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How to install
Super Profit
free  18 Sep 2013
Trend indicator with trigger alerts. 
Supply And Demand Zones
free  02 Mar 2021
This indicator recognizes supply and demand zones on your chart and marks the zones with a rectangle, When price touched a zone it shows an alert window and then it removes that zone from your chart. Download Free Trial Version / Buy: If you have any question or issue with our product please contact us via our site live chat or if we were offline leave a message, if you post a comment here we will not get any notification and we will not be able to help you.
by Jiri
free  15 Aug 2020
Adds a watermark to the chart background displaying the ticker symbol of the primary instrument in the chart. The watermark appears as a semi-transparent text overlaying the chart background. How to install? You might also be interested in: [PoshTrader] ADX Signed [PoshTrader] Bid and Ask [PoshTrader] Deal Map [PoshTrader] Divergence Spotter [PoshTrader] Market Sentiment [PoshTrader] Pivot Points [PoshTrader] Position Axis [PoshTrader] Renko Tails [PoshTrader] Symbol Watermark
free  14 Apr 2014
Create in mq4 this program and i use simple convert from mq4 to cAlgo. What can I say  "The Trend Is Your Friend, Until It Ends :-)", create auto trend line with using zigzag indicator . Good Luck and Have Fun To Make Pips.  
free  20 Nov 2013
This indicator uses polynomial regression to calculate first the center of gravity of a moving price and 3 standard deviations to upwards (red stripes) and 3 down (green stripes).  
free  19 Dec 2013
Draws channel using linear regression of close prices. Can optionally display center of channel (mean), edges (maximum deviation) and standard deviation. Color and line thickness are also customizable.
Stochastic RSI
free  17 Feb 2012
From 'Cybernetic Analysis for Stocks and Futures' by John Ehlers.
Heikin-Ashi Smoothed
free  02 Jul 2013
Heikin-Ashi with smoothing filter choices. If you don't need smoothing, set Periods = 1 and MA Type = Simple.     
Scalper Signal
free  19 Jun 2016
A visual way to help determine whether to buy or sell against a pivot level (indicator does not repaint). Gold painted bars mark a “pivot high” or “pivot low.” Signal is confirmed after 3 higher closes or 3 lower closes. The faster the time frame, the faster the confirmation. Red dots indicate a continuing downtrend confirmation while Green dots mark a continuing uptrend confirmation. The indicator measures price action when you trade. It is mainly used for trading stocks and futures, but it can also be used for currency crosses. Available Inputs Sensitivity (High <-[1...3]-> Low) - sets the sensitivity of the generated signals. Higher sensitivity generates more signals. Signal Bar Color Referencing the indicator from an cAlgo robot is as simple as referencing other standard cTrader indicators. The reference points are as follows: Buy Sell SignalBarHigh SignalBarLow Please give me feedback, if you find it useful and/or have any suggestions for further development. Also check out my MedianRenko Ultimate indicator for cTrader & cAlgo:
free  21 Sep 2012
Fibonacci Pivot Points represent the mean value of the high, low and closing price of the period for which we wish to calculate the pivot point. This is based on Fibonacci retracement and extension levels to calculate the various resistance and support levels for the price movement.  
Trend Lines Indicator
free  15 Oct 2013
Draws trend lines based on the most recent peaks and valleys for the given period. The two points that define the lines are highlighted in red. /forum/whats-new/913#2
free  05 Jul 2022
I couldn't find a VWAP indicator for Ctrader so programmed one and am sharing it with the community.  There is lots of information about this indicator on-line. VWAP indicator not to be confused with VWAP execution. Parameters deserve some explanation: One day only?  If this is set to true/yes then the VWAP is only calculated and shown on the chart for the current day.  I would suggest using this setting if you are using this indicator in a cbot because performance (speed) will be improved in backtesting and optimisation.  Default: false.  When set to false you will see the VWAP day by day.  The calculation resets each day. Periods.  Default: 0.  If you set a value other than 0 for this parameter it completely overrides the day or 'day by day' calculation and calculates the VWAP on a rolling basis for the the number of periods you choose. I'll try to respond to any comments.  Also please share any good strategies you have using this indicator. Donations welcome to: BTC: 33gjtYhKVqFxmcbcko63WnwiVJvew3PauQ ETH: 0xb54dF35117D94a43Ca25A3A348Ac20DF7F667F7b LTC: M8YRuyH5USv2MvJyyF55U5ik1yMfm6TtMH Cheers, David Wilson-Parr.