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AW Calc Volume
free  08 Jul 2022
this indicator calculate your olume based on your risk percent and stop(pip).
KF - TEMA - DEMA - v3
free  05 Jul 2022
This is a far better version than the one i uploaded prior to this.  PLEASE USE THIS ONE INSTEAD.   Most of us use moving average cross-overs to enter / exit trades. This composite indicator that i created combines the best two of the Moving Average types as cross-over pairs It lets you place a moving average of a higher timeframe onto the current chart.  YOU WONT BE DISSAPPOiNTED!!!   Please feel free to reshape all my uploaded tools and PLEASE share the code. Thanks!!!
Deal Map
free  05 Jul 2022
An Indicator that shows the Deal Map of the current Symbol. The indicator also displays: The current net Profits and Losses (PNL) of the current Symbol. The current percentage Profit or Loss of all open positions for a Symbol relative to current balance.   Examples: 1. Single losing Long trade: 2. Multiple Long and Short trades in Profit or in Loss Parameters Display Type         - Display the net profit, Display the percentage Profit or Loss or Display both. Opacity                  - The opacity of each level as a percentage, between 0 and 100, where 0 is fully transparent and 100 is fully opaque. Thickness              - The thickness of each Deal Map. Show Profit Deals - Shows/Hides trade deals in profit. Show Loss Deals  - Shows/Hides trade deals at a loss. Bullish                    - Colour used for when trades are in profit. Bearish                   - Colour used for when trades are at a loss.
free  04 Jul 2022
Below is a Python code that I created to identify tops and bottoms on price charts of stocks or any financial assets. I also invented an extra indicator that calculates the angle between the last two tops and the angle between the last two bottoms, imagining that a straight line connects both. I am using these indicators to operar opções binárias as we say in Brazil. # Last tops: # In the case of a window of 3, this value is i-1. In the case of a window of 5, it is i-2. In the case of a window of 7, it is i-3. df['maximo'] = df['max'].rolling(window=9, center=True).max() df['top'] = np.where(df['max']==df['maximo'], df['max'], np.nan) df['top_1'] = np.nan df['top_2'] = np.nan df['top_3'] = np.nan df['top_4'] = np.nan df['top_5'] = np.nan df['top_6'] = np.nan df['top_7'] = np.nan for i in range(4, df.shape[0]): # considering window = 9     if df['top'][i-4]>0 and df['top_1'][i-1]!=df['top'][i-4]: # ignoring consecutive tops         df['top_1'][i] = df['top'][i-4]         df['top_2'][i] = df['top_1'][i-1]         df['top_3'][i] = df['top_2'][i-1]         df['top_4'][i] = df['top_3'][i-1]         df['top_5'][i] = df['top_4'][i-1]         df['top_6'][i] = df['top_5'][i-1]         df['top_7'][i] = df['top_6'][i-1]     else:         df['top_1'][i] = df['top_1'][i-1]         df['top_2'][i] = df['top_2'][i-1]         df['top_3'][i] = df['top_3'][i-1]         df['top_4'][i] = df['top_4'][i-1]         df['top_5'][i] = df['top_5'][i-1]         df['top_6'][i] = df['top_6'][i-1]         df['top_7'][i] = df['top_7'][i-1]          # Last bottoms: df['minimo'] = df['min'].rolling(window=9, center=True).min() df['bottom'] = np.where(df['min']==df['minimo'], df['min'], np.nan) df['bottom_1'] = np.nan df['bottom_2'] = np.nan df['bottom_3'] = np.nan df['bottom_4'] = np.nan df['bottom_5'] = np.nan df['bottom_6'] = np.nan df['bottom_7'] = np.nan for i in range(4, df.shape[0]):     if df['bottom'][i-4]>0 and df['bottom_1'][i-1]!=df['bottom'][i-4]:         df['bottom_1'][i] = df['bottom'][i-4]         df['bottom_2'][i] = df['bottom_1'][i-1]         df['bottom_3'][i] = df['bottom_2'][i-1]         df['bottom_4'][i] = df['bottom_3'][i-1]         df['bottom_5'][i] = df['bottom_4'][i-1]         df['bottom_6'][i] = df['bottom_5'][i-1]         df['bottom_7'][i] = df['bottom_6'][i-1]     else:         df['bottom_1'][i] = df['bottom_1'][i-1]         df['bottom_2'][i] = df['bottom_2'][i-1]         df['bottom_3'][i] = df['bottom_3'][i-1]         df['bottom_4'][i] = df['bottom_4'][i-1]         df['bottom_5'][i] = df['bottom_5'][i-1]         df['bottom_6'][i] = df['bottom_6'][i-1]         df['bottom_7'][i] = df['bottom_7'][i-1] # Counting the nº of candles before a new top: df['count_tops'] = df.groupby((df['top_1'] != df['top_1'].shift(1)).cumsum()).cumcount()+1 df['AP1'] = np.nan # Angle between top_1 and top_2 df['AP2'] = np.nan df['AP3'] = np.nan df['AP4'] = np.nan df['AP5'] = np.nan df['AP6'] = np.nan for i in range(4, df.shape[0]):     if df['top_2'][i] != df['top_2'][i-1]: # when top_2 is updated         df['AP1'][i] = (df['top_1'][i] - df['top_2'][i])/df['count_tops'][i-1] # find the angle between top_1 and top_2         df['AP2'][i] = df['AP1'][i-1] # do the same for the others         df['AP3'][i] = df['AP2'][i-1]         df['AP4'][i] = df['AP3'][i-1]         df['AP5'][i] = df['AP4'][i-1]         df['AP6'][i] = df['AP5'][i-1]     else:         