market. It is a strategy primarily designed for the daily timeframe and has yielded the best results on EURUSD, BTCUSD, and GBPUSD markets. Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average (KAMA) KAMA is a unique kind of moving average developed by Perry Kaufman, and introduced in his book "Smarter Trading". It adapts to market noise or volatility. When markets are trending, and the price is making big moves, KAMA becomes sensitive and follows the price closely. Conversely, in a ranging or consolidative market state where the price is noisy, KAMA desensitizes itself and remains smoother. The advantage of KAMA is its improved sensitivity to price changes compared to other moving averages, without the accompanying noise that usually comes with sensitivity.   As you see, in ranging periods the KAMA moves sideways, and in trending markets it changes direction rapidly. The Strategy The Strategy is based on the crossover of two KAMAs with different period parameters: a fast one (default period of 20) and a slow one (default period of 200). If the fast KAMA crosses above the slow KAMA, it indicates an upward trend, and the robot opens a buy trade. If the fast KAMA crosses below the slow KAMA, it indicates a downward trend, and the robot opens a sell trade. The robot is always in the market, meaning when a new trade opens, the previous trade of the opposite direction gets closed.     In addition to the KAMA indicators, the Average True Range (ATR) indicator is also used for defining the stop loss level of the trades. The ATR indicator measures market volatility, and the stop loss is set to be a multiple (default is 10) of the ATR. This adaptive stop loss level adjusts itself with changing market volatility. The strategy was live tested on GBPUSD and EURUSD with a fast period of 20 and a long period of 200 producing good results, and on BTCUSD with a fast period of 20 and a slow period of 50 with very good results. All on Daily Timeframe.   You can download the robot from the link below, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Download for free from sinalgolab.com    
free  29 May 2023
Telegram: @orglobalng Tested with the following Parameters:              Symbol: XAUUSD                Entry Time: 19:00             Timeframe: 1H
paid  24 May 2023
Description: Introducing a powerful trading robot specifically designed for trading Gold (XAUUSD) – a mean reversion robot. The algorithm it employs compares the Gold to Silver ratio, constructing a time series and generating trading signals based on this new series. Please note that this is not an arbitrage robot; it is designed exclusively for trades on XAUUSD. Our strategy is underpinned by robust statistical theory, not optimization. The robot's variables have been minimally adjusted to avoid overfitting. It is highly compatible with a 15-minute timeframe, while other timeframes have not been live-tested. The robot is not intended for use with other pairs. The robot is user-friendly, requiring you to manage only two parameters: risk percentage and risk profile. It offers three risk profiles – Low, Intermediate, and High. While the High-risk profile often brings the greatest rewards, it is also associated with the highest drawdown. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious not to overleverage the robot. To validate our bot's efficiency, we provide backtest images based on tick charts. These tests fully incorporate spread and transaction costs.       Pricing: Trial: €9 for 1 Week - A great opportunity for you to test the robot. However, please note that the robot doesn't place trades every day. Monthly: €39 Quarterly: €99 Annually: €299 Full price of the cBot (without source code): €2000   After Purchasing, we will get The Robot and License within 24h.   To Purchase follow the links Here   Q & A Section: Q1: Will the robot work on pairs other than XAUUSD? A1: No, the robot is specifically designed to trade on XAUUSD only. Q2: Can I adjust more than the risk percentage and risk profile? A2: To maintain simplicity and prevent overfitting, we've restricted the parameters that can be adjusted to just these two. Q3: Has this robot been live-tested on other timeframes? A3: The robot is tested and optimized for a 15-minute timeframe. Live testing on other timeframes has not been conducted.     Refund Policy: Our refund policy is transparent and customer-centric. If the robot, operated on a Low-Risk Profile with a reasonable Risk Percentage (not exceeding 4%), fails to turn a profit for three consecutive months, we promise a full refund. This refund policy applies when using a reputable broker, such as IC Markets, ensuring that your trading conditions are optimal. If these conditions are met and the robot is not profitable, you are eligible for a full refund, no questions asked. We believe in our robot and want you to trade with confidence. Our refund policy is our commitment to the effectiveness and reliability of our trading robot.     Disclaimer: The trading bot is developed with precision and care, however, financial markets can be unpredictable. While our algorithm is statistically sound and backtested, past performance is not indicative of future results. Risk management is crucial; do not risk money that you cannot afford to lose. Always conduct your own due diligence before using a new trading robot. Remember, with the high-risk profile, although the rewards can be substantial, the risks of drawdown are also significant. Be careful and don't overleverage the bot.    
