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How to install
Pivot Points Intra Day
by moza11
free  10 Aug 2012
Pivot Points is a method for calculating support and resistance levels. Resistance and support levels indicate where a major price movement is expected. As a trend indicator, it indicates an upward movement, for instance, if the pivot point price is broken in, then the market is bullish, and vice versa. Pivot points are short-term trend indicators, however and therefore useful for only one day. The second method is to use pivot point price levels to enter and exit the markets.
free  04 Feb 2016
This MACD Crossover with Colors indicator allows you to set colors for both positive and negative values of the Histogram. Based on the original MACD Crossover indicator from cTrade. v2 + Adaptive (auto-color): Allows the option to display adaptive auto-colors changing according the trend. + Verbose: Allows the option to display the current Long or Short cycle and it's value. v1 Public release    
ATR Stops
free  11 Oct 2013
ATR Stops provides trend following stops using average true range.  Signals are used for entries/exits: Exit a long position / enter short when price crosses below the stop line. Exit your short position / enter long when price crosses above the stop line.  
free  16 Jan 2015
Hi all. Here an indicator to print the average daily range just as a number (+ current range of today, adr + 50%, adr + 100%). Update: Made it a bit more user friendly, by adding some more parameters (switch for daily timeframe/current timeframe and customizable colors). Personally I only need daily ranges and like the default colors. But perhaps someone else wants to see these ranges on other timeframes and/or wants to change the colors, because of a bright background... Cheers, Dirk  
Fibonacci Pivot Points
free  09 Jan 2014
Fibonacci support and resistance 9 levels. You must have installed ATR (reference file).
i-Sessions Market
free  05 Oct 2014
The indicator shows the beginnings and the ends of three trading sessions: Asian, European, and American. The sessions are displayed with the background rectangles. The length of the rectangle corresponds with the duration of a trading session, and its height is the trade range. Good trading at the London and NY overlap. MT4 Source:
by Jiri
paid  22 Jun 2020
Divergence Spotter finds and scans for regular and hidden divergences automatically using any attached oscillator. To offer a broad market perspective, the indicator can be loaded many times in the same chart using different oscillators, without interference  
by Jiri
paid  18 Aug 2020
ADX Signed calculates direction movement values using the standard method but excludes the operation of taking the module of values. It preserves common signs of ADX values, which makes it more compatible, easy to use, and gives signals quicker than conventional ADX. Also, the indicator provides an additional line calculated as a difference between the DI+ and DI- component. This line can identify overbought/oversold areas, and together with divergence pattern, it makes a strong reversal signal. How to install? You might also be interested in: [PoshTrader] ADX Signed [PoshTrader] Bid and Ask [PoshTrader] Deal Map [PoshTrader] Divergence Spotter [PoshTrader] Market Sentiment [PoshTrader] Pivot Points [PoshTrader] Position Axis [PoshTrader] Renko Tails [PoshTrader] Symbol Watermark  
free  31 May 2013
Moving Average Envelopes are percentage-based envelopes set above and below a moving average. The moving average, which forms the base for this indicator, can be a simple or exponential moving average. Each envelope is then set the same percentage above or below the moving average. This creates parallel bands that follow price action. With a moving average as the base, Moving Average Envelopes can be used as a trend following indicator. However, this indicator is not limited to just trend following. The envelopes can also be used to identify overbought and oversold levels when the trend is relatively flat.
free  06 Aug 2012
SMI Indicator is used to predict the trend prevailing in the market i.e. either bullish or bearish. The trend is bearish if its SMI Output is below 40. Conversely, an SMI Output of above 40 indicates a bullish trend. In SMI, when the current closing price is greater than the Midpoint of High/Low Range, the outcome is above zero. Similarly, when the Current Close is less than the Midpoint of High/Low Range, than SMI is below zero. SMI uses a wide range that can vary from a negative value of -100 to a positive value of +100. In order to smooth the results of SMI, a Moving Average is determined, a.k.a. Stochastic %D.  
by novlog
free  14 Aug 2012
TrendMagic is a trend indicator based on the calculation of Commodity Channel Index and Average True Range. This indicator works similar to Parabolic SAR so it's very useful to set up your stops or even building a complete trading strategy.
free  23 Mar 2015
Normal candles with Heikin Ashi (HA) colors.  When HA would be green we have light and dark green candles (or whatever colors you want), when HA would be red we have light and dark red candles.   The idea is that HA candles hide the way the candles really look.  So here the HA color is preserved which is a trend signal, but the candle shape is preserved for purposes of price action analysis.  The code was adapted from the Heikin Ashi code at this site. You will want to adjust your chart colors so that bull and bear outlines are the same color as your background.  That way you won't see any vestiges of the original candle underneath.