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How to install
free  23 Jan 2021
Hola, Continuamos con el estudio de la frecuencia. En este caso nos basamos en el volumen en lugar del número de operaciones ya que es un dato disponible y ambos están fuertemente correlacionados. Dado que el precio de cierre es el resultado de la suma de alzas y bajas en un periodo de tiempo, nos permitirá calcular el volumen alcista y el volumen bajista de forma aproximada porque no todas las operaciones se hacen con el mismo volumen. Pero creo el resultado es próximo a la realidad.  Trazaremos el promedio móvil teniendo en cuenta que los promedios móviles acumulan retraso cuanto mayor es el periodo. Los más inquietos pueden calcular promedios exponenciales o incluso usar la media de Hull para un seguimiento con menor retraso. Espero que les divierta. Gracias por su amable atención.    
free  25 Feb 2021
This Free cTrader Bollinger Bands Percent B indicator is very good at identifying trend reversals in a trending market, it also benefits from integrated Telegram and email alerts so that when a signal event has fired an email or Telegram message is sent to your mobile phone or PC. USE THIS BUTTON TO DOWNLOAD     Contact: instant chat group Website: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn
by summer
free  19 Mar 2021
市場の開始時間のグリッドを表示します。 線の色を変えたい場合はこの一覧にある色の名前を入力してください。  
Information Pad
free  25 Jan 2021
New version release: 1.1  Can change the panel position by ctrl + mouse You can display the trading and account information in this panel: 1. Set to display the period data (base on months) for total trades and success rate 2. Set to display the account information (e.g balance, equity, net profit..) 3. Set to display margin information (e.g leverage, used margin, free margin, margin level...) 4. Can hide and show the panel   Parameters: 1. Set the panel position with vertical and horizontal 2. Default to Show:  whether default to show or hide 3. Show Trading Info: whether to show the trading info panel 4. Show Account Info: whether to show the account info panel 5. Show Margin Info: whether to show the margin info panel 6. Data of Months: how many recent months of data do you want to show (e.g 3 for recent 3 months data, 0 will show all of the history data)        
by Fron
free  20 Jan 2021
This is to improve the Visual of the Exponential Moving Average instead of using the Line it actually changes the Bar Color when it crosses above or Below MA Type NOTE: THE MA LINE IS JUST AN EXAMPLE WHEN DOWNLOADED IT WILL ONLY SHOW THE BAR COLOR CHANGE  PARAMETERS WILL BE PRICE (OHLC)... BY DEFAULT IT WILL ONLY USE Exponential Moving Average  
free  18 Jan 2021
Buenas noches, Este sencillo, pero no simple, indicador, mide la frecuencia o número de ticks por unidad de tiempo. Permite, entre otras cosas, comparar la actividad de los mercados. A mayor actividad, mayor liquidez. Se pueden calcular medias, máximos y mínimos, multi mercado o multi marco temporal, etc. Tiene una correlación directa con el volumen y puede ser interesante el volumen medio por tick (no lo he calculado aún). Sólo funciona en tiempo real porque con el mercado parado no hay actividad lógicamente. Hay que contarlo todo, hasta el último pelo está contado. Mateo 10:30  
paid  09 Jan 2021
This indicator is a cTrader indicator that displays ADR (Average Daily Range) on the chart. feature ・Two calculate modes, dynamic and static. ・Two display modes (on the chart and on the right side of the chart) ・The color, style, transparency, and thickness of each line that can display up to 4 can be changed. ・A rectangle that makes the rest up to ADR visually easy to understand   YouTube: Price:$5 ADR for cTrader Another indicators: Auto Calculate Lot size +SL and TP Line Auto Calculate Lot size MTF OHLCFP Lines Candles Before MTF Bollinger Bands Custom R numbers MTF Candlesticks MTF MA Another Symbol Draw Pips Time Frame Period Separators Daily Volatility Average Static Label and Horizon Linde Static Area Profit Pips Today MWD Line Upper TF Heikin-ashi Bull Bear TF Candle TF OHLC Best Regards
free  08 Jan 2021
This is an advanced implementation of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. This trading system (not indicator) takes into consideration the following theories that came along with the system; Wave Theory Time Theory Price Observation Theory The Time-Wave Theory Three Roles Improvement (buy signal) Three Roles Reversal (sell signal) Make a Donation If you liked our work Consider making a Donation to help the Community Grow by Benefiting from more free Indicators and Trading Tools Skrill account : Join our telegram group for more insights on how to use the trading system Profit Isle Academy IC Markets EURAUD h1 pgjvn | cTrader  
reversal bar
by d.deel
free  06 Feb 2021
Indicator has been /* UPGRADED/*, with the option to determine your own period for reversal signals, and a build in zigzag with customable periods  just a simple indicator to help those who have a hard time entering positions, not necessarily a trend base indicator, it' s recommended to use other indicators as well(add it to your stra) in this caption other indicators are being used as well(indicators with their rightful owner), also not necessarily recommended        purple for sell & blue for buy    // if you have any feedbacks leave them in the comment section    also before use, it is better to set your candle color and outline on transparent   
TMA Bands v2
free  06 Jan 2021
Without alerting stuff and other useless things from other version, additionally, painting arrows when price gets back from below/above upper or lower band
paid  04 Jan 2021
Telegram Alerts for Indicators works with any data series or indicator values, to inform you of an indicator cross via Telegram, email or on-screen pop-up. Compatible with any data series, such as RSI, MACD and even custom built indicators. Initially only 10 licenses are being released at:   1st: Attach the indicator to an on-chart indicator, and select your preferred settings   2nd: Wait for an on-screen pop-up, email or Telegram    
free  04 Jan 2021
With Colors and current value