TrendLine-GURU v2 paid

by AlgoGURU in category Other at 27/01/2020

I have updated the TrendLine-GURU indicator. Now the version 2 is available.

Trade with trend-lines is one of the most efficient way to earn profit. Like a Swiss-army knife: you can use it at any trading style and timeframe.

It doesn't matter what type of trader you are: swing, day-trader or scalper. The price always moves between support and resistance levels.

With the well-defined and drawn trend-lines you can catch the momentum when the price hit one of them and you can prepare to the next trading opportunity.

It doesn't matter what you expect: breakout or pullback!

With this indicator you can catch all important momentum and enjoy the benefits!

You do not need to stay in front of the computer and watch the charts from 0 to 24.

If the event occurs you get notifications to  your Telegram account/Email/Screen Alert or Sound Alert as you wish.

How to use it?

Draw one or more trend-lines to the chart and attach this indicator...and TrendLine-GURU will work with all of them!

The indicator uses the following inputs:

This indicator has Free and FULL versions.

For more info or download: please check

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Formula / Source Code
Language: C#
Trading Platform: cAlgocTrader
using cAlgo.API;
namespace cAlgo
    [Indicator(IsOverlay = true, TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC, AutoRescale = false, AccessRights = AccessRights.None)]
    public class AlgoGURUIndicator : Indicator
        public override void Calculate(int index)
            string msg = "You can download this stuff from";
            ChartObjects.DrawText("botcomment", msg, StaticPosition.TopLeft, Colors.Red);