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How to install
by gorin
free  31 Oct 2013
This indicator is a combination of the MACD Crossover and the Relative Strength Index. The MACD is scaled up so that the two indicators overlap.
Elliot Wave Oscillator
by adaled
free  17 Sep 2012
The basic idea of the Elliot Wave is that there is a wave pattern that repeats itself. Once the current wave is identified a trader can assume the direction of the trend.  The key is to learn how to identify waves correctly a task that is also highly subjective. Using the Elliot Wave Oscillator requires a little knowledge and there are different analysis theories and techniques.  It can be a powerful tool but one needs to spend some time studying and deciding which theory to use.   
Fisher Transformation
free  17 Feb 2012
This is a very fast crossover trade trigger indicator and if used in conjunction with a good trend-following tool it is predictive and can be applied in strategies (coming soon). When compared to MACD or other crossover indicators the Fisher Transform is clearly superior and timely.
MACD Divergence
free  02 Mar 2021
This indicator recognizes the MACD indicator divergence and shows it on your chart and MACD indicator. Free Download Trial Version / Buy: If you have any question or issue with our product please contact us via our site live chat or if we were offline leave a message, if you post a comment here we will not get any notification and we will not be able to help you.
by Jiri
paid  18 Aug 2020
ADX Signed calculates direction movement values using the standard method but excludes the operation of taking the module of values. It preserves common signs of ADX values, which makes it more compatible, easy to use, and gives signals quicker than conventional ADX. Also, the indicator provides an additional line calculated as a difference between the DI+ and DI- component. This line can identify overbought/oversold areas, and together with divergence pattern, it makes a strong reversal signal. How to install? You might also be interested in: [PoshTrader] ADX Signed [PoshTrader] Bid and Ask [PoshTrader] Deal Map [PoshTrader] Divergence Spotter [PoshTrader] Market Sentiment [PoshTrader] Pivot Points [PoshTrader] Position Axis [PoshTrader] Renko Tails [PoshTrader] Symbol Watermark  
free  04 Feb 2016
This MACD Crossover with Colors indicator allows you to set colors for both positive and negative values of the Histogram. Based on the original MACD Crossover indicator from cTrade. v2 + Adaptive (auto-color): Allows the option to display adaptive auto-colors changing according the trend. + Verbose: Allows the option to display the current Long or Short cycle and it's value. v1 Public release    
by Jiri
paid  22 Jun 2020
Divergence Spotter finds and scans for regular and hidden divergences automatically using any attached oscillator. To offer a broad market perspective, the indicator can be loaded many times in the same chart using different oscillators, without interference  
free  06 Aug 2012
SMI Indicator is used to predict the trend prevailing in the market i.e. either bullish or bearish. The trend is bearish if its SMI Output is below 40. Conversely, an SMI Output of above 40 indicates a bullish trend. In SMI, when the current closing price is greater than the Midpoint of High/Low Range, the outcome is above zero. Similarly, when the Current Close is less than the Midpoint of High/Low Range, than SMI is below zero. SMI uses a wide range that can vary from a negative value of -100 to a positive value of +100. In order to smooth the results of SMI, a Moving Average is determined, a.k.a. Stochastic %D.  
free  27 Feb 2021
This version of the DiNapoli Stochastic has a smoother indicator and extra logic to match the curve of the lines to identify possible price reversal with linear curve fitting. We also included many useful features like email, sound alerts, high and low thresholds. The indicator can be used with a trading robot as it provides public properties for Buy and Sells signals.    Download The Indicator Today Download The Indicator Today This oscillator smoothing method leads to filtering out "noise" in the price movement. It is used in the strategies that are oriented to a standard stochastic. The stronger smoothing can lead to loss of an array of signals, so it is recommended to apply any trend indicator for more efficient use of the indicator and its signals filtering. Read more about this type of indicator by Joe Dinapoli "Trading With DiNapoli Levels". Features Buy and Sell Threshold - this is the high and low for triggering a signal event Email Alert - sends you an email  Sound Alert - the sound file path is configurable Arrows are drawn on chart - this plots an arrow each time a crossover occurs, you can turn this on or off FastK, SlowK and SlowD - configurable parameters Linear Curve Check Cross-over distance Check Data Analysis Mode Public properties for robots - IsBullish and IsBearish signals   There are two checks for identifying price reversals, you can modify the settings and the arrows which signal Buy or Sell are only shown where the optimal reversals occur. Cross-Over Check This involves a very simple, but useful check on the distance between the signal and result lines using the cross-over distance setting when there is indecision in the price the two lines are very close together when there is a strong change direction the distance is higher.   Linear Regression Curve Check This is very useful when you want to match a specific type of curve which mostly show price reversals, it uses the Math.Net Numerics library described below for curve fitting. You can curve fit either the signal or the result line. The settings are Curve Offset and Curve Slope. For analysis, you can use a setting called Data Analysis Mode which will show you historical curve values in the log file to help you match the values which hold the strongest weight. The video below will explain the features in more detail.   Math.NET Numerics This assembly aims to expose algorithms and methods for numerical computations in software engineering, the areas it covers are special functions, linear algebra, probability models, random numbers, interpolation, integration, regression, optimization problems and much more. We use this library to help us fit the curve on the stochastic result and signal lines.  Math.NET Numerics -   Curve Fitting: Linear Regression Regression is all about fitting a low order parametric model or curve data, so we can use it to make predictions on points not covered by the data. Both the data and the model are known, but we'd like to find the parameters that make the model good enough to the data according to some metric. You can see from the diagram below where the white arrows are drawn that the fake cross-over signals are filtered out and where the red and green arrows are drawn you will get signals to buy or sell. Curve fitting can involve either interpolation, where an exact fit to the data is required, or smoothing, in which a "smooth" function is constructed that approximately fits the data.     Data Analysis Mode We have added a feature which will allow you to visually see the Linear Curve fitted values for the stochastic cross-over points so that you can compare this to the candle price action to help you increase the probability of a successful entry point.   Download The Indicator Today   Contact: instant chat group Website: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn  
Zero Lag MACD
by adaled
free  05 Dec 2013
Modification of MACD Crossover to have minimal lag. It uses Zero Lag Moving Averages instead of the traditional formula. Applies exponential moving average twice and subtracts that from the sum of two exponential moving averages to get the zero lag long and zero lag short emas. The MACD line is the difference between those two zero lag emas.  
Laguerre RSI
free  17 Feb 2012
Ehlers Laguerre RSI is a much more advanced version of the basic RSI indicator. It was created by John Ehler and documented in his book entitled 'Cybernetic Analysis For Stocks And Futures'.
free  27 Jun 2015
ZigZag Kwan MBFX Timing ou Beta Author : Abdallah HACID Solution Visual studio   Cet indicateur ZigZag Kwan MBFX Timing peut etre  combiner avec le RSI, MACD est Stoch et vous pouvez créer un système de trading forex parfait. Vert - La tendance  couleur Or - la tendance latérale  Rouge - La tendance baissière  Cet indicateur doit être situé dans les niveaux intermédiaires (30,70). en dessous de 70 survente, au dessus de 30 surachat. Le robot de test de cet indicateur se trouve ici : TrailCut II , mettre le paramètre Zigzag Kwan MBFX Timing à OUI, les autres indicateurs à NON et passer en période journalière.