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How to install
free  04 May 2022
Most traders make use of Pending Orders. A trader may potientally have several pendings set. However due to market uncertainty there is potiental risk of several pendings getting triggered at the same time. This potientally leads to over leverage with mismanagement of risk.  Therefore use of this cBot will notify through email when more than one of your pendings are a certain number of pips away. Distance can be adjusted via parameters, default value is set to 30  pips. A very useful algorithm to run in the background.  To validate your email through ctrader please follow these simple instructions:  https://clickalgo.com/ctrader-email-setup  
LiPiBot (RSI)
by r258
free  02 May 2022
Robot using RSI. Available only for testing purpose (Backtesting and Optimization). Sample with optimized settings:   Parameters with default values:
EMA Power
free  30 Apr 2022
      ​       Hello friends, today I want to share a simple cBot that should be an example to show that simplicity is always the best solution. Developers can use the Template as a starting point, in fact only the logic of the triggers needs to be changed, the rest is handled. The trigger or market entry is done by just 2 simple EMAs, the real difference is the management of this trigger which can be customised as you see fit.   DESCRIPTION  Identity EMA Power 1.0.7 : The name and version of the cBot, this parameter contains the link to our website, you can change this in case you want to save a new preset. Label ( Magic Name ) : Similar to number magic for MetaTrader, it is used to identify a strategy. Preset information : Some references to the preset in use, useful if you want to specify a specific back test period. Strategy Open Trade Type : The type of trade you want to open, e.g. Buy positions only. Stop Loss : The number of pips for the stop loss, e.g. 10 equals 10 pips. Take Profit R:R 1:? : The risk: reward ratio, e.g. 2 means that the take profit will be 2 times the stop loss, so if the stop loss is 10 the take profit will be 20. Close On Trigger? : With this option it is possible to close trades with the trigger, only those against the trigger, e.g. if we have sell and buy positions in the market when there is a new buy trigger it will only close sell positions. Use BreakEven? : Enables the breakeven protection check of positions, taking into consideration the parameters entered in the BreakEven section. Use Trailing? : Enables the trailing protection check of positions, taking into consideration the parameters entered in the Trailing section. Use Deviation Martingala? (bypass all) : Enables the deviation martingala, taking into consideration the parameters entered in the Deviation Martingala section, enabling this feature excludes controls for recovery positions but not triggers. Pause From (18.0 = 18:00) : This parameter identifies the start time of the break, e.g. 18.0 the cBot will no longer open positions from 18:00. To (8.20 = 08:20) : Marks the end of the pause, e.g. 8.20 the cBot will start opening new trades from 08:20. Filters Max Spread allowed : Only triggers within a certain limit are considered, e.g. 1.5 will only consider spreads equal to or less than 1.5 pips. Max GAP Allowed (pips) : Protects against high volatility, e.g. if the value is 1 then all trades that have a GAP greater than 1 will be ignored, GAP is the distance between the close of the previous candle and the open of the current one which must not exceed 1 pip. Max Number of Trades : The maximum number of trades generated by the triggers, e.g. if the value is 1 after the first trigger no more trades will be opened if there is already 1 trade in the market, no martingale deviation trades are calculated. Money Target Percentage (zero = disabled) : If the value of this parameter is equal to zero then no Money Target is considered, but if for example it is equal to 1 then it means that it will close all positions at the moment when the net profit reaches the value of 1% of the current balance. Minimum Trades to Activation : The minimum number of trades in the market before the control starts, e.g. if the value was 2 then the money target would only be controlled if there were 2 trades or more. Money Management Fixed Lots (bypass all Capital) : If the value of this parameter is equal to zero then it will not enter fixed lots, otherwise it will exclude any calculation, e.g. if the value was 0.02 then it will always open with 0.02 lots. Capital : The capital with which to do the risk calculation if Fixed Lots is zero, you can choose between Balance or Current Equity. % Risk : The percentage of risk to be calculated in proportion to the selected Capital. Pips To Calculate ( empty = stoploss ) : To know how many lots to calculate we need to have the distance in pips, this value serves this purpose, if a value of zero is entered then the cBot will take into consideration the value of the stoploss, if this is also set to zero then a fictitious value of 100 pips will be considered. Drawdown % Max (zero = disabled) : The percentage in proportion to the Maximum Acceptable Loss Balance, if for example the value was 30 out of €1000 Balance then you would close all positions if losses exceed -€300, this is not taken into consideration if in a martingale. EMA Fast : The number of periods to be considered of Exponential Moving Average fast. Slow : The number of periods to be considered of Exponential Moving Average slow. Break Even Activation (zero = disabled) : If the value of this parameter is equal to zero then it is not taken into consideration even if it is enabled, it is the number of pips beyond which the control is activated, for example if it were 12 then when 12 pips are reached it moves the stoploss to entry price + the value entered in the next Distance parameter. Distance : The number of pips to be added to the trade's entry price. Trailing Activation (zero = disabled) : If the value of this parameter is equal to zero then it is not taken into consideration even if it is enabled, it is the number of pips beyond which the control is activated, for example if it were 12 then when 12 pips are reached it moves the stoploss to high price (if buy) - the value entered in the next Distance parameter and this follow the price. Distance : The number of pips to be added to the trade's entry price. Deviation Martingala Multiplier (zero = disabled) : If the value of this parameter is zero then the control will not be considered even if enabled, it is the number of times the volume of the previous trade is multiplied to create exponentiality as positions increase. Max Consecutive Loss (zero = infinite) : If the value of this parameter is equal to zero then it will open an unlimited number of consecutive losing trades, otherwise if it is greater than zero e.g. 3 it would mean that it will get a maximum of 3 consecutive losses. I suggest you optimize only the parameters you need, for example it may be important to optimize the number of EMA periods, or scenarios where there are recoveries with Martingale but also without, this task is up to you. As mentioned at the beginning, use this template as an example of development by changing only the triggers, do not forget to share interesting presets and follow cTrader guru on all social networks. Homepage : https://ctrader.guru/ Telegram : https://t.me/ctraderguru Twitter : https://twitter.com/cTraderGURU/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ctrader.guru/ YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/cTraderGuru GitHub : https://github.com/ctrader-guru     ​
Gann Hilo
free  25 Apr 2022
Hello, can anyone help me? I want to add a condition to this indicator but I do not know how to code I want this  indicator to have another Gan Hilo For example,  two GannHilo 10 and 100, and the position opens when the price crosses both, but when the price returns from the Gun 10, the position closes. My language is not English so I hope you understand what I mean And thank you very much for helping me
free  24 Apr 2022
vende en cada vela segun su periodo de tiempo  whatsapp   3218280967 correo cristianalejandropj@gmail.com  
free  30 Mar 2022
OrglobalFX Ichimoku cBOT   Telegram: @orglobalng
free  29 Mar 2022
OrglobalFX Pure Renko cBOT Trades based on bricks formed. For example, If two green bricks appear, take a long position. And otherwise. Automatic breakeven and trailing stop added.   Contact: Telegram- @orglobalng
free  21 Mar 2022
free  04 Feb 2022
TradingView like trading tool, you can open positions using the drawing trading tool. The orders can be market orders or stop orders. I have a trial version and the complete version. For more info contact me via telegram:  https://t.me/murillo_6 Note: this is the first version, so major improvements are coming :)
free  06 Jan 2022
Hey-ho, great traders!  Let us introduce the cBot with Moving Averages. This cool trading tool will help you to track the crossing of two MAs and react to the price crossing of one of the MAs.   Features The Simple MA system can: Check the formed bars to cross two MAs, therefore avoiding false signals. Monitor the current bar and current prices for crossing one of the MAs and the price. Manage positions.  Calculate all the risks for the entire position. Remove the Stop Loss level on the opening price after overcoming a certain distance thanks to the BreakEven option. In this case, your trade won’t be a loss-making one. Note! If the short-term MA crosses the long-term one upwards, the trading robot enters a long position. If there is a downward crossover, the EA will enter a short position.   Parameters We have equipped our EA with more than 14 additional parameters. So, you can configure the cBot according to your needs! Moreover, you can change opening conditions for Buy and Sell orders using the input parameters. Note! Try the Simple MA system on your demo account first before going live.   Other Products Ichimoku Cloud System: https://ctrader.com/algos/cbots/show/2859   PSAR Strategy:  https://ctrader.com/algos/cbots/show/2860 ADR Custom Indicator:  https://ctrader.com/algos/indicators/show/2863 Daily H/L Custom Indicator:  https://ctrader.com/algos/indicators/show/2862 BB Trading Strategy:  https://ctrader.com/algos/cbots/show/2879   Contact Info Contact us via support@4xdev.com  Check out our cozy Telegram blog for traders: https://t.me/Forexdev   Visit our website to find more tools and programming services: https://bit.ly/3BtyUap  Take a look at our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChsDb4Q8X2Vl5DJ7H8PzlHQ    Try top-notch trading tools — with 4xDev.  
free  02 Jan 2022
Manual Visual Back testing with SL and TP Lines Modify SL and TP using lines in the Chart. Add Comments for more features or issues.   REQUIRED: In Chart, disable Positions in Viewing Options, as shown below: Right Click on Chart > Goto Viewing Options > UNSELECT Positions Run Bot in Backtesting with Visual Mode. Click on Buy/Sell to open position. Click on Close All to Close all open positions. Click [x] icon on Trade Line to close that position. Keyboard Shortcuts: b -- Buy, s -- Sell, c -- Close All Set "Enable Keyboard Shortcuts" to false, to disable Keyboard shortcuts. On creating a position, TP and SL lines will be created. These can be moved, to update TP and SL Use 1,2,3,4,5,6 buttons to move Trading Panel Location Future TODO: Edit Position
RSI bot with MA
by Mr4x
free  30 Dec 2021
This bot is a simple RSI bot that buys when oversold and sells when overbought. Moving average is added in so only long trades are made when above the moving average and only short trades when below it. RSI overbought, oversold, and MA variables are all changeable.