free  20 May 2023
Watch Real Backtest of the SuperBot:  Real Backtest - Real Profit
free  16 May 2023
USING PSAR. This robot checks for positive corelation in trend between EURUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY. if they are both trending upwards then we buy because it is a strong uptrend.  currently i used PARABORIC SAR: the current psar is below price on both at the same time EURUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY. it buys. and vice versa. suggestions accepted. I really need your comments they encourage me to post these bots i had beed developing and couldnt continue alone.
free  13 May 2023
This robot will check for volatility by using bolinger bands, whent they expand it will check for ma crossover, if fast ma is above the slow it will buy and trail the stop and vice versa. If the bands are contracting there is no trend so it wont buy, to avoid pullbacks.  optimize it modify it the way u want its free. i give it for free. . IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS CONTACT ME via whatsapp TO IMPROVE IT. 
Trade Manager
free  12 May 2023
Trade Manager is a cBot designed to help you manage your trades in a more efficient way. This cBot listens for opened positions and checks if their comments match a user-defined parameter. If they do, it modifies the position's stop loss and take profit levels to their current levels. On every tick, the cBot checks all positions and pending orders with a comment that matches the user-defined parameter. If a long position has a break even price level higher than a user-defined parameter and the stop loss level is not equal to a user-defined parameter, the cBot modifies the position's stop loss level to the user-defined parameter. If a short position has a break even price level lower than a user-defined parameter and the stop loss level is not equal to a user-defined parameter, the cBot modifies the position's stop loss level to the user-defined parameter. The cBot also cancels any pending order that has a stop loss level that has been triggered. When you put this cBot to work, you need to place a unique comment for each trade you place. This comment should be different for each trade. You must copy that comment and paste it in the parameter windows comment section. In this way, this cBot can identify the trade that it needs to manage. You can add the same bot to as many trades as you like at once since the comment is different from trade to trade. If you found this cBot useful and would like to see more like this, please consider making a donation to support the development of future projects. I can only accept Skrill, and my Skrill ID is "rajithaforextrader@gmail.com". Your contribution will help to keep this good work going. Thank you for using Trade Manager.
free  07 May 2023
A trading strategy that incorporates price, moving average, and short-term and long-term momentum  Entry Rules: Price crossover above the 50-day MA, indicating a potential upward trend. Moving average crossover: Confirm the trend by waiting for the 50-day MA to cross above the 200-day MA. Short-term momentum: The RSI should be above 50, indicating positive short-term momentum. Long-term momentum: The MACD line should cross above the MACD signal line, indicating positive long-term momentum. When all four conditions are met, open a long (buy) position. B. Exit Rules: Price crossover: Close the position when the price crosses below the 50-day MA, indicating a potential downward trend. Fixed Pips   I did not backtest the robot, please do your own research, if you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to ask: singalgolab@gmail.com
paid  07 May 2023
It's optimized on the entire cTrader  history data for EURUSD.  I changed some indicators and improved the logic of my bot. The bot can be further optimized on any currency pair you want. Even crypto, stocks, metals...  This bot here is optimized for EURUSD 1 -minute time frame on the 12 Years of eurusd history data on the IC Markets broker. The entire cTrader history. I used a 0.5 pip spread on eur/usd for optimization so the bot actually makes more profit when back-tested accurately on tick data or trading live. The spread on IC Markets is about 0.01 pip. You can choose your own settings. Tell me the number (1,2,3,4,5) from the screenshots when you write me an email. You can have your own curve and settings when renting my bot. Please see the screenshots of the optimization results for net profit, max equity drawdown, total trades,.. My email: algorithmic.trading.eu@gmail.com ---------- The price for my bot: *To rent my bot  optimized on the entire IC Markets data: - 28 EUR / 1 Month - You can pay for each month separately.  - 150 EUR / 6 Months (max 6 months at once) Then you can again rent my bot for next 6 months. (I like to optimize my bots on the latest data often) *To buy my bot without the Source Code: 10,000 EUR. You will get all the indicators in the parameter window, so you can optimize the bot for the instrument you want to use it on (I must hide them when renting my bot to other people. You will get all of them. Let's say my bot uses a simple moving average and the MACD - you will see these indicators in the parameter window, and you can optimize the bot for the instrument you want the bot to work on). I can remove the password. Or you can keep the password parameter, and you can tell me the password you want to use. I will remove the parameters 'bot owner', ' expiration date and rent',.. You can have both versions. Fixed lot with the double position functions yes/no. And the version that calculates the position size based on risk %. -To buy my bot with the Source Code: 30,000 EUR .. You also get everything. Now you can see the source code. Not only that, but you can see what logic my bot uses for opening the trades, and further add things you want in the code and try to improve it. Likewise, you can have both versions. Fixed lot and risk % ---------- YouTube videos and screenshots of "accurate tick data back-testing and M1 bars from server back-testing - the curve is almost the same. Total trades are the same":   EURUSD M1 bars. Position size =: Total Balance Risk 70%. 2011 - 2023 (12 years) Starting capital: €500. Profit: €3566381.94     EURUSD. Fixed Lot 0.05.  M1 bars back-testing 8. 2. 2011 - 6. 5. 2023 (12 Years and 3 Months)   EURUSD Fixed Lot 0.05. Accurate tick data back-testing 1. 1. 2017 - 6. 5. 2023   SCREENSHOTS: 1 2   3     4   5   Here is the evidence that the curve is almost the same and total trades for tick data (accurate) back-testing and the M1 bars back-testing is the same: 1.5.2018 - 6.5.2023 TICK DATA       1.5.2018 - 6.5.2023 M1 Bars from server. 0.02 pip spread       Back-testing with 70% Total Balance Risk. Starting capital 500 EUR. Profit: 3566381.94 EUR     EURUSD for the TopFX broker coming soon!                
