.AN. Stoch RSI Waves Resonance paid

by www.fxcoder.store in category Oscilator at 25/11/2019

It is difficult to imagine trading without an oscillator. Here is my version of the well-known Stochastic RSI.

Indicator has option to display D, H4, H1 waves resonance or H4, H1, M15 for quick scalping trading.

No movement can be direct and eternal - there have always been and will be Waves ... /\/
It is important to see in what phase the daily wave is.
It would be foolish to trade a one-hour wave against the direction of a H4 or older Daily wave,
and on the contrary - it is very reasonable to trade when the waves add up in resonance ... / / /
... resonance moments are highlighted on the indicator by dots ...
these are close to ideal moments for entry .

Source code is not public. You can download the indicator only from the author’s website www.fxcoder.store

P.S.  my name is Alex, I'm not a big trader or programmer, but only a very diligent person and try to do good worthwhile things to at least slightly improve my very modest life. Need some support - so I post my work at least for a nominal price, please be understanding.



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Formula / Source Code
Language: C#
Trading Platform: cAlgocTrader
using System;
using cAlgo.API;
using cAlgo.API.Internals;
using cAlgo.API.Indicators;
using cAlgo.Indicators;

namespace cAlgo
    [Indicator(IsOverlay = true, TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC, AccessRights = AccessRights.None)]
    public class fxcoder : Indicator
        [Parameter("Author’s website", DefaultValue = "www.fxcoder.store")]
        public string Parameter { get; set; }

        // [Output("Main")]
        // public IndicatorDataSeries Result { get; set; }

        protected override void Initialize()
            Chart.DrawStaticText("$", "Source code is not public. You can download the indicator only from the author’s website www.fxcoder.store", VerticalAlignment.Top, HorizontalAlignment.Center, Color.GhostWhite);

        public override void Calculate(int index)
            // Calculate value at specified index
            // Result[index] = ...