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How to install
free  02 Feb 2021
paid  03 Feb 2021
Download Link: cTrader Risk/Reward Management Indicator   You have to do the risk and reward management for each trading, otherwise you will difficult to win and control your money in the market! You can set the stop-loss and take-profit in cTrader as below: This is really better than MT4 & MT5, it will auto calculate the risk money by stop loss value, and you can also set the take profit amount! But this is still not convenient enough, I think if there is a visual operation for that will be great! For example, you can drag & drop the stop-loss and take-profit line before you open order, and it will auto calculate the risk-reward rate or you can set the risk-reward for take-profit! That’s means you can easy to drag the stop loss to the support or resistance level, this will be very helpful for control and manage your money! Ok, I will let you know what an indicator can help you to do that! I created an indicator for risk-reward management, you can easy to set the stop loss and take profit what you want, you also can drag the SL & TP line to set the value: As you can see in the capture, the blue line is the entry price, green is the take profit price, and red is the stop-loss price. There are 4 order type buttons as below : When you open a “Buy” or “Sell” order, you can drag the blue line, it will auto-update base on the Ask or Bid price, but if you want to open a “Buy Stop” or “Sell Stop” order, you can drag the blue line for your entry price level. By default, all of the values will auto-update base on the current entry price, but if you want to change one of them, just edit it, and you will see an edit button change to green: After you edit the value, click the green edit button, it will calculate other related values. For example, when you change the risk amount, it will also calculate the volumes to fulfill your amount, so that you can control how many amounts will you lose in this trade! You can set to use the fix amount or percentage for the risk amount, if check “Use Percentage” button, it will base on your account balance to calculate the risk and update the volumes. There are some parameters can be set: Panel algnment: Set the default position of the panel Style Settings: Set the stop-loss, take-profit and entry price line’s color RS Management: Default Volumes: default volumes when open the indicator Risk Amount: default risk amount when open the indicator Default StopLoss: default stop-loss pips when open the indicator Default RS: default risk and reward rate when open the indicator But this is still an indicator, so it can’t open order, if you want to open the order, you can take a look the cBot version. In the end, this indicator is not free, I only want to charge a small fee so that I can create more better indicator or cBot in the future, but you can download it with 14 days free trial! So, if you like it, please purchase it, thanks for your support :) Download Link: cTrader Risk/Reward Management Indicator    
Sync Objects [3.8+]
by devman
free  02 Feb 2021
Sync Objects Tool for cTrader 3.8+.  Latest version: This tool synchronizes objects between several charts with the same symbol. How to use: just add it as a regular indicator. Feel free to make your suggestions to improve this indicator! Demo: devman is making world a little bit better.  
free  22 Feb 2021
This indicator lets you find any candlestick pattern you need, but it is percentage-based. You just need to indicate the percentages (Min, Max) for each part of a candle, also the direction of the body. It is very versatile and it lets you highlight the candles with either icon or coloring the bar. More updates and features for this tool coming soon. Example Here in the image, we have one of the classic Doji candles, We can filter for these by configuring these parameters: - Upper Wick: Less than 10% of the candle size - Body: Less than 5% - Lower Wick: At least 85%  Here's another example (Bullish Marubozu) - Upper Wick: Less than 5% - Body: More than 90%, and bullish - Lower Wick: Less than 5% Note that some patterns may yield no results, for example, there's no candle which body is at least 90% of the candle and a wick is at least 90% too, this would be a contradiction. Candlestick Pattern Finder For bugs reports or other inquiries, please contact:
free  25 Feb 2021
This must-have indicator for cTrader provides some very useful information on the chart while trading,  Current symbol volatility Current symbol spread Today's average true range value Timeframes average true range value Depth of market for both buyers and sellers Profit and loss values in both pips and monetary Download the indicator   Contact: instant chat group Website: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn
Daily Price Lines
by summer
free  12 Mar 2021
前日日足の高値・安値・始値・終値のラインを表示します。 Draw the previous day's daily high, low, opening, and closing price lines.    
paid  25 Feb 2021
The Traders Dynamic Index cTrader Indicator is packed with must-have signals like trade/trend sentiments and also divergence signals on the chart and sent via Telegram alerts. Indicates Trend Sentiment: Up, Weak Up, Down, Weak Down, and Range. Indicates Trade Sentiment: Long, Weak Long, Short, Weak Short, Flat and Caution (OverBought/Oversold). Identify sentiment-based Chart patterns. Divergence alerts – Bearish & Bullish – Regular & Hidden. Customizable and easy to use! Download the Indicator    Contact: instant chat group Website: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn
Multi MA BTMM v1.2
free  30 Jan 2021
This is all in one MAs for use in BTMM trading approach.  Version 1.1 - Customizable colors for arrows - Improved offset calculation for arrows  Version 1.2 - Do not draw arrow marker if candle is not closed
BTMM Work Time v1.1.5
free  11 Feb 2021
This is a fork of BTMM Template Indicator | Algorithmic Forex Trading | cTrader Community. All credits for main source code goes to Member Profile | cTrader Community .I just updated it to my needs. It does not require any other indicator. I compared it to MT4 version of indicator and adopted it to look the same. If I miss anything let me know. Update v1.1.1 - fixed ADR value calculation and add "Atr period" parameter for indicator (default changed from 5 to 14 like I found it in MT4 template)  - small fixes regard brink zones - added text info about HOD,LOD, daily range and ADR value Update v1.1.1a - min/max for US session box fixed Update v1.1.2 - info panel (transparency on hover and support for back testing) Update v1.1.3 - fixed second brinks high - min box values Update v1.1.4 - small bug fixes - added yesterday and weekly range to the info panel Update v1.1.5 - more information in info panel - fixed POT lines calculation
Profit Counter
by summer
free  28 Jan 2021
有効証拠金(Equity)・本日の収支・エントリ中の全ポジションの合計(Net Profit)をチャート上に表示します 有効証拠金と本日の収支の表示はオンオフできます。  
by Fron
free  24 Jan 2021
free  23 Jan 2021
Hola, Una vez calculado el volumen alcista y el volumen bajista el siguiente paso es calcular el volumen neto e incluso, acumularlo por periodos. La finalidad del estudio es comprobar si el volumen confirma el movimiento del precio. Número de periodos igual a uno: Numero de periodos igual a quince: Adios.