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Real Dividers 2.0
free  29 Dec 2018
Knowing when the trading day begins and the trading week ends is very important to technical analysis. You can't just use your own time zone to determine it. It is the same for every trader all over the world.  In general it occurs at 12am EEST which is +2 for part of the yesr and +3 for part. Unfortunately the period separators that are included in cTrader will not mark the correct day end and week end positions nor will it give you signals to take action within your robots.  This indicator takes the guess work out of it, marks the real day end and week end positions and provides signals to take actions within robots.
by st0424
free  16 Dec 2013
I edited the indicator was in cTDN. This is the indicator to display the rate of highs and lows. The indicator of SwingHigh, please select the High source. The indicator of SwingLow, please select the Low sources. If you can, I would like to put a line on the rate of High Low ...   When it was English that hard to understand, I'm sorry ...  
by st0424
free  14 Dec 2013
This indicator is the MA, which changes color in the fall and rise. This is an indicator of MT4 originally. It is the one that was converted to cAlgo the indicator.
free  07 Dec 2013
Traduction de l'indicateur Fxa0 RSI Crossing 50 Plus ATR existant sur Metatrader   Fxa0 RSI Crossing 50 Plus Atr is an oscillating type of indicator which tries to evaluate price momentum. It's a top weighted, price acceleration, ratio indicator developed by J.Welles Wilder 34 years ago The software should not be mystified having various other Extreme RSI this estimate the ability from the one investment or maybe commodity against the greater industry. In fact this Cardwell Techniques With The RSI measures the latest effectiveness from a stock options relative to its history strength. How To Trade With RSI is bounded through values 0-103 and even you can use as an overbought / oversold pointer
Zero Lag MACD
by adaled
free  05 Dec 2013
Modification of MACD Crossover to have minimal lag. It uses Zero Lag Moving Averages instead of the traditional formula. Applies exponential moving average twice and subtracts that from the sum of two exponential moving averages to get the zero lag long and zero lag short emas. The MACD line is the difference between those two zero lag emas.  
Temporary Fair Value
by jeex
free  27 Dec 2013
Where is the herd of Bulls and Bears within the candle? A candle does not show where most of the activity has been during the candle's timeframe. TFV does. TFV shows with 2 dots where the Ask Herd has crowded the candle, and where the Bid Herd flocked. As the Bid price is the heart of the candle, this  is the most important one. TFV shows the core of each candle: the Fair Price. Parameters are: Exponential – if set to 1, every tick weighs equal, if set to 2 (or higher), the most recent tick weighs double (or more), to emphasize the most recent price positions. Candle Heart – the center of Bid price activity. Candle Spread – the center of Ask price activity. Useability It can be used by robots that act OnTick, to avoid unwanted actions on a single and non-signifcant spike. Indicator for Temporary Fair Value. Straight or near straight TFV-lines reveal support and resistance lines. More reliable indicator for a swing high or swing low. Version 1.0.3 Notes: Corrected and added the calculus for past bars. TFV-values of past bars are based on smallest timeframe (minute), as past ticks are not available yet. Version 1.0.2 Notes: Changed the name from JeexHerd to TemporaryFairValue Special thanks to: Added ResultMovement[bar] = double.NaN; to the method oldCows(); Changed the parameter _exponential to double Version 1.0.1 Notes: Changed the calculus of the start of a new candle Removed Dutch language Cleaned up the code
free  02 Dec 2013
Standard Score The standard score of a raw score x is where: μ is the mean of the population; σ is the standard deviation of the population. []
by gedet
free  04 Dec 2013
This is a more enhanced version of my previous "mTF Ichimoku Radar" as it shows the position of the Ichimoku components with respect to the Kumo, the KijunSen and the Past Price over different timeframes (user can select up to 8). Note: Changing  IsOverlay from false to true the indicator displays directly onto the chart, thus saving some screen real estate. 6th line in the code: [Indicator(IsOverlay = false, TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC)]   Some useful info about the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo System:
HighestHigh LowestLow
free  02 Dec 2013
Defines an envelope of values by using the Highest High or the Lowest Low of the Last 'n' Periods. The rules generally followed for this study are: enter the market when one of the bands is penetrated. This indicates a possible start of a trend. exit and reverse the position when the opposite band is penetrated.  
mTF Ichimoku Radar
by gedet
free  04 Dec 2013
This is an indicator that uses the Ichimolu Kinko Hyo indicator and it reports if the price is in the bullish/bearish/neutral territory (price above, bellow or inside the cloud) for various timeframes.        
by Kate
free  18 Nov 2013
Predicts intraday volatility using historical volatility for specific time of day. RateOfChange - EMA factor, less RateOfChange - more days are aggregated.  
Average Daily Range
free  14 Nov 2013
A measure of volatility for the currency pair. The average daily range is the average of the daily range (High - Low) over a given number of days. It can be calculated over different periods.