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How to install
by cwik_m
free  01 Mar 2021
Found this open-source oscillator online and adapted to C# for cAlgo. It’s a combination of two algorithms applied in a different way. The first one (set MODE to “1”) analyzes the bullish/bearishness of each bar using OHLC prices then averages all percentages to give the final value (the always sum to 100%). The second one (set MODE to “2”) treats the period group of bars as one bar and then determines the sentiment percentage with the OHLC points of the group. The first mode is noisier but also more accurate, whereas the second mode gives smoother results and adds more weight to the price movement range. They can be used separately as Mode = 1 and Mode = 2, or combined as Mode = 0.    
VSA For3xScalper
free  28 Feb 2021
VSA indicator gives you the opportunity to trade alongwith the Smart Money. Combining this indicator with Price action will give you an edge in the market. In Forex, as we have only tick volume available but already the studies revealed that correlation cofficient between trading volume and tick volume is around 0.98, hence good enough to use it in the anlaysis. There are 5 parameters that can be adjusted based on your strategy. UltraHigh Vol -- Highest Volume for a defined period (Orange Vol Bars). High Vol -- Highest Vol for a defined period, should be lesses that the UltraHigh Vol  (Blue Vol Bars) Low Vol -- Lowest Vol for a defined period  (Magenta Vol Bars) Climate Change Vol -- Low Vol for a defined short period, I keep it 2 (Gray Vol Bars). MA Period -- Simple Moving Average period drawn over the volume histogram. Follow me on Telegram Channel for trading ideas & updates - Telegram Group (Unofficial) for discussing about ctrader Bots/Indicators -  Also, I am a strategy provider. You can check the details & copy the strategy for stable profits after DYOR. Strategy Name - Desire Link: Myfxbook link:       NOTE:- I have just modified the available code/indicator on internet based on my trading style.
free  28 Feb 2021
Version 2. Changes introduced: Two pips required to turn around as in Renko. Recalculation of balance lines. Te next step: To add a parameter to customize the brick size. (I think I will continue with these things until I find a girlfriend or get lucky in Euromillions). (Curiously rounding I get everything squared). Be happy xD TFt1 The indicator only draws the renko chart and its breakeven lines on TFt1 to observe the price action in detail. It seems to me that the famous trader Bill Williams once said: "If you feed the chickens at the same time every day, even a blind chicken will find its food." Well, sometimes the market seems to take a rest and move in a two pip range over a ten or twelve minute period. Buying in support and selling in resistance, there are always two pips of profit. It doesn't matter which direction the market takes later. You need to consider the commissions and the spread. The number of bullish and bearish positions must be equal. Of course there is always risk. I think Bill Williams was referring to these periods when market supervisors seem to be taking their well-deserved rest. I hope I don't disturb anyone with my peculiar sense of humor. I understand that trading is hard but I think that good humor can extend life. I only propose this possible strategy as an example so that each one can find their own way. Thank you very much Mr. Williams for your teachings
Correlations Table
paid  26 Feb 2021
This indicator helps you see correlations in a table form, with many pairs as needed. You can select any timeframe and any pair that your platform supports. Specify the display format to be either decimals (-1 to 1) or percentages (-100 to 100). Select how many bars you cant to use for correlation. Highlight the most correlated assets and even the ones that are no correlated at all as you need. Future updates included.   Correlations Table   For bugs reports or other inquiries, please contact:
paid  27 Feb 2021
This is an excellent tool to help identify trend reversals using the cTrader Chaos indicator which can be used by marking Weekly and Daily Support and Resistance lines and counter-trend trading the approaching bounces off those support and resistance lines using the Overbought Extreme and Oversold Extreme signals. Download by following the links below. Read the full documentation Download the indicator     JOIN OUR VENDOR PROGRAM This is a vendor product do you have some unique indicators you wish to sell, why not join our vendor program where we will do all the marketing and payment processing while you sit back and make money. Join our vendor program Contact: instant chat group Website: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn  
