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[PoshTrader] Pivot Points


ctrader pivot points

The indicator automatically draws important Pivot Levels using the most popular approaches:

  • Classical
  • Floor
  • Camarilla
  • Woodie
  • Fibonacci
  • DeMark

Usage of Pivot Points

The very essence of trading with Pivot Points is based on the idea that the price tends to reach yesterday’s close point much more often than to overcome the previous day range. That’s why the most popular calculation period for Pivot Points is Daily.

In that context, all Pivot levels play the role of support and resistance. While analyzing the chart, we can see multiple price interactions with these levels. Also, one of the advantages of the Pivot indicator is its popularity, as the more traders use the same tool, the more likely the price will interact with it.

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How to install?

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/* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 *      [PoshTrader] Pivot Points
 *      Copyright (C) 2020, PoshTrader Ltd (
 *      PoshTrader reserves the right to modify or overwrite this algo with each release.
 * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

using cAlgo.API;
using PoshTrader.Licensing;

namespace cAlgo
    [Item(4856, "Pivot Points", Author = "PoshTrader")]
    [Indicator(IsOverlay = true, AccessRights = AccessRights.FullAccess)]
    public class PivotPoints : Indicator
        protected override void Initialize()
            new ItemLicense(this);

        public override void Calculate(int index) { }

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leonas.cerneckis · 2 years ago


I installed your indicator, but I don't see any pivots.

sierrafoxtrot · 2 years ago


How could I use HLC from cash markets?

I want to enter the HLC manually for different indices.

Thanks in advance