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How to install
paid  10 Mar 2021
You can easy understand your upcoming sessions.
Correlations Table
paid  26 Feb 2021
This indicator helps you see correlations in a table form, with many pairs as needed. You can select any timeframe and any pair that your platform supports. Specify the display format to be either decimals (-1 to 1) or percentages (-100 to 100). Select how many bars you cant to use for correlation. Highlight the most correlated assets and even the ones that are no correlated at all as you need. Future updates included.   Correlations Table   For bugs reports or other inquiries, please contact:
paid  24 Feb 2021
Market Profile indicates how long the price traded at each level. This charting technique is used to determine and evaluate market value as it deve1oped in a specific time frame. Using the indicator provides helpful information e.g. - support and resistance levels based on the response of the instrument to a given price area, - prevailing market trend on the basis of higher or lower price ranges, - places which are most often traded among market participants   The main assumption was to create a very highly configurable indicator. There are options enabling to configure nearly every parameter. Style, colors transparency, thickness can be set by a user.   DOWNLOAD:  Daily And Weekly Market Profile CTrader     Parameters to configure   Default view on H1 EUR/USD   Custom settings on m15 EUR/USD   Weekly mode for BTC/USD   If you have any question or suggestion don’t hesitate to write me at
paid  25 Feb 2021
The cTrader CoT index and Cot dashboards give you bias by using REAL positionings of the large traders, a leading indicator which is not simply based on price data, it’s based on ACTUAL open interest in the market. Add COT indicator as a leading bias indicator to your technical as a timing tool and you have a professional trading strategy. Download by following the links below. Read the full documentation Download the indicator     JOIN OUR VENDOR PROGRAM Do you have some unique indicators you wish to sell, why not join our vendor program where we will do all the marketing and payment processing while you sit back and make money. Join our vendor program   Contact: instant chat group Website: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn
Advanced Crosshair
paid  22 Feb 2021
The Advanced Crosshair is a tool that helps you visualize better the data on the chart inside your cTrader platform. Options to see Symbol, Direction, Open, High, Low, Close, Index, Time, Volume, Body Size, Candle Size, and all these values can be switched off if needed Most common indicator values included, just input the period settings and select one of these options. - ADX - ATR - Chaikin Money Flow - EMA - Hull Moving Average (HMA) - On Balance Volume - Relative Strength Index (RSI) - Simple Moving Average (SMA) - Standard Deviation (STD) - Time Series Moving Average (TSMA) - Triangular Moving Average (TMA) - Weighted Close - Weighted Moving Average - Welles Wilder Smoothing - Williams Percentage Range Highlight the current bar and range on the chart Option to freeze the crosshair on a certain bar Option to copy the values to your clipboard Option to hide the layout Customize the layout The license includes usage for 3 machines Future updates included Advanced Crosshair   For bugs reports or other inquiries, please contact:
Weis Volume
paid  10 Feb 2021
The Weis Wave Volume indicator (WWV indicator) is a smart money footprints indicator. It is built upon the current market trend aiming to describe the direction of the price movement. When the price develops a strong trend, the WWV also grows bigger.   + Open an UP order when the WWV indicator switches from red/dark blue to green/light blue and the Heiken Ashi candlestick chart is green/light blue. + Open a DOWN order when the WWV indicator switches from green to red/dark blue and the Heiken Ashi candlestick chart is red/dark blue.   You can combine with SMA 30 also to filter the noise.   If you trade smart money concepts, then this is a very powerful indicator.   Contact me at for the cost & indicator  
paid  03 Feb 2021
Download Link: cTrader Risk/Reward Management Indicator   You have to do the risk and reward management for each trading, otherwise you will difficult to win and control your money in the market! You can set the stop-loss and take-profit in cTrader as below: This is really better than MT4 & MT5, it will auto calculate the risk money by stop loss value, and you can also set the take profit amount! But this is still not convenient enough, I think if there is a visual operation for that will be great! For example, you can drag & drop the stop-loss and take-profit line before you open order, and it will auto calculate the risk-reward rate or you can set the risk-reward for take-profit! That’s means you can easy to drag the stop loss to the support or resistance level, this will be very helpful for control and manage your money! Ok, I will let you know what an indicator can help you to do that! I created an indicator for risk-reward management, you can easy to set the stop loss and take profit what you want, you also can drag the SL & TP line to set the value: As you can see in the capture, the blue line is the entry price, green is the take profit price, and red is the stop-loss price. There are 4 order type buttons as below : When you open a “Buy” or “Sell” order, you can drag the blue line, it will auto-update base on the Ask or Bid price, but if you want to open a “Buy Stop” or “Sell Stop” order, you can drag the blue line for your entry price level. By default, all of the values will auto-update base on the current entry price, but if you want to change one of them, just edit it, and you will see an edit button change to green: After you edit the value, click the green edit button, it will calculate other related values. For example, when you change the risk amount, it will also calculate the volumes to fulfill your amount, so that you can control how many amounts will you lose in this trade! You can set to use the fix amount or percentage for the risk amount, if check “Use Percentage” button, it will base on your account balance to calculate the risk and update the volumes. There are some parameters can be set: Panel algnment: Set the default position of the panel Style Settings: Set the stop-loss, take-profit and entry price line’s color RS Management: Default Volumes: default volumes when open the indicator Risk Amount: default risk amount when open the indicator Default StopLoss: default stop-loss pips when open the indicator Default RS: default risk and reward rate when open the indicator But this is still an indicator, so it can’t open order, if you want to open the order, you can take a look the cBot version. In the end, this indicator is not free, I only want to charge a small fee so that I can create more better indicator or cBot in the future, but you can download it with 14 days free trial! So, if you like it, please purchase it, thanks for your support :) Download Link: cTrader Risk/Reward Management Indicator    
paid  04 Jan 2021
Telegram Alerts for Indicators works with any data series or indicator values, to inform you of an indicator cross via Telegram, email or on-screen pop-up. Compatible with any data series, such as RSI, MACD and even custom built indicators. Initially only 10 licenses are being released at:   1st: Attach the indicator to an on-chart indicator, and select your preferred settings   2nd: Wait for an on-screen pop-up, email or Telegram    
paid  25 Feb 2021
This indicator will allow you to send Telegram alerts when the price of a symbol reaches a pre-defined target price, it is an extension to the standard price alerts feature built into the cTrader trading platform. Download the Indicator Watch a Video Demonstration     Contact: instant chat group Website: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn
paid  24 Sep 2020
 Forex Trading Sessions Indicator, When I'm trading I realized that the price use pivot or strongly change at time that change trading session. Ex New York open, London Open. Show I have coded an indicator for that purpose. Buy this at  Forex Trading Sessions Indicator   Parameters  
paid  22 Sep 2020
highlights the sessions
Semafor Signal
paid  13 Mar 2021
The base concept is a kind of  semafor indicator, which is highly popular and used  in MT4 platform. We have improved the algorithm and made it compatible with the cTrader platform. Based on the deviation and period setting, this enables you to capture  the market movement visually. Numbered markers indicate highs and lows in the period, with higher numbers indicating stronger prices.  The new markers can be repainted, but they will still be effective for market analysis. However, for more accurate analysis, we recommend using other indicators as filters.   Notice: ・This indicator can be repainted. ・It does not guarantee any particular outcome or profit of any kind. Please enjoy trading at your own risk.   If you have any problems or questions, please let us know in the comments. Please download from here  Semafor_Signal   © 2020, Taro Yamada,   We can also take orders for algorithm development. Please feel free to contact us.