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paid  07 Oct 2020
Market Profile for cTrader platform: (V4.0) Daily session Single session  Value Area Custom Presets Market Depth (direction) Fixed volume  Selected area volume Multiple numbers of sessions Multiple timeframes (short-long) Buying and Selling volume Point of Control (POC) Profile high and Low. Daily levels Daily direction ATR value   7-day free trial 14-day guarantee refund policy Lifetime license can be purchased >> here << or visit us at   Watch a Video Demonstration                          
paid  26 Nov 2020
Tiny tool to see how much money or percents you will get or lose at every N pips from your entry point. * if there will be several positions - it will calculate the combined positions break even level, even if they are opened with different quantities and directions.    + account information: - pip value and current symbol positions P/L - total P/L of all positions as a percentage to control current profit or drawdown - used and free margin, balance and equity Parameters : - step distance in pips - show/hide account info in right bottom corner - choose how to show scale on chart in Percents or in Account Currency [ it is better to have habit to see not money but percents, to have strict money management rules in percents - to achieve stable results regardless deposit size ] Source code is not public. You can download the indicator only from my website . There is no other way to save copyrights.    
free  05 Jul 2017
Hi, This Indicator basically displays : 1. Displays the PIPS (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) and 2. Draw Lines through +/- ATR values on the CHART.   Have divided the ATR Value by x (x=1,2,3,4).   And converted it to Pips.  Added these Pips value to "OPEN PRICES" and drawn the lines on Chart. How to USE IT : 1.  Good for Trade :  If the Price has crossed  +D-1/2 ATR  or  -D-1/2 ATR, then it means that this PAIR is good for trading (either Buy or Sell. depending on your other triggers). 2.  Trigger :  After it has crossed Daily ATR lines, then wait for the prices to cross the "Hourly +ve or -ve" ATR line to start trading.  (Direction based on other trigger indicators).   3. Trending :  If Both Weekly ATR lines (+ve or -ve) are above Both the Monthly ATR Lines or vice versa. The Pair is trending. 4. Ranging :   if Daily lines are within Weekly ATR Lines,  and Weekly ATR Line are between the Monthly ATR lines. The Pair is ranging. 5. Short-Term Reversal :  if Price have broken all +ve (-ve)  Daily, Weekly, Monthly ATR lines in single session. *if it was early in ranging setup. 6. OPEN PRICES  :  if Daily Open Price is above Weekly Open Price, and Weekly Open Price is above Monthly Open Price  or vice versa ), then usually this Pair is also in trending mode but ranging setup (#4) will confirm or reject it. Disclaimer : This is not a Holy grail. Please use this for short-term inter-day trading.  And keep Take Profit as per 15-min ATR value in Pips. And keep Stop Loss outside 1-Hr ATR Line.  Leave your comments and feedback, so a cBOT can also be developed. Hope it helps other too who want to know how many Pips a Pair has moved from its opening price.   Please rate it and leave a comment. Thank you. ///S.Khan (*Still Learning to TRADE )  
free  05 Jul 2017
Hi, this indicator displays the Hourly, Daily, Weeky, Monthly Total Pips and ATR Value on Chart. Please rate it and leave a comment. Thank you. ///S.Khan    
free  05 Jul 2017
Hi, This indicator displays the Position info on the Chart over the Position Line.  Kind of visual.  (Courtesy : Charles Layton) Thank you. ///S.Khan    
free  05 Jul 2017
Hi, a simple indicator that displays Pair Info on top of the Chart.  Kinda Helpful information for Traders. Information Displayed are : 1. Pips Current and Closed  2. Unrealized and Closed Net P/L 3. Pip Cost  4. Net Vol and Total Count 5. Buy and Sell Volume 6. Buy and Sell Count 7. Profit Factor   Thank you S.Khan  
free  26 Sep 2013
This Indicator produces 2 x Moving Averages together on the chart, of which you can edit the settings as follows. ie SET Applied price to Close or Median using Zero, 1 , 2, 3 or 4 Price    = 0 - Close   Price    = 1 - Open   Price    = 2 - High   Price    = 3 - Low   Price    = 4 - Median Price   = (High+Low)/2  
by summer
free  07 Oct 2020
A3 MARSI Cross Alert
free  29 Apr 2020
This indicator derives from the famous RSI-O-MA which is located at this link ( to which I added a sound "alert" that warns at each intersection of the two lines . The indicator is obtained with an RSI applied to an exponential moving average, with trigger. The signals of this indicator are not to be confused with the classic RSI, they are very different and give us the opportunity to evaluate the formation of new minimums or maximums in the price trend. This indicator was born from my idea of being able to have a very simple sound signal even if I am not right in front of the graph! Happy trading everyone and ... click "like" if you liked this idea, thanks !!! Support: If you have any question or issue with the product please contact me via telegram.    Parameters If you want this is an example of sound that you could use.  
free  27 Apr 2016
The indicator shows the all kind of stats of your account. See screenshot. The indicator shows the all kind of stats of your account. See screenshot. The indicator shows the all kind of stats of your account. See screenshot.
Account Summary
by reyx
free  28 Mar 2020
A simple indicator that show account live numbers in chart
free  03 Jun 2015
(v 1.01) This is the Accumulative Bid/Ask Volume (ZigZag Edition). To operate it successfully please download and install the ZigZag indicator from here: /algos/indicators/show/157 If you are using my other Bid/Ask Volume indicator you must turn off the "Write to file" option on one of them otherwise two indicators will write to the same data file leading to corruption and/or twice the volume.   02.06.2015 - Version 1.01 Corrected a flaw where once the repaint is triggered it would do so for the whole duration of that bar   Note that the actual ZigZag indicator line in the example image is not part of the volume indicator's plot. It is applied to the chart only for demonstrational purposes. The ZigZag is still needed for the indicator's inner workings. It can also be applied for guidance in finding reasonable settings.