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Super Profit


Trend indicator with trigger alerts. 


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  • Type: free
  • Language: C#
  • Trading Platform: cTrader Automate
  • Filename: Super Profit.algo
  • Rating: 5
  • Downloads: 17611
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janiolos · 4 years ago

Hi guys,

I am modifying this indicator to send Telegram message! this indicator is awesome!

When i finish it, I will post it here.


JMFX · 5 years ago

Hello, is it updated?


Hi. Is It possible to trigger the sale when the high marker (green ball) appears and finish when the low marker (red ball) appears and at the same time open a sale, which will be closed when the high marker (green ball) appears and then open a new purchase and so on? as if it were a cycle? Thanks

wilderness_images · 7 years ago

This indicator repaints.

Place it on an M1 chart and take a screenshot every minute for the proof.

That's why it looks so good.,

anurag.gakhar · 7 years ago


Is it possible to add email notification to this indicator whenever the color of the dot changes from green to red or vice versa?

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Carlos Cordero · 8 years ago

is there a bot with this indicator ?

tynamite · 8 years ago

Hi tradermatrix,

please use this fine indicator and make a cbot out of it-

we would be very thankful for this !

TraDerMaTriX · 9 years ago

no, I have completely forgotten this indicator. 
I think I will develop this idea. 

goodtrades · 9 years ago

@tradermatrix - did you convert it to a bot?

TraDerMaTriX · 9 years ago

Has someone an idea to put it this indicator in a robot.
for example, open a command automatically at the same time AlertMessage.
thank you.

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Pipwizard · 10 years ago

Build failed Errors: 2

Error: The name 'IsLastBar' does not exist in the current context

Error: The name 'IsLastBar' does not exist in the current context

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atrader · 10 years ago

Hi, I updated the code. I modified to have an entry for take profit as well and also fixed stop loss for the sell signal.

Thanks for the comments.

mazninno · 10 years ago

i sign error starting last night, after auto update;

the pop up message is LOOPING, cant be STOPped..


please HELP..

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traderfx · 10 years ago
atrader.. I was looking at the code, which seems to have TP as well.. but it never shows up on the alert.. is something missing?
GDPR-24_67001 · 10 years ago
@susantasaren: thanks :)
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Susanta Saren · 10 years ago
@vipichigo : Its not a ROBOT its an INDICATOR. Install it in Indicator Folder.
GDPR-24_67001 · 10 years ago
Unable to load assembly. Can not place indicator into robot's folder.
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hellish · 10 years ago