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How to install
free  25 Oct 2022
This is a simple Indicator based on two Moving Averages, base on Close Price  when two moving average crossover the sound you selected will be played and uparrow/downarrow  icons displayed
free  25 Oct 2022
This is a simple Indicator based on two Moving Averages, that you can choose between many of them made available natively from Ctrader. The Indicator changes the colors of the Clouds depending on the Trend and it paints the Candles as well based on the Trend. There was a little error in my code, and i just uploaded it without noticing it. The indicator was asked from some members our group and i did it fast without having a better look into it. Here please delete the old one and install this one.   Grupo CTrader em Portugues -->> Grupo CTrader en Español para Latinos:  
free  25 Oct 2022
This is a simple Donchian Channel that paints the candles with colors based on the trend and channel area.   Grupo CTrader em Portugues -->> Grupo CTrader en Español para Latinos:  
free  24 Oct 2022
Note: This indicator works only on our Preferred Broker Developed by John Ehlers, the MESA Adaptive Moving Average is a technical trend-following indicator which, according to its creator, adapts to price movement “based on the rate change of phase as measured by the Hilbert Transform Discriminator”. This method of adaptation features a fast and a slow moving average so that the composite moving average swiftly responds to price changes and holds the average value until the next bars close. Ehlers states that because the averages fallback is slow, you can create trading systems with almost whipsaw-free trades. Buy: when MAMA crosses above FAMA.  Sell: when MAMA crosses below FAMA.  W: E: info(at)
Pivot Points High Low
free  17 Oct 2022
Note: This indicator works only on our Preferred Broker The Pivot Points High Low indicator draws and extends lines between the last two pivot points. High pivot points are connected with green lines while low pivot points are connected with red lines  Buy: when the bar breaks above the green pivot points trendline.  Sell: when the bar breaks below the red pivot points trendline.  W: E: info(at)  
by mfejza
free  11 Oct 2022
Ehlers Super Smooth Indicator
by mfejza
free  11 Oct 2022
Ehlers Super Passband Filter Indicator
by mfejza
free  10 Oct 2022
This indicator derived from VWAP leading and lagging components. Long trades zone is defined when indicator is above the zero, Short trades zone is defined when indicator is below the zero.  
free  10 Oct 2022
Note: This indicator works only on our Preferred Broker Ehlers Super Passband Filter is a pass-band oscillator that seeks to pass-band out both high and low frequencies from market data to eliminate wiggles from the resultant signal thus significantly reducing lag. This pass-band indicator achieves this by using 2 different EMA's of varying periods. (40 and 60). Trigger points for the pass-band oscillator are added with a RMS cyclic envelope over the Signal line. Output of the pass-band waveform is calculated by summing its square over the last 50 bars and taking the square root of the averaged sum to create trigger levels. Buy: When pass-band crosses above its +RMS line.  Sell: When pass-band crosses below the -RMS line. W: E: info(at)  
Free Volume Profile
free  21 Nov 2022
 All core features of TPO Profile but in VOLUME It also has the features of Order Flow Ticks Last Update -> 16/11/2022 ================================================================= ==== Volume Modes === Normal/Gradient Mode = Volume Profile with Fixed/Gradient Color Buy vs Sell Mode = The name explains itself Delta Mode = Volume Delta Profile Normal+Delta Mode = Volume + Delta (Profile) The Volume Calculation(in Bars Volume Source) is exported, with adaptations, from the BEST VP I have see/used for MT4/MT5,  of FXcoder's (VP 10.2.1), author of the famous (Volume Profile + Range v6.0) a BIG THANKS to HIM! All parameters are self-explanatory. Update: 16/11/2022 - A "new" and correct way of segmentation has been added, where there is no more "repaint/flicker" when a new high was formed in Live Market. The old wrong segmentation has been replaced by this one. =================================================================
by Gwave
paid  11 Oct 2022
E7 Harmonic Structures are customised for:    Over 20 different Structures,    Point C Structures,    Point D Structures,    Automatic Fib retracements,    Potential Completion Zones (PCZ),    Potential Reversal Zones (PRZ),    Alerts and much much more. This is a custom indicator from E7 Academy Ideally to be used with the E7 system. This custom indicator was developed using the E7Qnet deep neural network learning system. The pictures below are examples of charts with both "Point C" and "Point D" structures with automatic Fib retracements on and off respectively. Download the Indicator Watch a live stream here       
Edit Icon Comment
free  09 Nov 2022
This indicator is to solve the problem ver 4.4.12 removed to access and edit the icon's comments For problem details, please see: Usage: 1. Select Icon, Alt + D to popup a ChartText with the icon's comment; 2. Edit ChartText as needed; 3. Alt + D to save revised comments, hit again to hide popup ChartText; Interested in the currency strength meter in the chart? Get the free download link at Telegram Group: cTrader FOREX Club