23 Apr 2022, 19:10
Multi TimeFrame program uses 5 different strategies based on supports and resistances by calculating the maximum and minimum prices on a certain number of bars on 5 different Timeframes.  The 5 strategies work independently and in each strategy the Buy & Sell parameters are different and work autonomously.  In the event that all the strategies are open with the Buy & Sell operating, there may be...
Free Market data extractor v0.1
15 Jul 2020, 12:17
     Ctrader Market Data Extractor v0.1      Inspired from https://ctrader.com/algos/cbots/show/588      Ahmed Ben Hamouda - XtendPlex      https://www.xtendplex.com  
Free reposter
15 Oct 2020, 15:55
Repost info about trade to telegram channel
20 Aug 2020, 14:35
This Cbot use STOCHASTIC indicator to Trade.
Paid Intelligent Oscillator Trading Robot
07 Aug 2020, 17:34
    You can check out all Robots here:   https://gumroad.com/calgobots Intelligent Oscillator Blend Trading Robot   Symbol: EURUSD H4:   if you have any questions message me on Telegram: https://t.me/BRobotTrader...
Paid INDEX trend Trader Cbot
13 Dec 2020, 14:56
This is a high quality fully automated trend trading robot with real strategy. It does not use any dangerous strategies like Martingale, Grid, hedge, Averaging methods, other Betting methods.It trades the...
Free TopGrid V1
09 Mar 2022, 10:10
TopGrid is a simple universal robot. EURUSD, Forex and Commodity. Trend + PipStep + Martingale Grid Trading with Martingale. EURUSD M1 - Try this config: Buy: yes Sell: yes Pip...
Free Gerbil M5 Scalper
05 Jul 2022, 17:15
Described in the article here: http://dswp.co.uk/index.php/2018/10/31/thepipsmasteruk-zulutrade-strategy/ Also works well on H1 chart. Donations welcome to: BTC: 33gjtYhKVqFxmcbcko63WnwiVJvew3PauQ ETH: 0xb54dF35117D94a43Ca25A3A348Ac20DF7F667F7b LTC: M8YRuyH5USv2MvJyyF55U5ik1yMfm6TtMH Cheers, David Wilson-Parr.
Paid cTrader Trading Widget Collection
26 Feb 2021, 08:49
The cTrader Trading Software Widget Collection allows you to trade like a professional, the one-click risk management panel allows you to predefine your risk so that you can execute trades...
Paid trend line trader
02 Dec 2019, 14:42
Visit JUST INDICATOR  for more very unique robots and indicators  http://www.justindicator.com/ use the live chat anytime at https://justshortcut.com to ask about anything discounts , coupon code , etc JUST SHORTCUT...
16 Feb 2019, 23:22
Hello. I have been testing out the strategy on gold and eurusd, jusing MA 9 and 20 type Simple. And if the trend switsh it will hedge with double +0.01...
Free Smart Grid V3
22 Jun 2019, 17:40
Very special thanks to SaifBD for posting the very original code on to ctrader.com, that made the version 1 of the code https://ctrader.com/algos/cbots/show/876 Special thanks to Candeias for re-writing the...
26 Feb 2021, 08:25
This is a semi-automated trading robot which has been voted by traders as a must-have product after we provided the trade signals cBot using the Polynomial Regression Channels. This method of...
08 Sep 2020, 18:29
This is a high quality swing trading Robot from a swing trader.   -Strategy: It is a Swing Trading Strategy that finds key turning points and trades them. It uses...
Paid Trend Trader Robot by prop trader
07 Aug 2020, 17:32
this is a high quality trend trading robot.   -Strategy: It is a TREND Strategy that finds key TRENDS and trades them with dynamic TP as long as the trend continues. It...
Paid cTrader News Release Manager
26 Feb 2021, 08:54
This cTrader News Release Manager cBot provides signals to pause your robots (x) minutes before, during and after a news release. If you automate your trading using technical indicators then...
05 Jul 2017, 05:32
Hi All, This cBOT displays 8-Major Pairs strength in different Time Frames.  I have chosen 1-Hr, 4Hr, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Plus, it also shows the average and the Previous Time...
Free Tango Trade Optimizer
by sebnet
18 Aug 2016, 03:49
This cBot will get the most of your winning trades. It will prevent hitting the target while you are surfing a winning trend, without risking the pips you are already...
Free Smart Kestrel
06 Oct 2016, 18:31
The cBot will open trades after breakout of previous bars. Strong money management, Primary SL & Reversal Trailing algorithm. Risk Per Trade based on the distance between Entry-price & Primary...
Free Hedging progresivo
27 Oct 2016, 23:46
La idea inicial de este cbot es abrir ordenes opuestas con un SL definido, de manera que cuando el precio cierre una posición se abran de nuevo 2 posiciones nuevas...
Paid cTrader Trade Duplicator & Stacker
26 Feb 2021, 08:51
This nifty little tool will allow you to open multiple duplicate orders all at the same time whenever an order is submitted manually or via an automated strategy. DOWNLOAD THIS...
Free Data Export Ticks - Saves to CSV
23 Dec 2014, 00:22
Runs as a bot  that writes tick data to a  external CSV file  that can be read by other processes.    I needed this because our AI algorithm exists outside of...
Free Brute Force Breakout Bot (BETA)
by Waxy
11 Dec 2017, 05:22
This bot is useful in breakouts, handling fake breakouts and reducing risk exposure.   Instead of risking 100 pips to make 100 pips, its better to risk 10 pips 10...
Paid cTrader Risk & Reward Trading Tool
26 Feb 2021, 08:41
The new Long & Short pending order and position drawing tool for cTrader is finally here, this highly demanded feature lets you estimate your risk & reward at a glance...
Free DreamzFX Position Manager 1.0.2
08 Jul 2017, 20:37
This is a complete trade manager. It manages your open positions automatically. It has a jumping stop-loss, partial closure, breakeven, and automatic SL&TP. Guide: https://github.com/hyahfoufi/cTraderManager
Paid Intelligent Trend Trader Robot
22 Dec 2020, 23:45
Website: https://yourforexrobot.wordpress.com/ if you have any questions message me on Telegram: https://t.me/BRobotTrader or email: ratonyibotond@gmail.com My youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL_p6fuQtNkg-1rRY69t5Ig Full VWMA IG Client inde Strategy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHMXmjLEfkc&feature=youtu.be   -----New Special full version...
Free cTrader Read Excel Data
26 Feb 2021, 08:55
Execute trades example using LinqToExcel and LINQ to easily read an Excel or CSV file into your Automated Trading Robot. Download Source Code Here Please note that this is an...
Free cTrader Simplified Excel Write
26 Feb 2021, 08:54
The robot gets the market series data for an instrument and stores the information in an excel file specified from your user-defined parameters. To operate you run a back-test between...
Free TradeManagerV03
by ozan
16 Jan 2016, 08:28
TradeManagerV03: Control your maximum drawdown, change TP and/or SL of your all open positions at once. Maximum DrawDown % = (Default Value) 5 If your drawdown exceeds  % "x" of...
22 Dec 2020, 20:25
Powerful Price Action Cbot for forex, Metals   Package Contains: --Full Cbot with all adjustable settings and parameters to tweak or optimize. --Unlimited Activations --Free updates per 6 months Best...