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How to install
by Jiri
paid  22 Jun 2020
Divergence Spotter finds and scans for regular and hidden divergences automatically using any attached oscillator. To offer a broad market perspective, the indicator can be loaded many times in the same chart using different oscillators, without interference  
paid  18 Apr 2020
The current version of cTrader Stochastic or CCI oscillators are good indicator's for telling when the price is oversold/overbought but the signals are not very accurate, this issue has been solved by combining those two indicators together and adding some filters and with this advisor, your trading will become much more accurate. This indicator is provided by one of our software vendors Peaks & Valleys VISIT THE PRODUCT PAGE TO DOWNLOAD Why not sell your indicators with us and boost your sales?   Paul Hayes Sales & Marketing Email: Phone: (44) 203 289 6573 Website: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn PS: Why not join our instant chat group on Telegram or visit our YouTube Channel
free  07 Apr 2020
An Evolution of my RSI Cloud indicator. - indexed to 0 - Added Histogram - Added fast RSI Makes it look pretty similar to MACD but with OS/OB Area. Only Based on RSI, no MACD in Calculation! Can be used like MACD and for spotting divergences. FastRSI can be used for quick scalps or to prevent placing trades in Trend Direction while OS/OB.   Fully Customizable    EURUSD 1H      If you like my work, feel free to spend me a Corona Beer :-)
paid  19 Apr 2020
It is difficult to imagine trading without an oscillator - there have always been and will be Waves. It is important to see in what phase the daily wave is. It would be foolish to trade a one-hour wave against the direction of a H4 or older Daily wave, and on the contrary - it is very reasonable to trade when the waves add up in resonance. Resonance moments are highlighted by dots. ...these are almost perfect moments for entry... This is second version of Stochastic RSI Waves Resonance indicator I have created before. Now it is connected to Telegram Communic .   Source code is not public. You can download the indicator only from my website  There is no other way to save copyrights. P.S.  my name is Alex, I'm not a big trader or programmer, but only a very diligent person and try to do good worthwhile things to at least slightly improve my very modest life. Need some support - so I post my work at least for a nominal price, please be understanding.
Multi MA Normalised
by jani
free  04 Feb 2020
The indicator normalises all standard moving averages as well as Tilson T3 Moving Average    Standard moving averages can be smoothed by the MA Factor (values range: 1-6) For example, EMA with Factor 1 is normal EMA, by using factor 2 we get EMA of EMA, by using factor 3 gives EMA of EMA of EMA etc. There is also a feature to add a final smoothing. All smoothing features apply only to MAs, not to T3 The idea of the indicator is to capture price cycles using two different cycle periods. Shorter cycle show  short/medium-term price cycles as longer cycle confirms the trend direction and longer-term price cycles.  
MACD Color
by jani
free  10 Feb 2020
This is a modified version of the traditional MACD indicator. Cut-Off levels indicate levels where MACD and signal line difference (=histogram) is greater than the set level. I have also added a feature to count MACD from any standard moving average.   Version update  2020/1/20  *    Added tick volume feature. Increasing tick volume factor increases tick volume relative weight when calculating the MAs  *    Replaced lookback with MA smoothing feature. LB and SMA accomplish the same thing, MA smoothing now more versatile. Version update  2020/2/3  *   Added zero lag feature Version update  2020/2/10  *   Removed Tick Volume, error in logic   =====================================================================================================                                                                                      SETTINGS ===================================================================================================== Traditional MACD: MACD periods: 12 & 26 // Signal period: 9  // MA Type: Exponential Linda Raschke: MACD periods: 3 & 10 // Signal period: 16  // MA Type: Simple Awesome Oscillator: MACD periods: 5 & 34 // Signal period:N/A  // MA Type: Simple  
by jani
free  21 Jan 2020
This is a modified version of the famous Awesome Oscillator created by Bill Williams. The indicator will show the cumulative sum of the difference between the fast and slow SMA (cumulative sum of the normal AO output) for the selected lookback period.  Lookback value 0 & 1 will void function and return normal AO I have also added a moving average that reads the AO output as input (MA of AO)..   This indicator can be replaced with my more advanced version of MACD  MACD Color Indicator | Algorithmic Forex Trading | cTrader Community In the picture below, above normal AO and below AO Plus with lookback value of 25 bars. Lookback feature attempts to better interpret the market up and down cycles and longer-term momentum.  
free  26 Dec 2019
Follow my cTrader Telegram group at; everyone can talk about cTrader indicators and algorithm without restrictions, though it is not allowed to spam commercial indicators to sell them. There's also a Discord Server now @ and an Instagram page This is a stochastic oscillator with a source, it will fit on any other indicator but cannot be used to calculate stochastic on marketseries, for those you'll have to use the standard one. Here's an example of it calculated on Pring's Special K:
Pring's Special K
free  26 Dec 2019
Follow my cTrader Telegram group at; everyone can talk about cTrader indicators and algorithm without restrictions, though it is not allowed to spam commercial indicators to sell them. There's also a Discord Server now @ and an Instagram page This is Martin Pring's Special K, a timing indicator made of 12 different price ROCs, every one with a particular smoothing. In this version, every ROCs' period is tunable, as well as every ROCs' multiplier and smoothing. There is also a setting for the final smoothing of the result, the signal line period and every smoothing has a parameter for the type of moving average to use.
free  09 Dec 2019
The indicator is a combination of Stochastic RSI CCI.