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How to install
pankaj bhandari
free  22 Apr 2021
plz add this indic
by d.deel
free  21 Apr 2021
The idea behind this indicator is, depending on the type of strategy used, it is to find better exit or/and entry point, entry(recommended) should be after crossing of the SSB by the PVI result, and exit should be after crossing of HMA by the PVI result. Chartshot: EURUSD, h1 03:08:19 (UTC+0) on Apr 16th, 2021
Hull VolumeIndex
by d.deel
free  16 Apr 2021
There's has been an UPDATE for this indicator.   With it's default parameters, Trend will be determinate by the TMA, WMA and HMA results, positions can be taken when  the HMA  level has been crossed by the PSV result.   For more precise entry and exit levels(may result in less trades opportunity) the IchiSenkouSpanB indicator is recommended IchiSpanB VolumeIndex Indicator | Algorithmic Forex Trading | ...   Chartshot: EURUSD, h1 03:30:43 (UTC+0) on Apr 16th, 2021
free  13 Apr 2021
The indicator identifies gaps between the open and close of candles and highlights where price has been offered on one side only.  The gap setting is best set at the overnight spread - ie on GBPUSD set to 11 pips min.  The Zone is best set to your particular brokers spread on that pair. HOW TO USE All based on the belief that price is being delivered by IPDA ( Interbank Price Delivery Algorithm). The algorithm is designed to offer price on both sides, this indicator is just a visual way of highlighting where price has only been delivered on one side. Tips: Leaving history on you will see that areas have an efficacy at the previous swing and if you are quick enough on the trigger can even play in the 1minTF. Best to use in traditional top down analysis TF, Weekly / Daily  / 1 hr. Credit for programming to Jiri @ Poshtrader.    Example settings for 1 min TF (GBPUSD )  
free  03 Apr 2021
Shows a grid of market start times. If you want to change the line color, enter the name of the color in this list.   Note:  This script was based on the one created by Summer
free  19 Mar 2021
This tool adds Hotkeys to change the timeframe. (cTrader ver4.0 or later is required) Other tools can be downloaded from Gumroad. (for free) ajinori  
Pattern Drawing
free  14 Apr 2021
The Pattern drawing indicator is developed to allow you draw chart patterns easily on your cTrader chart and as an example of cTrader automate API capabilities. You can use it as a trader for drawing chart patterns like: Triangle Cypher Cycles Head and Shoulders ABCD Three Drives Elliott Impulse Wave (12345) Elliott Triangle Wave (ABCDE) Elliott Triple Combo Wave (WXYXZ) Elliott Correction Wave (ABC) Elliott Double Combo Wave (WXY) If you are developer you can use it as a good advanced code sample, and if you are interested you can contribute to improve this indicator via Github. Github:  spotware/Pattern-Drawing   This indicator only works on cTrader 4.0 or later. Changelog Version Release Date: April 14, 2021 Added: Elliott wave pattern degrees Added: Save/load buttons Version Release Date: March 17, 2021 Added: TimeFrame visibility option
free  15 Mar 2021
GT Margin Visualizer allows you to visualize your actual margin level on the on-chart scale together with 100% and Stop-Out level lines and highlighted areas. You can also simulate effect of a custom leverage set via the Leverage parameter. Version history: 1.0 - Initial release 1.1 - Minor enhancements 1.2 - Fixed error causing deletion of all chart objects Feel free to let me know about any issues or post your suggestions for improvements in the comments! Did you like my work?
free  12 Mar 2021
This is a useful indicator that shows how other currency pairs behave in relation to the symbol traded on your chart with a visual representation of 5 other Forex pairs. Download by following the links below. Download & Read Documentation Watch a Video Tutorial   Contact: instant chat group Website: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn  
paid  10 Mar 2021
You can easy understand your upcoming sessions.
Reference for TDFI
by xabbu
free  09 Mar 2021
this indicator is needed to perform the TDFI correctly. I would have been lucky to build the TDFI without that reference indicator, but I was not able to achive (and thanks to Panagiotis, you pointed me is this direction). This indicator multiplies the Close Proce by 1000, and this is needed as input for the TDFI, which I will publish very soon. Without the TDFI, this indicator is nearly useless...
free  04 Mar 2021
OrglobalFx_Waddah_Attah_Edited_v1.1  Updated version of : OrglobalFx_Waddah_Attah_Edited_v1_0 Indicator | Algorithmic Forex...  Reference from Waddah Attah Explosion   Feature  Waddah Attah based on a different calculation