paid  05 May 2023
using cAlgo.API; using cAlgo.API.Indicators; using cAlgo.API.Internals; using cAlgo.Indicators; [Robot(TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC, AccessRights = AccessRights.None)] public class SimpleMovingAverageRobot : Robot {     [Parameter("Periods", DefaultValue = 20)]     public int Periods { get; set; }     private MovingAverage _sma;     protected override void OnStart()     {         _sma = Indicators.SimpleMovingAverage(MarketSeries.Close, Periods);     }     protected override void OnBar()     {         if (Positions.Count == 0)         {             if (_sma.Result.Last(1) < _sma.Result.Last(2))             {                 ExecuteMarketOrder(TradeType.Sell, Symbol, 1000, "SMA Sell");             }             else if (_sma.Result.Last(1) > _sma.Result.Last(2))             {                 ExecuteMarketOrder(TradeType.Buy, Symbol, 1000, "SMA Buy");             }         }         else         {             foreach (var position in Positions)             {                 if (position.TradeType == TradeType.Sell && _sma.Result.Last(1) > _sma.Result.Last(2))                 {                     ClosePosition(position);                 }                 else if (position.TradeType == TradeType.Buy && _sma.Result.Last(1) < _sma.Result.Last(2))                 {                     ClosePosition(position);                 }             }         }     } }  
free  06 May 2023
Download free test version here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17I88nVbQVZYuIQqCM71fLxCRaM-RSxDK/view?usp=sharing Like I promised, I optimized my bot to be safer and better performing. I'm always trying to improve my bots and optimize them on the whole IC Markets history on the accurate tick data. I will soon have bots for the TopFX Broker. They have much more history data for tick data (accurate) optimizing. I will soon add new logic to my bot. I'll add 'move stop loss to break even' when in profit. The bot in this post is for AUDUSD 1-Minute time frame IC Markets broker. The bot won't start if you add a wrong symbol and time frame. It will only work on AUDUSD 1 Minute. I added a simpler Licensing for the user. When you rent the bot you will get your own password and your own License. The License is your trading account number. I can add two allowed account numbers if you want. Don't worry, If you delete your trading account, I will add another next time you rent my bot. I had to do this so the person who rents my bot won't sell my bot to other people. Don't worry when you give me your trading account number. I can't do any trades on your trading account. I can't operate on your trading account. I just need your trading account number so I can write your trading account number in the bots code. It looks like this:  private int[] allowedAccountNumbers = new[] { 123456789 "your trading account number" }; The bot made 1700 trades between 18.10.2016 and 27.4.2023, which is approximately 78 months, then it made an average of about 21.8 trades per month. This is 261.6 trades per year. You can choose your own curve. You can have more curve fitted or more over fitted curve. My email: algorithmic.trading.eu@gmail.com *The price for my bot: To rent my cBot  optimized on all IC Markets data: - 28 EUR / 1 Month - You can pay for each month Separately.  - 150 EUR / 6 Months (max 6 months at once)   (Free bot updates are included in the price) You can rent my bot for maximum of 6 Months at once. This is because I must optimize the bot on the latest data. I will optimize the bot every month and when I find better settings for the indicators you will get a new bot for free. I will send you a screenshot as well.   “By renting my bots, you are not only gaining access to a powerful trading tool, but you are also supporting my work. With your support, I will be able to invest in better and faster computer equipment, which will allow me to further optimize and improve the performance of my bots. This means that you will benefit from even safer and better-performing bots in the future. Thank you for your support!”   The curve for Fixed Lot:   The curve when I use Balance Risk 25%     Curve 3 Curve 4 GBPUSD bot coming soon ! EURUSD bot coming soon !