paid  24 Feb 2021
Market Profile indicates how long the price traded at each level. This charting technique is used to determine and evaluate market value as it deve1oped in a specific time frame. Using the indicator provides helpful information e.g. - support and resistance levels based on the response of the instrument to a given price area, - prevailing market trend on the basis of higher or lower price ranges, - places which are most often traded among market participants   The main assumption was to create a very highly configurable indicator. There are options enabling to configure nearly every parameter. Style, colors transparency, thickness can be set by a user.   DOWNLOAD:  Daily And Weekly Market Profile CTrader     Parameters to configure   Default view on H1 EUR/USD   Custom settings on m15 EUR/USD   Weekly mode for BTC/USD   If you have any question or suggestion don’t hesitate to write me at
Amazing Donchian
free  24 Feb 2021
Donchian with breakout option CLOSE or HIGHLOW    
free  23 Feb 2021
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. Today I propose as a curiosity an indicator based on two concepts: Mean reversion and time noise filtering. Designed for TFm1. Instead of price, the trend lines are calculated from the white line that tries to simulate a renko chart. I hope you like it and enjoy it. Dedicated to trading heroes. Affectionately, Sergio Raimi   This is how it looks on TFt1. The core.
paid  25 Feb 2021
The cTrader CoT index and Cot dashboards give you bias by using REAL positionings of the large traders, a leading indicator which is not simply based on price data, it’s based on ACTUAL open interest in the market. Add COT indicator as a leading bias indicator to your technical as a timing tool and you have a professional trading strategy. Download by following the links below. Read the full documentation Download the indicator     JOIN OUR VENDOR PROGRAM Do you have some unique indicators you wish to sell, why not join our vendor program where we will do all the marketing and payment processing while you sit back and make money. Join our vendor program   Contact: instant chat group Website: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn
.AN. ATR Channel Mod
paid  21 Feb 2021
Same as Stochastic RSI - this is not my own invention, but modification of existing indicator.   Why I am interested in it :     1) Main line - it is Better than Moving Average and so on trend indicators. Most average based indicators are failing when price is reaching some level and settles there - all average based indicators are then mixing with the price and loosing sense - because they are "forgetting" bears or bulls where dominating before. Meanwhile, this indicator can freeze while price is flirting inside ATR range - it's main line will stay straight horizontally - and will be shifted only if some real move that is bigger than ATR will occur. Pretty easy logic with heavy doze of sense.   2) Channel - Bollinger Bands is well known and possibly main among Volatility / Channels indicators. But I hate it same as Moving Averages - because Bollinger Bands middle line is just simple Moving Average... But it is nice to have a with high probability of price range - that is why here is also channel - but more adequate I think - because this channel is calculating not from nonsense point of moving average, but from more stable point - built by ATR.     3) I like to have multi time frame view - that is why I modified this indicator to have ... lets say channel based on daily volatility - on some faster H1 or H4 chart. Or to add indicator several times at one chart, with different time frame parameters.       Source code is not public. You can download the indicator only from my website ATR Channel - cTrader Indicator   There is no other way to save copyrights.
free  21 Feb 2021
iTrend is a trend indicator. This version for cTrader has been based on this indicator for MT5 by Nikolay Kositsin, which in turn is based on previous work by other authors: The indicator has two lines: bullish (green) and bearish (red). If the bullish line is above the bearish line the price is trending upwards. If the bearish line is above the bullish line the price is trending downwards. The lines are calculated with an exponential moving average (EMA) as follows: Bullish line = close - EMA Bearish line = - (low + high - 2*EMA)    
by Gwave
paid  07 Mar 2021
This is a smoothed version of the standard polynomial regression channels. This allows for better analysis as taught in the E7 strategy. Download the Indicator Watch a live stream here The pictures below are examples of a 30min, 1hr and 4hr chart respectively.