df['AP1'][i] = df['AP1'][i-1]         df['AP2'][i] = df['AP2'][i-1]         df['AP3'][i] = df['AP3'][i-1]         df['AP4'][i] = df['AP4'][i-1]         df['AP5'][i] = df['AP5'][i-1]         df['AP6'][i] = df['AP6'][i-1]          # Same for bottoms: df['count_bottoms'] = df.groupby((df['bottom_1'] != df['bottom_1'].shift(1)).cumsum()).cumcount()+1 df['AF1'] = np.nan df['AF2'] = np.nan df['AF3'] = np.nan df['AF4'] = np.nan df['AF5'] = np.nan df['AF6'] = np.nan for i in range(4, df.shape[0]):     if df['bottom_2'][i] != df['bottom_2'][i-1]:         df['AF1'][i] = (df['bottom_1'][i] - df['bottom_2'][i])/df['count_bottoms'][i-1]         df['AF2'][i] = df['AF1'][i-1]         df['AF3'][i] = df['AF2'][i-1]         df['AF4'][i] = df['AF3'][i-1]         df['AF5'][i] = df['AF4'][i-1]         df['AF6'][i] = df['AF5'][i-1]     else:         df['AF1'][i] = df['AF1'][i-1]         df['AF2'][i] = df['AF2'][i-1]         df['AF3'][i] = df['AF3'][i-1]         df['AF4'][i] = df['AF4'][i-1]         df['AF5'][i] = df['AF5'][i-1]         df['AF6'][i] = df['AF6'][i-1] More concepts can be found here.
free  05 Jul 2022
An Indicator that shows the long and short average entries on the chart. Swaps are included in the calculations. This indicator is experimental and still in development and may contains bugs! Parameters: Show Text - Shows or Hides the text under the break-even lines on chart
free  05 Jul 2022
A simple indicator for trend following, consisting of 4 Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) in total. Parameters: Source                        - The input source (default is close). Timeframe                  - The timeframe to use. MA Type                      - The Moving Average type to use. Change Bar Colour    - Changes the colour of the bars to show the trend direction. MA Periods                 - The period of the Moving Averages. Bar Colours                - The colours to use on bars for bullish and bearish trends
Cumulative Delta Volume
free  12 Jun 2022
This is an cumulative volume indicator based of the version by LonesomeTheBlue on TradinbView: Here is how to use it:  
Synchronized Drawings
free  07 Jun 2022
 This indicator allows you to synchronize your chart drawings, it will sync your chart drawing in real time across all attached charts. Features Updates, removes, and adds all cTrader chart drawings No user interaction needed Easy to use Different working modes that allows you to limit the indicator based on symbol or time frame Automatically adjusts the Y axis of drawings for different symbols relative to that symbol scale This indicator is open source, feel free to fork and improve it on Github: spotware/Synchronized-Drawings: This is a cTrader indicator that allows you to synchronize your chart drawings (  
free  29 Nov 2022
Update to Ver 1.10 with new functions: Session lighter split into 5 groups,  each one has 2 colours, (Asia, European, New York, London Fix, New York Close); Session lighters can extend to all indicator areas; Daily routine markers added to timeline;  Ver 1.09 and previous: Draw vertical lines as day separators; Draw background colour to highlight sessions; Users can set start and end day numbers and times; Users can set the colour of the session background and separators; Users can set highlight gridlines by 5 min, (4) hourly at different timeframes; Users can turn on/off the background colour for each month; Framework .NET 6.0 ready, Source code is compatible with .NET 4.0;  Note: The attachment .algo is compiled by .NET6.0, to run with the old version (4.1.17), please copy the source code and compile it at the cTrader version to fit your environment. Interested in the currency strength meter in the chart? Get the free download link at Telegram Group: cTrader FOREX Club
Moving Average Ribbon
free  05 Jun 2022
This is a moving average ribbon which only shows the average, the max and the min value. This way any number of moving averages can be shown without recompiling the code.
free  04 Jun 2022
to help you in choosing the right risk reward ratio for your positions
Price Tag
free  01 Jun 2022
This indicator allows you to tag a price level, it shows the price with an arrow based on price distance from the bars.   Features You can customize the appearance Use any of the modifier keys you want to as hotkey Changes on indicator parameters take effect on current added price tags Shows an up arrow if price level was below the bar low or down arrow if price was above bar high   Usage Add indicator on a chart Press shift and click somewhere on the chart, you can change the key from indicator parameters Note: When you change the indicator parameters the change will effect all existing price tags, to avoid this add something to price tag comment and that price tag style will not change even if you change the indicator parameters like font size or color. This indicator is open source, feel free to improve it: spotware/Price-Tag: This is a cTrader desktop indicator for showing price levels on the chart (